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It's Sunday evening, and I am at home... all con'd out. I will do my best to recount Saturday and today, but my frazzled brain is not responsible for gaps in the narrative. (Also, there may be more typos than usual. My apologies in advance.)

Saturday started with a panel I was a little worried about because there was only one other person on it. Luckily, that one other person was Lois McMaster Bujold:

lois mcmaster bujold and lyda morehouse

Our panel was "Of a Certain Age" talking about stories that feature older protagonists.  

I'm happy to say that this picture (by Mary Loving) is as it should be. Lois is talking and I am listening. The room was packed, despite it being 11 am, so my assumption was that most people were likely there to hear Lois, a Guest of Honor this year. I had prepared what I called a "binder of women" (old joke from, ironically, a brighter time) which was actually prepared by [personal profile] catherineldf and you can find the first part of it here.  With Catherine's hardwork as our guide, we had a pretty good panel.  

Saturday was my day of loose ends. I did a lot of wandering around and catching up with people. I had one thing I *had* to do besides my later 8:30 pm panel and that was to stop by the Just Enough Trope Podcast table. They asked me if I'd be willing to be part of their show. Since Naomi had only gotten a couple of hours of sleep, I actually brought her with me so that she could skip her later time slot and catch a decent afternoon nap.  I am SUCH a good friend (plus I figured they'd more likely use the segment if Naomi was in it.  Who's a Slytherin? You're the Slytherin!)  I had tentatively scheduled 1 o'clock but they were busy and while I waited for them to be free and for Naomi to join me, I watched a Marvel cosplay meet-up.  I really wish I'd remembered to bring my camera, because there was some seriously good costuming, including a guy who had 3-D printed his Dr. Doom armor.  Such a Doom thing to do!--well, if you added magic as well as technology. My other favorite person was a perfect Domino, who kept not ever getting a call-out because so many fans are focused on the MCU and not the comic books. But, they eventually called for a photo shoot of "mutants" and she was able to go.

If you've never experienced one of these group shots, they're really fascinating.  They're often in the program, but can also be semi-spontaneous (like  flashmob, at least in terms of getting the word out via twitter) where everyone who is cosplaying from a certain fandom shows up in one location. A loud-voiced person will voluntarily jump up on a chair and start shouting out organizational commands. It always starts with EVERYONE and then breaks-out.  "All the Spider-Men...", etc.

Thor was late this year, possibly because the God of Thunder does not the Twitter, but he came with this adorable Hulk-child.  Watching the little Hulk play with what was obviously daddy's cape, made me ridiculously charmed and weirdly broody for all the Thor kid-fic.  

The one other thing that was a "do not miss" was Seanan McGuire's signing. I got the book signed and it will be ready to ship off to my friend in Oregon tomorrow morning.  So, yay!

I did a lot of wandering around which, for me, was not necessarily a good thing. I'm the kind of extrovert that feeds on interaction and being at loose ends makes me vulnerable to being overwhelmed by the crowd and the noise and the busy-ness.  I probably should have gone home for a couple of hours, but there never seemed to be quite the right time and so I decided to take my laptop over to the Caribou for a little downtime. I ran into Dana Baird and her husband Eric in the most amazing steampunk Lady Groot and Rocket Raccoon. I didn't realize the amaze of her costume at first because I just saw this intensely ornate Victorian dress (and she was out of the stilts and not wearing the mask.)

Here's what the full thing looks like:

Lady Groot and Lord Rocket, Steampunk

Photo credit: Emily Dyess.  

Here's another with just them:

Lady Groot and Lord Rocket, steam punk

photo credit: Audrey Casteline

Hanging out with Dana is always a ton of fun and I can not get over that she made that whole costume herself (including Eric's Rocket, though he made the steampunk gun.)  The sheer amount of talent (let's be real: FABRIC ART)  on display is staggering, and that's just Dana. The costumes are always mind-blowing.

And humorous:

t-rex can't hug. Their arms are too short

Photo credit Michael J. Egglehorn

I ended up having dinner with Eric and Dana at Subway and they stopped by their car so Dana could put on the stilts (an amazing process to watch!!) and then I headed over to my last panel of the day, "Local Urban Fantasy."  

I was not in the best headspace for this panel. Plus, I never know if, with a title like that, people want a laundry list of what's out there or an exploration about why people write it/tips for writing it, etc.  I tried to provide a balance, but I'm not sure how successful that was.  I think if I had been in a better place it would have been find, but I left feeling like the panel was all over the place...  A little defeated by that, I headed home.  

