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Take it away, Razzie Awards with the 39TH Razzie Awards Announcement!

The Results Are In. The Mystery Is Solved. The Perpetrators Will Be Awarded!

In 2018, Hollywood couldn’t stop itself from making bad choices. From trashing literary classics, sewing potty-mouths onto once beloved puppets, to taking true-life legends and turning them into trivial tripe. And that only covers the Worst Picture nominees for this year’s 39th Annual Razzie® Awards, dis-honoring the year's Worst Achievements in Film.
Excerpted from 'Fahrenheit 11/9' wins three Razzie Awards, two for Donald Trump and one for Kellyanne Conway at Crazy Eddie's Motie News.


Feb. 22nd, 2019 10:45 am
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My graduate school advisor worked in found object assemblages, intricate structures incorporating row on row of identical units. (He once did an entire gallery exhibit of yard sale hammers, all similar, but all unique.)

One of anything doesn't interest me, he'd say, But a bunch of things, all alike, I eat that stuff up.

I always think of him at times like this, with a table full of bowls, all waxed and stacked and ready to glaze. This one's for you, Dick.

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Feb. 23rd, 2019 01:53 pm

What was the name of the movie

Feb. 23rd, 2019 01:33 pm
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Where it turned out the diverse, talented team just needed a mediocre white dude to pull them together?

i heard they don't get so low-down

Feb. 23rd, 2019 12:40 pm
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Hey hey, I posted a story yesterday:

A little idle talk of this and that (at AO3)
Star Wars/AtLA; Obi-Wan, Iroh, Aang, ensemble; g; 4,050 words
On his way to Tatooine with Luke, Obi-Wan makes an unexpected stop for tea in Ba Sing Se.

I normally don't like to post fic on Fridays or Saturdays because it always feels like no one is around, but I also didn't want to pick at this any more, so here we are.

I've wanted a crossover like this for a long time but couldn't find one that did what I wanted, so finally I just had to write it myself. *hands* I have a lot of stuff in my head about how this all works - why the Fire Nation symbol looks like the Rebel Starbird, how bending works with the Force, why the mind trick didn't work on the guard (earthbenders are hardheaded/strong-minded!), how Obi-Wan could get his ship fixed on an pre-space but industrializing world (some combo of Sokka and The Mechanist's genius plus Toph's metalbending). How Aang would be familiar and different - Aang actually learns the lessons Anakin never does about letting go of attachments when necessary. I think the Aang would be both comforting and alienating to Obi-Wan, because he shares basically the same philosophy as the Jedi, but the Air Nomads have also been wiped out, so is there just no place for them in the galaxy? What did he fail to convey to Anakin that would have led to him making different choices? (I mean, Obi-Wan does eventually realize in canon that Anakin's terrible decisions are not his fault, but. He still blames himself a lot in those early years afterward.) And I thought it was a sweet moment that both Aang and Obi-Wan are jazzed to meditate together because no one ever wants to meditate with them. *hands*

And the title of course is from Man of LaMancha because I have this post-RotS!Obi-Wan = Don Quixote thing in my head, not just because of "The Impossible Dream" but also "Knight of the Woeful Countenance." I am just saying. (Possibly Anakin is Aldonza and Ahsoka is Sancho...I am not saying it's an exact match but that's just how my brain works.)

Anyway, I had a lot of fun writing it - especially Sokka and Iroh - and I'm glad other people seem to like it too!


Brooklyn Nine Nine: The Honeypot
spoilers )


Today, I plan to bake some bread (I'm going to use the King Arthur milk bread recipe since it only makes one loaf instead of the one I made last week, which makes two, and I don't want to deal with reducing it), maybe bake a cake, and clean out some old towels now that I have new towels. (I will keep the old towels for emergency usage, but not in the closet with the new towels - I need the space.)

I also need to gather all my tax documents to send to the accountant. I'm a little terrified of how badly screwed I'm going to be because of Cheetolini's tax scam, but there's nothing I can do about that now except hope some of the actions NYS took to mitigate the effects will help me.

Then I plan to make steak for dinner (something I almost never do at home, but it was on sale!). Mmm...steak. Tomorrow I will do pulled pork and then have that for lunch next week. I am excitedly anticipating deliciousness!

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kinda telling that CC never wanted storylines where Scully had sex but had zero problem with storylines where she gets raped is all i’m saying

or wanted her to have multiple babies but without the loving sex part before or the loving parenthood part after

All the hell that is Chris Carter is beautifully summarized in these two statements.

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In my last post about “Tidying Up,” I noted that I am the only person in my family who ever tidies. That is no longer 100% true, because, under my guidance, PJ has just wrangled one of the most chaotic situations in her space, which is books.

Details below.

PJ’s room has for a long time now been a chaos pit. I know all kids’ rooms are messy; but PJ’s was particularly exploded. I would make periodic attempts to organize it, which wouldn’t work because she never understood or bought into the organization. Whenever I suggested tidying up she would complain that after I tidied she couldn’t find anything. I would say, “You can’t find anything now.” She would say that she knew exactly where everything was and that she liked her room being messy. And so on.

