Apr. 18th, 2019 03:21 pm
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I think today will be the elderly dog next door's final day. Poor Dakota is very, very old for a dog and time has caught up with her.
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Being on crutches, in an apartment up a flight of stairs, has certainly made decluttering more challenging. I cannot take anything to trash/recycling, but have to get someone else to do it for me (and I live alone). Also, it's a lot more difficult to carry things from room to room.

Nevertheless, I persisted!

KonMari has completely changed a lot of household chores for me, from things I hate and avoid to things I actively want to do as a combination of relaxation/meditative activity and geeky hobby. (I still hate washing dishes though). Sherwood and Layla, who have both seen my apartment in various stages, can attest to how much this has changed how it looks.

Here is a set of shelves in my kitchen which had not been decluttered in twelve years. There's a huge space in the back of them which is very hard to reach into. Consequently, when I stash anything there, it tends to drift toward the back, where I can then neither see nor reach it. Otherwise I only opened it to grab a tool from the tool box.

The other day, having hired someone to run some errands for me and also take out the trash, I parked myself on the floor and pulled everything out, a task which at times involved lying flat on my stomach and using a tool to sweep things toward me. I really wish I'd photographed the floor once everything was out, because it was a hair-raising mound of trash and weird junk. I found a half-drunk bottle of Kahlua which had probably been there for twelve years. I found paper towels so old that they shattered like glass.

I dumped the trash in trash bags and sorted the rest. Here is the end result:

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Waking up in Kyoto with [personal profile] doctorskuld at my side and [personal profile] xparrot and [personal profile] gnine right there is an amazing thing, and I feel I need to do it more often.

I wouldn't have believed it possible, but the day actually just got better from there, with a visit to Katsura Villa, a return to Mibudera, surprise!storytime, chicken nanban, shopping streets and a night at Nijo Castle.

20190324_093620 20190324_175514 20190324113028 20190324_201513

All of that behind the cut for length )
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Ben and Rose have just gotten married when they receive a letter from Hannibal saying that he's being held prisoner in a Gothic mansion in Mexico where he's forced to play the violin for the delusional owner of the mansion who has regular hallucinatory conversations with Aztec Gods; he can't flee because, among other obstacles, the police want to hang him as the believe he poisoned the owner's son. Ben and Rose to the rescue!

This had a lot of very thought-provoking and sensitive stuff on the historical treatment of mental illness, legal slavery vs slavery in all but name, religion, and Ben's dilemma of never having a place where he can both feel at home and not have to deal with racism. This was all neatly married to a solid murder mystery, a family drama, and tons of adventure and bonding. Hambly is really good at writing established couples who are still madly in love, and I really enjoyed all the Ben/Rose moments as well as the Ben/Rose & Hannibal. The supporting characters were vivid and interesting, as was the new setting.

The climax didn't rise to quite the batshit heights of the last one, but not for want of trying.

Read more... )

Grimness quotient: Low, all things considered. There's a visit to an asylum which is awful and tragic, but the man running it is compassionate; it's mostly about how people just had no idea what to do about mental illness then. Some people stuck in miserable nunneries. Poverty, racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, but also lots of people just living their lives and managing to make pretty good ones despite it all.

Days of the Dead (Benjamin January, Book 7)


Apr. 18th, 2019 11:33 am
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Can you give yourself an asthma attack scooping the catbox??
Our precious princess has three litterboxes, and I realized that she's only using one for pee, and so I just dumped the whole thing out instead of trying to scoop it, and there was, well, she'd been using it a lot more than I realized so the whole bottom of it was just solid ammonia, and it was a lot and I had to step away a moment before coming back to seal up the garbage bag, and I've been short of breath for two hours now after that.

I totally chemical-warfare'd myself with my cat's neglected litterbox.

(The other two, I'd scooped more recently, I promise, she just shifts around which ones she uses most, and she goes in the garden a lot...)

This is miserable, y'all!

Hugo Help Please

Apr. 18th, 2019 11:05 am
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Which twelve of my reviews in 2018 were the best?
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So I woke up on Tuesday morning and I thought, I could take Thursday off and have a FIVE DAY weekend. And so that is what I did, and now i am home gloriously doing nothing today, except maybe laundry later. Tomorrow, someone is coming to hang my mirrors, and Saturday I have the cleaning service, so I will have to be up early, but today I slept in until 9! It was amazing!

Last night, I met L for dinner and then we went back to where she is apartment sitting for DG and chatted for a couple of hours, and I didn't get home until about midnight, but it was great just to hang out and talk. Dinner was good too, and there were two for one drinks, so she had some kind of blood orange cocktail and I had one two that had passion fruit and peach in it, and it was delicious.

Yesterday was full of surprising good things. I had my review, which went exceptionally well and better than I expected, given what happened last year. But boss3 said that not only had I risen to the occasion of having more and more work piled onto my plate, but she noticed that I had taken her advice from last year seriously and also seemed more engaged and interested in the work than I had been previously. So that was great.