Today I had only one panel, "Ms. Marvel Fan Panel," and I it was probably one of the best ones in terms of my abilities to moderate... and, hardly anyone saw my crowning achievement because: 9:30 am.  The room wasn't EMPTY, but I bet there were less than a dozen brave souls.  I stayed around afterward because I wanted to catch up with Naomi after her "From Fan Writer to Pro Writer" panel.  I actually ended up watching that and then Naomi and I went out to lunch to catch up.  We'd mostly missed each other this con--which is hardly surprising given her extra load as one of the GoHs.

After that, I headed home, promptly crashed for a 45 minute nap. I woke up, had a home-cooked meal, and then started to feel mostly human again.

Which is good, because tomorrow at 9 am I teach "More than the Zombie Apocalypse" to TWENTY TEENAGERS.  Normally, I cap my Loft classes at 15, but I agreed to add 5 more because THERE IS A WAITING LIST. I'm feeling a little pressure, if you can't tell. But, I looked over my syllabus and I should have plenty of time tomorrow to think about ways around the fact that the class is WAY TOO BIG to successfully do peer critique. Unless I super-limit the size of the sample?  Hmmm, now I'm thinking we could do "first pages." That might be fun, actually.  We can be sure to talk about hooks tomorrow and I'll have them bring in a first page.  OoooOooo, that might work!

If you can't tell, I'm naturally a very organic teacher. So a lot of how tomorrow goes will depend on whether or not I can get some response from my teens. (You're shaking your head, but I LIKE teenagers. Plus, these ones have all volunteered to be here.)

That's me. You?
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 I'm at the Caribou/Einstein's Bagel across from the con hotel; Mason is at home, still asleep. My extroverted introvert announced last night that he has had a tremendous time, but he is officially DONE with people. I understand completely.  I may be an extroverted extrovert, but that doesn't mean that a five day con doesn't wear on me.  

Yesterday was an especially busy day.  I had only two panels, but they were spread out over a whole day.  My first one was at 2 pm and my final one started at 8:30 pm. Plus, I wanted to be sure to catch Lois McMaster Bujold's signing because I had a faraway friend who wanted an autograph, and that was at 12:30 pm. Naomi had invited me to meet her and a friend at Caribou at 11 am, too, and while the kids and I managed to get to con by 11... we did not find parking until almost ten minutes later and I showed up at the Caribou around 11:30.  I sent the kids off to DQ for lunch and ran off hoping  hadn't blown my chance to hang out.  

Luckily, I didn't miss Naomi.  Even luckier, Tyler Tork, his wife (whose name currently escapes me), and Bryan Thao Worra were there.  I have always liked Bryan, ever since some Minicon somewhere lost to the annals of time where he was the only person at a Krueshenko's party who could tell me what had happened to Captain America after Cap had been shot (I'd been catching up with Marvel comics at this point and I was a little desperate for news.)  Plus, I've been following his travels via Facebook and, in the way of social media when it works as it should, that has bred a certain sense of connection and familiarity in my heart (even if Bryan doesn't necessarily feel the same way, you know?)  

So we had a lovely chat about all sorts of things because everyone there was super-interesting. I could have had my own little con right there, all day, but Naomi being GoH and Bryan, being Bryan (and a former guest of honor, like myself,) had places to go.  I wandered over to the signing, disappointed that there were no books by Lois to be had in the dealer's room. For whatever reason, there is only one bookseller in the dealer's room, and they're a publisher, so they are only selling their own authors... which I don't think includes any of the GoHs?  I might be wrong about that. However, the con has dealt with this by having a certain number of author books for sale at the merchandise window, which normally mostly sells con tee-shirts. I was able to pick up something for my friend there and get it signed.  

I wandered around for a while and, by chance, ran into the entire Slash panel (my 8:30 pm panel) in the cosplay poolside atrium. We were chatting and squeeing about Yuri on Ice and other current fandoms that are seeing a lot of slash action and we ended up talking a bit about Free! and I awkwardly recommended my Bleach/Free! x-over TO THE WOMAN WHO PODFICC'D IT (Opalsong) who, even more AWKWARDLY, I HAD ALREADY MET,  in person, a couple of years ago.  

At that point, I decided I may have "won" CONvergence for being the most braindead person, ever. 

