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I've STILL got this laryngitis thing, which has now successfully passed through our entire family, from Mason to Me to Shawn (who just started to get symptoms yesterday afternoon.)  :-(

In the book bad news/good news category, I got an email yesterday afternoon from the small press Mad Norwegian Press who published the prequel/sequel of my AngeLINK books, Resurrection Code.  They're taking Resurrection Code out of print.

That's obviously the bad news.

Part one of the good news is that the Norwegians are being extremely generous in their parting offer, including sending me the remaining print copies for me to distribute as I see fit.  They've also reverted my rights including rights to digital books, and have even donated the cover art (which is possibly the most gorgeous art I've *ever* had on the cover of any of my books).  I'm going to have to decide what I'm going to do with the print copies, but it may be possible for interested people to buy them directly from me or through my ancient website--though if I do that, it may be time for a major overhaul, which I've resisted for years. Nay, decades.

But, part two of the good news is that I emailed my e-publisher, Wizard's Tower Press, the folks who have been returning the other AngeLINK books back into e-print, and asked if they'd be interested in doing the same for Resurrection Code.  To my extreme  pleasure, they said yes.

It was the kind of quick turnaround I really needed.

I'm off to work at the library today.  I work today, tomorrow, and Saturday in an effort to really finally learn the job.  You wouldn't think being a library page would be that difficult, but as I said before it's so much more than shelving books these days.  A LOT of what they have me doing is staffing the front desk, which means I do things like replace lost library cards, check people out who've forgotten their library cards (did you even know you could do that?), collect overdue fines, deal with damaged CDs, and a surprising array of other functions.  So far, I really enjoy it.  I mean, as far as jobs go, it has a lot of variety.  One of the first jobs I ever had was as a receptionist at an extremely busy switch line/front desk at college.  I had to a zillion things, including record a daily announcement recording about all the events on campus.  I really liked that job. I'm about twenty-five years older now and out of practice at being perky and pleasant, but I can feel the muscle memories returning.  :-)
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I caught that thing that seems to be going around, the dreaded head cold. Luckily, it seems to be fairly mild. I took two nights off, crashed early, and that seems to have done something. I still have a stuffy, runny nose, but it doesn't seem to have gotten much worse than that.

I took advantage of being sick and laid in bed yesterday watching Aime. A friend from KSW suggested FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST when he heard that I was a fan of BLEACH. (Netflix had been agreeing with him for some time, I might add.) I can see how this show could be awesome, but I got to the episode called "Cry of the Chimera" and I had to stop. Ten years ago, I probably would have had no problem with the show, but things have happened to me since that make it impossible for me to deal with certain themes in literature/shows. I can no longer cope with the death of innocents. When little kids (and animals, I've discovered,) go splat, I'm out. As a bonus, in this episode, we get a two-fer, cute dog *and* cute girl get it. Ironically, one of the things that my friend said to recommend of this series is that I would get all the action of BLEACH, but "actually care for the characters." Alas, the opposite is true. The more "real" the violence (which, in this case, seemed a bit gratuitous to me), the less I trust, so the less I'm able to invest in the characters.

Ironically, I care a great deal about the characters in BLEACH precisely because they can be run through with a gigantic sword and they get up, wrap a couple of banages around themselves, and live to fight another day. Hell, we're even reassured that the Hollows don't die in that show, just get recycled into the Cosmic hourglass (except those killed by Quincies, of course.)

I can care about characters like those. The ones who make friends only to watch them get mutilated and then die (splat against the wall, no less,)... hmmmm, not so much.

I wish I wasn't broken like this, believe me. But the fact is, I am. I will have to find some other Anime to entertain me. (Luckily, BLEACH actually has not ended in Japan....)

Also, if people decide to start "reccing" things, let me tell you something else I've discovered about what I like in my Anime: I like semi-adults as main characters. I realize this cuts out a LARGE amount of Anime, but I can deal with the very manly 15 that Ichigo is supposed to be (especially since he looks 20.) Edward was supposed to be, what, 13? He looked 11. I often fantasize about BEING these heroes, so I prefer to be a near-adult if I have to be a teen at all.

I LOVE this whole spiritual stuff that was present in both BLEACH and FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST. A lot. So, Netflix and my friend weren't wrong about that one bit. More, more, more, please. The other commonality that I really liked about both? A corrupt government. Yeah, that's always an easy hook for me.

I don't mind the alternate universe/SF setting of FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST, but I ADORE the psuedo-ancient Japan of the Celestial City of BLEACH. Dudes wearing robes with swords.... yeah, that works for me.

Also, I think (no surprise to those who know me well) I like "boy" stories. Sword-play, fighting, magic, and boys/men. I wouldn't be adverse to trying some with women heroes, but right now I'm liking the way these stories get told because they tend to be about honor and justice (and being SURPRISINGLY adept at whatever skill is needed to make you awesome.)