Because of how the day was scheduled, I wasn't going to be able to eat lunch until 3:30, unless I ate at 12 noon, which I normally don't like doing, but I ran out and bought a bagel and scarfed it down, but after my review, it turned out that I did not have to cover reception, and in fact the receptionist had made me up a plate of food from a retirement party that had happened at lunchtime, and left it on my desk! So I ate a little bit of that (it was about 2:30 by that time, so my usual lunch hour), and then one of the other assistants guided me to where they were keeping the leftover cake, so I also got a piece of cake out of it.

That seemed like a good note to go out on for the week, so I'm glad I am off today, since yesterday could probably not be topped, unless they decided to give me a raise. Which sadly they did not, as there is no increase attached to the performance review process.

Now I need to find something to eat because I've just been drinking coffee all morning and it's starting to make me shaky.


Today's poem:

How to Write a Story
by Cyn Kitchen


here, we join Ted
a man in a tree.
how he got there
you decide.
scuttling branch to branch,
lowered by chopper, launched
from trebuchet, a beginning.
here he sits, whistling, whittling.
above, birds flit among leaves
below, pasture green & rolling.
Ted is in the tree, you put him there
but make no mistake it was under
his own power.
throw rocks at Ted.
start small,
bean him with pebbles.
muster strength to heave
stones fist-big,
boulders round & smooth as a heart.
observe. take notes.
consider more rocks.
let exhilaration blow through you
as you throw, observe, repeat.
do not go easy.
watch him in the tree, tattered
bleeding, wide-eyed
as an empty house.
writers never pity. 
this mess is of his own making.
it is not Ted's tree.
he does not live here; 
he was only visiting.
suddenly, a tornado
sweeping over the prairie.
there is no cover. this is
between Ted & the finger
of God that will flick him from
his branch. or
that hunter in boredom
will blow him off his high horse
double-ott buck,
send him in a high arc over
crest of hill.
perhaps the same chopper
could pluck him away.
a ladder? too easy.
nevertheless, get him down.
Ted is in handcuffs. the story took off
on its own while you were looking
straight at it. not what you had planned
but there it is, undeniable.
you did all you could
still you ended up here,
struck like a match. keep taking notes,
follow at a safe distance.
up ahead, another tree.
how he gets there you don’t know.
fill your pockets with stones
caress them like old lovers.
the story has not ended.
the story does not end.
it keeps going whether you
are watching it or not. 



Apr. 18th, 2019 01:28 pm
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The chapter is not capslocked, don’t worry. 

Chapter 5, Brotherly Advice, of A Complete Education, up on AO3, still just teasing the as-yet-unearned explicit rating with discussions of masturbation, as ever. We’re up to 26,000 words, is it a novelette yet?

Maia laughed, at that. “Thou hast a very specific imagination,” he said.

“If one is to adhere to one’s principles in a hypothetical,” Deret said, “one had better be damned sure of all the details of that hypothetical.”

Maia laughed again. “Only thou,” he said again.
(Your picture was not posted)
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io9/Gizmodo: Yes, Lucasfilm Is Developing Something for Knights of the Old Republic.
Knights of the Old Republic is an era and subset of Star Wars that fans have been clamoring to see in live action for a long time. And while that wait will continue, Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy just confirmed that something based on the classic video game is potentially bubbling.

“You know we talk about [Knights of the Old Republic] all the time,” Kennedy told MTV at Star Wars Celebration. “Yes, we are developing something to look at. Right now I have no idea where things fall but we have to be careful that there is a cadence to Star Wars that doesn’t start to feel like too much.”
As I wrote on Facebook yesterday, "This is the kind of good geeky news I've been waiting to read."
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Donations to rebuild Notre Dame highlight the gulf separating the super-rich from everyone else.

As novelist and philosopher Ollivier Pourriol put it:  "Victor Hugo thanks all the generous donors ready to save Notre Dame and proposes that they do the same thing with Les Misérables."
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This was a fun one to try to try to find on Youtube this morning.  And by "fun" I mean "frustrating."  All I had to go on was a notation on the list at Kpopmap that Stephanie (no last name given, no other information given) had a comeback today (no song title given).  So I started searching and finally found it - and it was well worth the search.

But who is Stephanie?  It turns out Stephanie is Stephanie Kim, former member of the group The Grace, a group from SM Entertainment that has never officially disbanded even though they haven't released anything in years.  She's Korean-American, originally from San Diego.  She was (is?) a member of the Los Angeles Ballet.  She's a DJ, a musical theatre actress, and a frequent guest on Korean variety shows.  She also, according to the credits at the end of this video, wrote the words and music to this song.  Quite talented, apparently.  

The Elder Scrolls: Blades; a review

Apr. 18th, 2019 05:13 am
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I think maybe it's time to post my breakdown of this game as someone who has early access and therefor has actually been playing this game, as opposed to letting people who have not played it spread around misinformation about this game and its micro-transactions.

Before we get into my opinions on this game, I just want to add a disclaimer. You do not have to spend a single penny of your own money to play this game. More on that later.

mostly cut for screenshots and minor spoilers )

Bordered table?