My first panel was "Take a Pew, Pew, Pew" about religion in science fiction, which I think went well, though... in the way of CONvergence panels, it wasn't necessarily very in-depth.  The cool part of that panel was that we had a woman on it who is a Church of England vicar. She has written an FAQ about what vicars do, to which I teased, "since most Americans only know about vicars from the BBC" and then my friend/fellow panelist Bill cut in to add, "And yet somehow she left out all the bits where she solves crimes once a week!"  But, so you see, that was the tone. It was funny and clever, but not terribly deep.  I still had fun and learned some, so that was worth it.  

I had wanted to hit Naomi's reading after that, but the kids were hungry so we went over to Friday's.  By the time we got back, I was able to see "Refugee Life Hacks" which was amazing and Saymoukda Vongsay is  my new girl-crush. She is brilliant and funny and bad ass, and I am now a devoted fangirl. I may actually have to attend poetry readings and theatre in my future just to catch more of her work.

The kids and I met up to watch "Judging a Book by its Cover" which is one of those annual "comedy/improv" panels that CONvergence does.  The idea is that a team of panelists is shown a real-life book without its cover and they have to not only guess the title, but make up the story of the plot, as though they're experts on the book.  It's one of those that's intentionally over the top. Even if you've read the actual book, you're supposed to come up with all the silly.  It was very silly.  I enjoyed it a lot.  Plus, I found out that the vicar's husband is none-other-than Paul Cornell, who came over to introduce himself and tell me he enjoyed the panel, etc.  That was kind of cool, because Paul has long been one of the "cool kids" of CONvergence.

My slash panel went much as it always does. As I was telling a friend, the point of it is to be a sort of "a state of the union" of slash--and overview of what's new and what's trending, and while I participate in the slash fandom regularly, I'm not an expert on All of The Things.  So I had a great time because I love everyone on the panel, but I'm not a MAJOR contributor to the discussion.  I talked enough not to feel excluded, but I'm pretty sure Bess and Jo could run that panel on their own. If you're curious what we recommended this year, Jo helpfully put together a great list:

Okay, I have to run off and collect my badge from the car, because of course I left it on the seat... and then I'm off to my 11 am panel today "Women of a Certain Age" with Lois McMaster Bujold.

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We won't be heading out to CONvergence until about 11 am today.

Nothing much, in terms of programming, happens until 12:30pm today, anyway, but I think Mason and his friends want to make a full day of it. I was able to pick up my badge and his last night after the secret pro/con com volunteers GoH meet-and-greet, but we'll have to stand around to pick up the other two's and at least Ms. R---- will have have "the Talk" about weapons, I think. Mason might only need to have his "bone saw" peace bonded, and I don't know exactly what weaponry Mr. D---- is carrying, but planning on some standing around in lines is probably wise.

I will get a better picture (we took this late last night with the iPad because Mason wanted to show off his progress to his friends), but, yes, Mason's cosplay finally came all together and thanks to Shawn's sewing skills it looks really tremendous.  This picture does not do it justice, but it's what I have at the moment. (I will get better ones today).  What you can not quite see is that Shawn was able to quick tailor the lab coat so that it has tails and make it into a fair approximation of single-breasted. He's got a tiny little blood-stained dove on his shoulder.

Mason as Medic from TF2

So Mason is set and looks really GOOD this year.  Everyone will easily recognize who he is (so long as they know TF2, of course.)

I did my first skim through the program booklet last night after I brought it home. Besides panels, I have a number of things I need to remember to do this year, so I took some notes on the pocket program booklet in the hopes that I will ACTUALLY remember to do them.

Today, the only thing on the agenda is getting all my young charges their badges, etc., and my 3:30 panel on artificial intelligences (which, knowing that Naomi is on it, I feel confident that it will be thoughtful and intelligent, even if a lot of *my* panel prep involved Wikipedia and Google.)

Mason has a number of to-do things checked off, including a LAN of Overwatch (one of the multi-player games he loves.) So I have no idea how late I'm going to end up staying at con tonight or how things are going to work with getting the various younguns back to their respective homes. Today, I am thinking of as "getting oriented and figuring out logistics" day, because the current plan is that the Terrific Trio want to attend tomorrow (Fri.) together, as well. Thing is, I can absolutely play con chaperone all night, if the kids want, and so long as their parental units are down with them being out late. CONvergence comes but once a year.