I sort of believed her about liking the mess, because I grew up with a mother who really NEEDS for everything to be in its place. Like, needs it with a vigilant, anxious, ruthless NEED. In that situation, a bit of mess is the only thing that makes your space look like something a person could live in. However, PJ is not growing up with that. Mrs. P would like her space to be clean and organized but, when faced with the prospect of making it clean and organized, instantly succumbs to despair. And I tend to get very focused on work and writing and not notice my environment for long stretches of time.

At the last party for her friends that we hosted, there was some horsing around in the closet which turned it into a true disaster area. One day soon after that–the day her giant beanbag arrived, in fact–I went into the blast zone and started trying to salvage it. It ended up with my reorganizing her whole room in a way that finally acknowledged the fact that she is shifting out of childhood. To make room for the giant beanbag, I finally put a bookcase and the foam chair she’s been using since she was a toddler into the closet, where they actually fit very nicely, and turned it into a reading nook. 

I was anxious about how she was going to take it. But she loved it. She was excited about that nook in a way that she had never been excited about any other space in the house. She really loved having a little spot where she could sit and read (or use her electronics) and where everything was stowed away in a visible but not sprawling way. I recalled that, after our first conference this year, when PJ’s teachers reported that she was having a lot of trouble remembering to bring her materials to class and keeping track of her assignments, Mrs. P started having nightly meetings with her to go over her homework assignments for that day, and that this half-hour daily meeting somehow enabled PJ to be organized at school the next day. This led to PJ feeling better at school, and to a better experience for everyone. It occurred to me that PJ might not in fact want to live in chaos, but that she could not figure out how to emerge from it without our help–which, because of her general temperament, she would never ask for.

Anyway. The biggest chaos generator in her room is her books. She is a big reader and has two bookish parents plus a grandmother obsessed with children’s books. So last week, because a thing had happened that required a Consequence, I told her she had to organize her books with me.

She was not pleased. She complained. I said, “OK, you’ll like this part: Step One is you get all your books from all over the house and put them in one big pile.”

PJ launched herself into this part of the process immediately and with gusto. Together we built a giant mountain of books in the middle of her room. 

Then I said, “Now we knock on the books to wake them up.”

She said, “WHAT? That’s crazy!”

In the end, I could not get her on board with the whole kami aspect of the Marie Kondo system at all. PJ is an atheist. I mean you may think 11 is young for that, but this actually became clear much earlier in her life. At the age of 3-4 she believed in God, but by the time she was about 6-7 she had decided that the Bible was just stories and that no higher being exists. She loves animals and she loves fiction based on mythology and fantasy, but at this stage of her life at least she’s a materialist. Anyway, the “spark joy” thing didn’t really work for her either–it made her self-conscious–so instead I said we would just sort through the mountain into “keep” and “go.” Once we did that–and as I expected, the “keep” pile was much, much bigger than the goal pile–I said we would sort the keepers into categories. 

I said, “The reason my organizing your books doesn’t work is that I organize them alphabetically, and that doesn’t mean anything to you. Let’s come up with some categories that mean something to you and we’ll sort them that way.”

The categories we came up with were: Unread, Realistic Fiction, Mythology & Fantasy, Cats, and Miscellaneous. 

Sorting the books into categories was the part of the process that she seemed to most enjoy. She would pick up the book and think out loud about which category it should belong to, and we would have a little conversation about it, and then she would decide. We talked a lot about the “realistic fiction” category (she is working on a writing assignment for school that has to be “realistic fiction”) and the fact that there are many different definitions of realism (realistic as “does not involve magic, created worlds, AUs, talking animals, or aliens”; realistic as “could plausibly happen in the real world;” realistic as “based on a plot which is logically coherent and makes sense”). We decided that the first definition (realism as that which doesn’t involve magic or space aliens) was the best to go with. She was very interested to discover that “realistic fiction” was by far the biggest category, even though she often gets more intensely attached to mythology/fantasy books. 

The upshot was that we discovered that the large bookcase in her bedroom is just about the right size for Realistic Fiction. The smaller bookcase in her reading nook is about the right size for unread + mythology/fantasy. Miscellaneous fit on top of an unused metal shelf in her closet and Cats fits in a bin on the opposite side of the nook. In the process we also identified about a half-dozen books that had come home from school, some of which had become lost in the maelstrom. 

PJ complained about this process from time to time, but she also got invested in it and I believe she genuinely enjoyed it. At a time when she is spending a lot of time watching things online, this gave her a chance to handle her old friends and remember how much joy she got out of them (even if she can’t really recognize or name that as the feeling they inspired in her). She was very thoughtful about the categorization process; and althoguh she keeps saying “you know it’s just going to get messy again,” so far it hasn’t. 