In other news, my agent and I got the year-end report for the sales of RESURRECTION CODE. No surprise, my numbers sucked. I already knew from watching BookScan report on the book, no one has bought it much. (Yes, an e-book is supposed to be coming out sometime this year. I still don't know when.) Sigh.

I'm not surprised, however. As much as I hate to say this, I think the AngeLINK series ran its course some time ago. It doesn't surprise me that, nearly a decade later, there aren't a lot of people STILL hungering for more stories in this universe. Yes, you, my diehard fans, are to be commended and rewarded for still loving it (reward: more coming in the Gaylaxicon program guide!) Plus, I intentionally wrote it for my fans, and not for new readers. I think, too, it was a tough sell for the Mad Norwegians, since they don't do a lot of original fiction.

I probably could have done more to promote it, but, honestly, I don't know HOW. All the things that seem to be the best (getting readers to recommend it to others, what they call "viral" marketing) are magic. I can't ask someone to tell their friends how much they loved my book. It just has to happen.

I am still planning to have e-book versions of the original tetrology available (fingers crossed) in time for CONvergence. That gives me until July. So, I'm doing my best to continue make these books available.

It's just sort of depressing news. I do think, however, having a new science fiction book out, has helped me personally, tremendously. I don't think I'd have nearly as many invites to various SF conventions otherwise. So the project was worthwhile on that front.

I'm also trying to think about other science fictional things I could write. I ended up enjoying the background world of the short story "God Box" that I just sold to Dybbuk Press for the Biblical Horror anthology. I'm wondering if there isn't more there for me to mine.

So, there you go. Let the recommendations for Anime flow!
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At the sound of the sigh, I tense. It’s the just the wind through a crack in the window, I tell myself.

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Three Gorgons scuttle up from the underpass on all four bone-thin limbs, skimming fast across the ground like ghost crabs. The girl with the broken holo pony shirt smiles beatifically at me where she sits, cross legged, on the dusty bridge. They’ve surrounded me before I can even react. I clutch the backpack to my chest as if it were a shield.

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Are you anxious to get your sweaty hands on an early copy of Resurrection Code? I've donated a copy to "Con or Bust", a charity organization that provides travel funds to various science fiction/fantasy conventions to fans of color (primarily WisCON.)

The .pdf is the closest thing I have to an ARC. I've asked my publisher for the official review copy, but if I don't get that in time, you'll have to make do with the version I got. I will, however, make a hard copy for the winner if he or she doesn't have access to a .pdf reader.

I set the bidding intentionally low, because I want people to feel like they're getting a bargain. However, if I can help the charity make some money that would be an added bonus. Last time I checked there was only one bid at $10.00. So, get in there! You can still get it for less than the cover price!!

In other news, Mason is getting ready for the Kuk SoOlympics! I declined signing up this time because we were feeling cheap. The entry fee is actually quite reasonable, but the two of us is just that much more than the one... anyway, it will be fun to cheer him on. He's signed up for the "techniques," the mystery event, and the obstical course.

I should also report somewhat tardily that Mason had an EXCELLENT sleep over at Donte's. He didn't call once. Shawn and I were complete dorks and spent our evening child-free playing Boogle on the iTouch. Although to be fair, we splurge a little and go out to eat as well. That was nice, and frankly, we both overate, so lying on the couch and finding words was about all we could manage after.

We spent far too much of the night wondering how he was doing, too, of course. "Finding Nemo" is pretty much the only thing that has kept Shawn and I from becoming the worst helicopter parents in the entire world. Thank goodess we watched that movie when Mason was an infant, and really took home the idea that if you don't let anything happen to little Nemo that would be pretty boring for him. So we kept reminding ourselves that he was learning independence and having a grand adventure.

Mason has also lost another front tooth. He has a wide-gap mouth smile right now. The tooth fairy had a little panic the other night because she thought she had "folding money" as Shawn's family calls it, but she only had two 20 dollar bills. And, while she knows that the fairy exchange rate for teeth has risen since she was a kid, 20 bucks seemed a little steep. So at about 11 pm at night, she had to hop in the car to find a place to break her 20. Turns out the Tooth Fairy delivers Cub brand eggs to the grown-ups and smaller change to the kid at the same time!

Nice, huh?

Also speaking of helicopter parents, I should tell you a bit about Mason's pokemon playdate with his friend from kuk sool wan. I was excited that it was a drop off, but I forgot that most parents are not as lassiez-faire as I can be. (Frankly, I consider myself somewhere in the middle of the lassiez-faire-to-helicopter scale.) At any rate, I was invited in for a coffee and some light interrogation. I don't know if I passed, since the other mom got a phone call she had to take so I was allowed to leave. :-)

Ah well, even if I didn't pass her muster, *I* liked *her* right away. She had previously lived on the East Coast and that brisk, vaguely neurotic a personality type that I relate to, honestly.