I need to tell one story about last night's meet-and-greet. It's going to sound a bit like bragging, but [personal profile] offcntr  will appreciate it.  

In fact, Frank is in town.  Yesterday, the four of us (Frank, his wife Denise, Mason, and I) went out to lunch at Zen Box, one of my favorite Japanese restaurants in town. (I should note, I would not necessarily have suggested it, had I known Frank was going to generously offer to pick up the tab.  It's on the pricey side, being in downtown and all.)  At any rate, we had a lovely time catching up and, as a long time SF/F fan, Frank lamented the fact that CONvergece doesn't offer day passes, because he totally would have gone because, OMG, OMG, Seanan McGuire is one of the guest of honor!! (A paraphrase, but the squee was evident.) I offered to get a book signed, because, while there are not a huge number of perks associated with being a pro writer, getting to hang out with other cool writers is DEFINITELY one of them.

So, there I am at the secret pro/con com volunteer meet-and-greet chatting with folks I know there, and all of a sudden I get the proverbial tug on my sleeve from someone who introduces themselves as Seanan McGuire's guest liaison. They say, "Seanan McGuire would really like to meet you, may I introduce you?"  And, I have to admit to being taken aback because, WHAT, WHO, ME? And also, HOW CHARMINGLY FORMAL! So, of course, I jump up and say, yes, and introductions happen and Seanan says, "I just wanted you to know I'm a big fan of your work." And, I said, "Really??!!" because who knew, and also, wow!  But I had to laugh a little and tell her, "How funny, because I am literally tasked this weekend with fangirl-ing you by proxy for my friend Frank."

We then spent the next half hour or so talking about cool bugs, frogs, endangered newts, and her Maine Coons.

A great start to con, if you ask me.
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I'm at CONvergence every single day a you can see below. I'm a little surprised at the number of panels I'm moderating (including one with Lois McMaster Bujold and... me?) This should be an interesting con, of course, made better by the fact that my friend Naomi will be one of the Guests of Honor.

Thursday, July 6

DoubleTree Atrium 7
AI in Science Fiction: From Evil Overlords to Companions
There is a diversity of AI in writing and film, from benevolent to malevolent. How does an AI become good or evil? Are they just programmed that way? Panelists: Naomi Kritzer, Jamie Riedesel (mod), Eric Zawadzki, Lyda Morehouse, Lathan Murrell

Friday, July 7

DoubleTree Edina
Take a Pew, Pew, Pew! Organized Religion in SciFi/Fantasy
Beyond "The Force", how do creators deal with organized religion (and disbelief) in science fiction and fantasy? What do they get right, wrong, and what do they reveal in their thinking? Panelists: Caroline Symcox, Lyda Morehouse, Tim Wick, Bill Stiteler (mod)

DoubleTree Atrium 2
Slash Panel
Buckle your seatbelts, it's time for the annual panel about same-sex shipping! From Yuri on Ice!!! to married space monks, let's talk State of the Slash Union 2017. (This is an 18+ panel; talkin' about the porn is definitely on the table.) Panelists: Bess Stuvenoxend, Skazka 9000, Jo Thrace, Lyda Morehouse (mod), Kes S

Saturday, July 8

DoubleTree Atrium 7
Of a Certain Age
What stories feature older characters as the hero? How do these stories hook readers? What can you learn from them when the storyteller does the job well? Panelists: Lois McMaster Bujold, Lyda Morehouse (mod)

Sheraton Whalon
Local Urban Fantasy
A panel of local authors of urban fantasy, stories set in or around the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Panelists: David Lenander, Lyda Morehouse (mod)

Sunday, July 9

DoubleTree Atrium 4
Ms. Marvel Fan Panel
Marvel has four different heroes under this same overall title. They're all good, but which is your favorite? Panelists: Kathryn Sullivan, John Seavey, Tim Lieder, Lyda Morehouse (mod)
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Sometime I amaze even myself with my extroversion.

Today, right?  I'm at the laundromat washing some of our rag rugs.  These aren't ones we've finished, but ones that we got over the years from my mother and, before her, my grandmother.  Some have just gotten grungy.  Others, Inky decided to pee on (before he started taking Prozac to solve that issue.)  The laundromat is the one place that has sturdy enough washing machines to handle these heavy rugs.  I can put in four or more at a time.  It costs $4.50 a load, but it's worth it, because these machines have three rinse cycles, too, so ALL that grimy grit actually gets pushed out of the rugs.