Apr. 18th, 2019 07:09 am
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ETA: With amazing speed and helpfulness, [personal profile] qikiqtarjuaq  posted posted a fix in the comments that works for me! Thank you so much!

I've been tearing my hair out trying to get a bordered table. I can change the HTML all I want - I see it in the Rich Text editor, and then it disappears in my posts only to show up again in my comment notification emails.

I'm pretty sure it's due to Dreamwidth's CSS overriding the HTML, especially as the border attribute is something that's supposed to be in the CSS. The suggestion in the linked FAQ is to include CSS in your post (which I didn't know you could do!), but even copy-pasting from W3 Schools doesn't solve it for me.

I was wondering 1) if anyone has actually managed to make their table borders visible and 2) if my table borders are visible for anyone who uses a different default skin? I use the standard "Tropospherical Red".

Here's a tiny bordered table for you:

Drama namePremier DateNote
Detective LApril 18th!!!!!!!!

Poll #21832 Borders or no borders?
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 22

Do you see borders?

View Answers

20 (95.2%)

1 (4.8%)

If yes, what style/skin are you using?


View Answers

6 (27.3%)

7 (31.8%)

10 (45.5%)

13 (59.1%)

16 (72.7%)

Emotional Intimacy Question:

Apr. 18th, 2019 12:13 am
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Folks have mentioned an interest in questions and conversations that make them think. So I've decided to offer more of those. This is the current list.

28. Let’s alternate sharing three positive characteristics of each other.

This one is awkward to do online, so I'll just list three positive characteristics of my audience.

* You're smart.  You know all these incredibly cool things and you love geeking out about them together.

* You're diverse.  You take my writing in directions I'd never find without you, and give me details that make it solid, even when the "official" sources suck.

* You're generous.  Your donations keep our household budget going.

I squish you all so much.  :D

101 Update

Apr. 18th, 2019 12:01 am
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Progress This Week

Prepare and teach a class on magic and superstition in period
Read 3 books on magic and superstition in period
April Camp 2019
30 entries to “Monthly Diary Day”
Listen to 90 other podcasts
Positive thing daily 2019
Go out 85% of the days each month in 2019

Wednesday Yardening

Apr. 17th, 2019 10:27 pm
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Today was sunny, mild, and blustery.  We bought more birdseed, three bags of topsoil to fill the hollow beyond the patio, and a couple bags of flowers and herbs.

81F - 48F : Sunny

Apr. 17th, 2019 09:06 pm
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I actually got to sleep around 2:30 last night, but then I didn't wake up until Kevin called to tell me he was on his way home from work at 4pm. I got up at that point, although Kevin didn't stay on the phone. I read lj and dw while I waited on him. He got home around 5. I was feeling like isolating myself so I didn't go out. We ordered Jimmy John's, and I read a bit until it got here. I ate dinner, and then went back to reading. I finished around 7, and then started talking to Kali, Sarah, and Glitter while reading a bit at YAP.

Beyond the Point has proven that it was not written by anyone in the military. The author apparently heard of "being smoked" as military slang, but for some reason thinks it means that someone beat you in a contest. It doesn't. It means that a drill sergeant made you do exercises more than your peers. The author has also doubled down on them being class of 2004. The class of 2004 thing doesn't bother me as much as the being smoked thing. That's such a simple thing. Honestly, if you're going to write about the military, send it past someone who has been in the military? Also they have Dani as the only girl in her basic training unit which I don't think is realistic. There's such a rape concern in the military that you're not allowed anywhere without at least 2 other girls during basic. I feel like even though there's not very many women at West Point, they would purposely put all the women together.

The local paper emailed me that the 2019 Falcons schedule is out, so I spent some time putting that on my calendar. Once again almost all of the games are at 1pm on Sunday, and the only game that isn't a Sunday this year is the Thanksgiving day game. That's unfortunate, as I really only get to watch weekday games since I'm fighting or sleeping at 1pm on Sunday, but if I'm awake, I'm going to go to fighter practice.

So apparently scientists have shown that cats who hear their owner say their name have their brains light up in distinct patterns, so when they ignore you it's just that they are assholes, not that they don't know their names. Kitties may be assholes, but they make my brain calm, so I love them anyway.

In The Boy on the Wooden Box the boy's father has just landed a job with Schindler, so I guess he's going to get the rest of the family the same job sooner or later. The thing that always surprises me about holocaust stories is how quickly people who didn't seem to care that their friend was a jew become antisemites after just a week of German propaganda. Were they always antisemites and just pretending not to care? So many of them? Are we all so susceptible to propaganda? Why is it that nobody said "but Leon's a good kid. We don't think he's awful?"

The high is only going to be 54 on Saturday. This makes me glad I will not be at Fools War. All I have planned for that day is an oil change. It will be a quiet day of reading and taking care of things.

I just looked up what documentation I would need to renew my drivers license, and apparently I can do it online I think since I already have a secure id. This makes me happy because not having to deal with the DMV is always a good thing. Also, since I have a secure id I don't need any other id to prove I'm me. The expiring license is good enough.

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