Anyway, I was so excited to have time to myself to write that I dashed off to the coffee shop formerly known as "Brewberry's" (now an Espresso Royale, I think,) and wrote 2,000 words. That was great, but I totally forgot to go to PetCo to pick up cat fud (and fish filters, gerbil bedding, etc.)

All right, speaking of writing, I should get to it.
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Before I begin this installment I have to confess to having far too much fun. In its own way, this is becoming a story. Something I never intended. Not really. Keep in mind, the REAL book is going to start somewhere else.

But, without further ado:



I hold my breath, and resist the urge to peak over the railing for one more look at the lithe forms scampering beneath the bridge in valley of abandoned car corpses. The sun glares down menacingly. Sweat trickles down the back of my neck. I’m dying for a drink of water from the canteen, but I’m afraid they might hear any movement. It’s probably an irrational fear. Despite all the things people say about them, no one has superpowers in real life, right?

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The train never comes to the station. It’s not really like I expected it to, I mean the world has ended, after all. Sixteen days ago, the Aswan dams collapsed and the rushing black water crushed much of Egypt. Taking with it everything I’ve ever known.

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I've been watching everything that's been happening in Egypt for many reasons, not the least of which is that I have a friend there and, since basing RESURRECTION CODE in Cairo, I've come to know and love Cairenes and Egypt. But, while I heard about Google's attempt to work around the internet shut down, I missed this awesome article. [ profile] naomikritzer found this in Newsweek, in which the Egyptians invent kind of.

This weekend was good/bad. We had a really, REALLY crappy Saturday, which required an actual re-boot. We were all so snarly and grumpy after swim class that we decided to literally go back to bed and call a "do over." It worked... eventually. Saturday was one of those days, actually that I wish the universe could refund so we could get that time and energy back and use it more constructively.

Ah well.

Sunday, however, was fairly awesome. We had a birthday party at 11:00 am for a younger friend of Mason's. It was dance themed, and we had a blast boogying underneath their disco glitter ball. Plus, once again I found my tribesfolk and I got to talk nerd/geek among my own kind. Always awesome. I was only a little disappointed that Mason pooped out early and we ended up leaving before anyone else. But, I've learned from experience that if he starts askng when we can go, it's time to just pack up.

It was so nice outside yesterday that we built a snow fort in the back yard. I wanted to take a picture of my handiwork, but it melted and collapsed almost as soon as we got inside. Still, we had a lot of fun staging a brief snowball war. My jeans and gloves were soaked (but warm) by the time we came in.

It really feels like spring today too. Unfortunately, this means that the garbage is starting to resurface. When Mason and I go out today (he's on another intersession vacation), I'm going to bring a bag and pick up some of the grosser stuff. Garbage is a huge pet-peeve of mine. I hate seeing is so much that I'm willing to put on gloves and pick it up myself.

I'm hoping to get writing done today while Mason plays video games, but we have to take advantage of the winter too. Last night I stayed up to 11 pm (super late for me) finishing some revisions from Wyrdsmiths, though as a bonus I added 666 new words (seriously. And stranger? This is the second time I made that particular word count.) Today... forward! Though at some point I need to write a couple more of the promotional vingnettes for the prequel, as I have only one more saved up for tomorrow. Gah!

Anyway, I hope you're having a great Monday (and Valentines day.)
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You know how everyone asks “do you remember where you were when the Aswan dams broke?” I remember very well, indeed. It’s not a story I often tell.


My face was being jammed into a toilet bowl the day the lights went out. I didn’t realize that at that same moment 9 million died under the crush of water bursting from the Aswan dam; in fact, I thought the power outage was a gift from God Himself because I used the opportunity to kick Yuri Sullivan in the shin.

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I haven't done much of anything this morning other than sneeze. I don't quite know what happened, but I didn't just have an allergy attack... it was some kind of ambush!!

But my eyes and nose are starting to recover, I think. And, I did manage to get two other things done.

1) The dishes. This was a rather monumental feat, as we had a full-on Sunday dinner yesterday, including a roasted chicken, gravy, fried potatoes, beans, and a salad. I think I pretty much used all the dishes in the house, especially since I'd made scones earlier for breakfast. While I was doing said dishes I got a call from the folks at Mad Norwegian. They had just one more thing for me to look at...

So, I downloaded the file and 2) I went over the final proof of the short story included in RESURRECTION CODE, "Ishtartu." After having re-read that I have to say that there is absolutely NO HOPE of me having a lucrative side-career as an erotica writer. It's actually not a bad short story (which, again, is not one of my stronger suits), but there's not a lot of sizzle. There's sex, and, you know, I spell some of it out, but it's actually quite *sweet.* You could actually read it out loud at a late-night reading, because, while *I* might blush at some of the words, there's actually not that much that even happens on stage. Much of it is left to the imagination.