Like you do, I brought along my computer and tried to write. To be fair, I didn't just try.  I actually managed it. I added another chapter of UnJust Cause up on Wattpad.*  But, with three rinse cycles, the rugs take a long time. I bought a candy bar... and a guy helped me find a quarter that the machine rejected so forcefully that it skidded onto the floor.  I thanked this stranger and... happened to notice he was reading Ann Leckie.

"Aha!" My mind went into full POUNCE mode, "A science fiction fan!"

So, I asked him how he was enjoying the book. I noted that I'd read both Ancillary Justice and Ancillary Sword.  He thought the book was okay. I confessed that I found the gendering thing a bit distancing, like I never really connected to the characters because I couldn't imagine them, physically, in my head.  We bonded over this.  He said he'd been recommended the book by Greg at Dreamhaven.  "Ah," I smiled, "So you're one of my people.  Do you go to science fiction conventions?"

He blinked. "I didn't even know there WERE conventions"

Oh, my friend. I have Good News for you.

This reminds me of the fact that Naomi Kritzer and I have long *wished* there was some geek version of a 'chick track' that you could pull out and hand people like this. Seriously, it would say, "Geek! Have you heard the Good News!" and then go on to explain that you don't have to be alone (especially not in this town), Fandom is waiting to welcome you home.  For all that it would mimic a religious track, it would be full of useful geek info, like a list of some of the conventions in town with websites, the bookstores, resources, etc.  

I, of course, ended up telling him that I'm a science fiction writer and gave him my business card. Which reminds me, I have to put more in my wallet.  Because, yes, I actually hand them out CONSTANTLY. (Too bad this only works to boost my local reputation.  When I volunteered for WorldCON programming this year, I got the, 'uh, we're not sure who you are exactly and while you *might* be cool enough to be on paneling, we can't guarantee anything, but go ahead and fill out our survey anyway' version of the programming letter.  Which is fine, actually, because last WorldCON I went to was Chicago, and I suffered a massive attack of impostor syndrome and didn't really have a good time.  This WorldCON, I'm hoping to avoid all that by hanging out with my friends Eleanor and Naomi and generally just being a fan.)

Anyway, I just thought it was both a really funny exchange, and also REALLY TYPICAL of me.

*I'm actually starting to think I might be closing in on an ending to this story.  If I do get to an end, I'm probably going to pull down copies of all the chapters and rework the thing into an e-book that I'll self-publish.  Fingers crossed.  It's going to be a lot of work, because a huge section in the middle kind of makes no sense and was entirely ramblely, but it'd be nice to have an e-book out there.  I still occasionally hear from fans of Precinct 13, so that's cool.

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Okay, so I GUESS Detour is this weekend. Right. I kind of thought it was NEXT weekend, and I would have continued thinking so if I hadn't gotten a text from a friend that said, "Are you coming to Detour?" To which I said, "Yeah! Next weekend, right?" She wrote back, "No. Now..."

So I texted back, "Be there in a bit."

So I scrambled together my costume. This year I cross-played Ichigo. Luckily, I had made Zangetsu some time ago.


There was a surprising LACK of Bleach cosplayers at Detour this weekend, but I got a few pictures anyway.

Me and Rukia:


A blurry Final Release Uliquiorra who was trying to get into the elevator:

And... that was about it. I saw a Byakuya who was there from last year and one other Ichigo, but that was really it.

These two were awesome, though, L and Light (chained together!) What I liked about them was that L really had the movements down. He even walked with that funky slump, and Light carried an apple (so you know Ryuk was there, we just couldn't see him.):

There were, of course, a crap LOAD of SnK/Attack on Titan fans there. I mean, a [bleep]-ton. I didn't even bother trying to photograph them all, but there were two Annies there, though I said to the other one (with Zoe Hanji), "You look bigger on TV":



Part of all the SnK love, I think, had to do that Funamation was there showing off previews of their English dub Attack on Titan. Tomorrow, if I go, I'm just going to wear my hoodie.

Kudos CON

Aug. 10th, 2013 02:12 pm
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There's going to be a new convention in town, and it's specifically for fans and fan works. I really, really want to contribute to this because not only is it a cool idea, but also I could get a PLUSHIE PLOT BUNNY. Take a moment to think about how utterly awesome this is...

Then, go to their web site and watch the video and check out the tiny plot bunny in the background.