I feel like I am doing a good thing for her by showing her how to remake her own space. So far, her room looks much like it did when she was about 5, and when I suggest to her that she could choose her own things to put on the walls now, etc., she never seems interested. But I hope that if I can get her to like sorting through her stuff and thinking about it–something both Mrs. P and I did a lot as children, but which doesn’t seem to have come naturally to PJ–that will eventually allow her to make her spaces more nurturing for her, now and when she’s out on her own. 

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Until this morning I had never heard of the agency Zenith Media Contents, but after seeing these two videos, I'm curious about them.  Z-Boys and Z-Girls are both based on the same concept - obviously a marketing gimmick - which is crazy enough that it just might work.  Each group is made up of 7 members, each member from a different Asian country, all singing in English.  It sets them up for pan-Asian success, as well as for a possible breakout into the English-speaking world.  Unfortunately, it also kind of sets them up for failure in Korea.  There's a strong thread of "K-pop = Koreans" in Korean fandom, to the point that I've heard people say that Twice has too many foreign members[*].  Only time will tell, I suppose.  The songs are catchy enough, now all we can do is wait and see if they catch on.

[*]  Twice has 9 members:  5 Korean, 3 Japanese, 1 Taiwanese.


Feb. 23rd, 2019 01:51 pm
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I still swear Rita's blushing a little when she's telling Estelle to be careful of slip hazards early on in the Shaikos Ruins.

I love this yuritastic tsundere, and I haven't even got back to the point where the ship really comes into its own yet. #^^#
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I've checked the dishrack three times! Everything else to the blender was in there, so where is it?


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Rocking to Sleep

Feb. 23rd, 2019 05:38 am
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Rocking promotes sleep and also boosts memory.  People with sleep disturbances or memory issues might consider a hammock or other rocking bed.

dating globes

Feb. 22nd, 2019 11:38 pm
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There's this bizarre thing where the makers of globes don't date them. They'll put a copyright notice on, I'm looking at "Copyright by Rand McNally" right now, but not the date of the copyright or when the globe was made. Not. A. Single. One.

Which is annoying in terms of data transparency, but does provide a fun game of "can I figure out the period this globe describes?" from looking at the countries. S had an old globe with steamship routes still marked on it; the Central African Empire alone pinned it to a three year period, and the independence of Dominica (not the DR) helped give a Dec 1976-Nov 1978 range.

The place I'm staying right now has an even older globe, with FRENCH WEST AFRICA sprawling over it. It's very detailed, with all sorts of obscure towns, and plane routes, maybe steamship ones. Occasional "highest waterfall" notes, an explanation of the International Date Line, and the solar analemma.

But when is it from? That's actually a bit ambiguous; with the help of an online acquaintance making suggestions, I have it down to Feb-Dec 1958 *or* June-Dec 1959. There are lots of constraints giving a 1958-1960 range, but a couple of conflicting points.

Singapore lacks any (Br.) and has a national capital symbol, but is "Singapore", whereas countries are usually all-caps like "MALAYA". Even states and colonies are usually all-caps... then again, Singapore is a city. Anyway, Singapore gained full internal self-government in 3 June 1959. Meanwhile "CAMEROONS [sic] (Fr. Trust)" puts the globe before 1 Jan 1960.

But over in "FRENCH EQUATORIAL AFRICA" we have subdivisions like "CHAD" (sure) and "UBANGI-SHARI", which was renamed to "CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC" on 1 Dec 1958 (while not being independent yet.) "UNITED ARAB REPUBLIC" spans Egypt and Syria, so it has to be after Feb 1958.

We seem to have a conflict: independent-ish Singapore in 1959, but Ubangi-Shari in 1958.

OTOH, I might be mis-interpreting what it's trying to say about Singapore, or they might have been lazy about keeping up with changes in French Africa.

Oh, Guinea being independent puts it after 2 Oct 1958. So if we ignore Singapore we're down to a two month period in 1958. Pretty good!

There's "DAHOMEY" within "FRENCH WEST AFRICA" but not the (non-independent) "REPUBLIC OF DAHOMEY" which suggests being before 11 Dec 1958.

Separately, there's just "GERMANY", no FDR and GDR. I'd briefly thought it might be a pre-WWII globe, but then I saw North and South Vietnam and Korea. Also Israel. So, no. Both Germanies at the time insisted they were the one true Germany but I would assume that was true of Korea and Vietnam too.

Edit: I also learned some things. Like HADHRAMAUT where eastern Yemen is now, but part of Saudi Arabia. TRUCIAL OMAN, MUSCAT AND OMAN...

Edit 2: The globe has FR SOM, BR SOM, and SOMALIA. Somalia was a UN Trust Territory between 1950 and 1 July 1960, at which point it joined with British Somalia. No indication of trust status on the globe. BR SOM and SOMALIA seem to have a border but are also the same shade of yellow. But it can't be 1960, because Cameroon...

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