A PLUSHIE PLOT BUNNY. YOU NEED THIS. Also, you might also have a real life OT3 that you need bring to the convention.
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Today is shaping up to be a productive and possibly social day for me. I managed to get a bunch of errands all done before 9:00 am (including returning a purchase to Target) and Shawn just e-mailed to say she might be available for a lunch get-together. At 1:00 pm I'm going to be meeting a friend from KSW to read his astrology chart. So, that's like twice as many people as I usually see in any given afternoon.

Otherwise, after about fifteen minutes or so, I'm planning on getting up off my sorry butt and doing the dishes while watching Anime. I'm still working through the original (1984) FullMetal Alchemist. Mason suggested I just give up on it since so many people seem to prefer The Brotherhood, but I'm stubbornly seeing the storyline through to the end. Because I'm like that.

CONvergence is clearly picking up steam, as I've been contacted a bunch of times about various preferences and arrangments. I still can't quite believe how awesome it is that I'm going to be one of their guests this year. This is the event, after all, that much of the Twin Cities simply refers to as "Con" (which implies it's the ONLY ONE, Highlander-style.)

It has now been confirmed by the programming guy that my con schedule for CONvergence is "crazy busy." Anton had earlier hinted that my programming was "a metric tonne." So, I guess I get to have ALL THE PANELS. Hooray! It's like Christmas in July!
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Because I've just finished revisions and am in between contracts (as I like to say,) I'm in that very weird place I find myself from time to time. I have no writing that I HAVE to do. Thus, I've been flitting between the Gaylaxicon story, brainstorming new series ideas, and re-formatting Archangel Protocol. (I'm on Chapter 12. Go me.)

Similarly, there's a lot that needs doing around the house (see yesterday's busy-day post, and all the things I left undone consequentally.) I don't feel like doing those thing either. That "meh-"ness I blame on the weater. It's snowing. (Horray!) But, the world is covered in that gray blanket of clouds, and the dim, hushed quality of light just makes me feel like snuggling deeper under the blankets and doing nothing for the rest of the day.

I suppose what I should do is get up and do the dishes.

Yep, any minute now.

Did I tell you fine folks that I'm planning on making it to at least part of WorldCON this year? It seems silly not to go since it's in Chicago (and not, say Tokoyo). Plus, erm, I got an invite to do programming from the con com folks, and I have to say that made me feel incredibly flattered. I'm not sure that RESURRECTION CODE is selling particularly well, but I do think that having a new science fiction book out this last year has caused a lot of people to say to themselves, "Hey, Lyda Morehouse... she's someone we can invite to our convention...." which is worth a lot more to me than royalties, honestly.

Oh, all right then. I guess I should go be "productive."
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It's been the week for books arriving in the mail. Yesterday there was another huge box on my porch. This time it contained contributor's copies of WHEDONISTAS! A CELEBRATION OF THE WORLDS OF JOSS WHEDON BY THE WOMEN WHO LOVE THEM (edited by Lynne Thomas and Deborah Standish). [ profile] rarelylynne talked me into writing an article for her, despite the fact that my non-fiction sucks even worse than my short stories. The result was "Romancing the Vampire and Other Shiny Bits" in which I try to make the case that Joss Whedon is responsible for the explosion of urban fantasy/paranormal romance in publishing in the last decade.

I'm not sure I do a very good job of it, but that shouldn't stop you from picking up the book if you have any interest in Joss Whedon, his various projects, or Whedon fandom in general. Because the other contributors are very good and include people like Emma Bull ([ profile] coffeeem), Elizabeth Bear ([ profile] matociquala), Catherynne M. Valente ([ profile] yuki_onna, and many, many more such luminaries.

WHEDONISTAS! shares a publishing date and a publisher with RESURRECTION CODE (March 15), so, you know, you could order both at once! ;-)

Speaking of books, I am venturing out of my comfort zone of SF/F to read Michael Muhammad Knight's THE TAQWACORES. THE TAQWACORES a fiction book about the Muslim punk rock scene (a real movement,) which a friend and former Immigration History Research Center collegue Todd Michney recommended to me. I'm not much for "literary" books -- and this one is touted as "The Catcher in the Rye for young Muslims," which doesn't help as CATCHER IN THE RYE is a book I bounced off HARD, despite having to read in high school and college. Actually, I would go so far as to say I *hate* CATCHER IN THE RYE. This book, however, seems pretty fascinating so far.

It is a very strange follow-up to THE LAST HAWK, though the back cover copy does promise sex....

In other news, it's Friday. We have a busy weekend coming up, though hopefully not nearly as intense as the last. I've got panels at MarsCON both Saturday and Sunday, and Mason has his swimming class, and we'd really like to hit Uncle Hugo's this weekend for a bit of light book shopping. Shawn is actually supposed to be heading off for a business trip in the next few weeks, and she's out of mystery novels. I want to see if I can find Asaro's follow-up book to LAST HAWK, if for no other reason that to satisfy my curiosity that it's just as cheesy and sexed-up as the previous one.

I also totally forgot about my fish yesterday, so the tanks needs a cleanin'. Stuff to do!

Hopefully, I'll see some of y'all at MarsCON. The rest, I'll check in with you on Monday.
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Driftless Organics rules.

First, I'm incredibly happy that we decided to do the half-share, although given the quality and variety of things we're getting, we might consider upping to full next year. I just finished the last of the spinach from our first box. A few days ago the potatoes were starting to look ready to sprout, so I quick made up a big pot of mashed potatoes for dinner and then made the rest into kattofel knepfla (potato dumplings, a traditional German dish.) The recipie is a bit nit-picky, but the results are worth it. Especially fried in bacon fat. Yum.

The only item I have left is one green garlic bulb. I had a bit of trouble knowing how to use the green garlic. We make tons of recipies with garlic, but the green garlic isn't quite the same as traditional so... but I did manage to use it mostly up.

But, check this. Get a load of what we're getting next (with any luck. They can't 100% promise):

All Red Potatoes
Fennel (only one bulb - sorry...)
Garlic Scapes
Green Zucchini
Snap Peas
Snow Peas
Yellow Summer Squash

No one in my family is particularly fond of cilantro or fennel (I know, we're complete rubes, with unsophisticated taste,) but strawberries!!??? Whoot! Holy happy eating, Batman!

Like, this is all real food. No bok choy! (No offense, Ger... but I STILL don't quite know what to do with it.)

In other news, Shawn got "Outlander" from Netflix over the weekend. It stars the guy who played Jesus in Mel Gibson's Aramaic film, and can best be described as "Vikings versus space aliens." Shawn read a rave review on Boing-Boing or Gizmoto or one of those cool geek sites, but I have to say it was surprisingly entertaining. Next up? A Norwegian film (in Norwegian) with zombie Nazis. Whoot!

When I have more time I may write a review of "Outlander." The squish morality in it is kind of fascinating.

Also, Mason is home for the week. No, he's not sick again, this is just one of those random weeks off at the year-round school has. Of course, Mason and I planned to go hiking and swimming and it must be sixty degrees outside! (15 C to our internatoinal friends.) It's light jacket weather! Very strange for nearly the first week in July. July is traditionally one of the hotest months. Mason was born in July, on a day in the 90s (32 C.)

I stopped by Pride for a few minutes on Saturday (the not-as-incredibly perfect weather day), and wandered around a bit. Honestly, normally I skip Pride. Shawn hates crowds to the point where she faints if it gets too busy, and Mason isn't really quite old enough to care terribly much (plus there are still the ocassional "Oh My!" bits out there, which I think he could probably wait to see.) I went because True Colors (formerly Amazon bookstore) asked me to stop by and sign stock, which I did. I like them, so even though I had to park a million miles away and hoof it in, I did.

This weekend I'll be at CONvergence. We were going to go to our friends' cabin, but with the convention it's a bit too much driving for me. I'm bummed because Siren supposedly has some awesome small town 4th celebrations, although I'd miss most of them anyway thanks to the convention. Anyway, when I remember I'll hop over to their site and grab my schedule. It's nothing spectacular, but if you're there and want to find me that's where I'll be.

Otherwise, I'm sort of feeling down. The cold gray weather? Or the fact that, out of the blue (not precipitated by a fight) Mason casually said, "You know what I've been thinking? I like Mama better." Okay, I know he's just a five year old, and he doesn't mean it to hurt me, but WTF? And then he says, "Hey, let's go to the park! You can chase me!" and wonders why I look at him like he's a space alien (and not the fun kind that Vikings hunt.) I did explain to him that even if you feel a certain way, you don't always have to tell people. Especially if you think what you have to say might hurr their feelings. This never occurred to him. (However, this isn't the first time he's told me he prefers his mama.)

Anyway, I'm off to the park! To chase Mason! Whoot.

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