It's kind of sad, really.

If only because I have this weird notion in my head that some day I'm just going give up on this hard stuff and write fun, "trashy" erotica. Yet, you'd think I'd remember that every time I sit down to write something I think will be fun and "easy," it's still writing, and writing is always hard. And, sadly, writing something good enough to be published still means I need to have character development, plot, etc., which is all that stuff I find "hard" about writing in the first place. And, frankly, writing graphic sex scenes really difficult for me. Oh, I can imagine them, no problem. Write them down? That's a bit harder. I'm easily embarrassed by committing the erotic things I imagine to print, and also, like any description, writing a good, graphic sex scene takes practice that I just don't really have yet... you need to know when to brush stroke and when to stroke stroke, you know? Gah! I just embarrassed myself!

You see the problem.

Anyway, I need to get writing on Ana. My cat, Ms. All Ball, has just curled herself, like a baby, against my chest, so I guess that means I'm stuck at the computer anyway. I might as well be constructive.
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I'm "homeless" for a while today, as Shawn has a meeting to which she really needed a ride (her sprained foot is still giving her a bit of trouble.) So I've been flitting from coffee shop to coffee shop, and not getting much done. Though I did, quite miraculously find a missing footnote from the RESURRECTION CODE manuscript for my publisher and e-mailed that off to him. So even if I get nothing else done today, I've accomplished one thing of merit.

Today is *supposed* to be my get-stuff-done-around-the-house day, but as I'm not going to be home until afternooon (and have to take off again for volunteering at Mason's school), I suspect I'll be lucky to get my dishes done before dinner.

Ah well.

At least tonight the only excitement I have going on is Wyrdsmiths.

Last night we had kuk sool wan, and I have decided that there is, in point of fact, exactly ONE thing I don't much like when we focus on it, and that is sparring. Mason spent much of the night grinning from ear-to-ear, so I promised that the next time they have a sparring workshop, we will sign him up. Me, I'll watch from the sidelines. I think, as a nerd, I have a deepseated desire not to get hit -- even in pretend or fun. It's not so much that I'm worried about being honestly hurt at class, because, you know, they're very careful and preach control and precision. It's just the situation, I think. My brain does not say "block". My brain says "run, screaming." :-)

But Mason was so good at it that jo kyo nim actually called out his skills in front of the whole class. We decided on the walk home that he should have a kuk sool wan nickname: "sidewinder."

Completly appropo of nothing, I have to say I can't believe that there are people who are seriously upset that spontaneous cheering errupted at the memorial service last night during Obama's speech. Especially when the news is honoring (calling someone a hero) or amazing (announcing for the first time anywhere that Giffords opened her eyes.) It's not like he made some inappropriate political dig and people hooted or cat called. Honestly, people reacted very naturally, I thought.

Frankly, I've done much more inappropriate things at a funeral. I found myself, in fact, smiling through a lot of my great-aunt Clara's funeral because I found it weirdly amusing how few of us family in the front row knew when to stand or sit during the Catholic Mass. I'm sure the priest looked out, saw my grin, and was fairly horrified. Also, when he read the parable of the ten virgins (out of context, mind you -- see my earlier post), my dad and I made a face.

Finding out someone is recovering seems like the sort of thing that would make me cheer. Though, clearly, I'm not the best example of funerary/memorial service behavior.


Well, I should probably start packing up for my next taxi service. See y'all later.
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Because I decided to go work out, I am beginning my writing day ridiculously late. Alas, the house is still a mess and I'm worried that if I don't change my big fish tank soon my fishy babies will expire from lack of usable oxygen or too much carp crap in the water. (I may end up having to post about the small tank too, because one of my white mountain minnows has started behaving sort of strangely.) Anyway, I imagine it's going to be a short day. I will need to write tonight.

I'm sure most of you have already seen the alternate ending to RETURN OF THE JEDI someone posted on Boing-Boing this morning, but it's too awesome not to place a pointer here. Thanks due to Shawn, my lovely partner, for sending me the link this morning. Weirdly, it made my day.

I also should note that I had a lovely chat with the publisher of RESURRECTION CODE at Mad Norwegian Press this morning and things look to be on track for the March publication. Whoot. Also, if any of you know reviewers who might be interested in reading a .pdf review copy, let me know. It's time to start seeing if I can drum up some interest in this new book.

Despite still being a bit sore, Mason and I went to kuk sool wan last night and had an awesome time. I do have to relay a conversation I had with one of the other parents who brings their child as well as participates himself. He was coming in as we were going out, and he asked as part of our conversation, "Do you ever take adult classes? They're a little like the test in terms of intensity." I looked at him and I said, "Sir, you misunderstand why I come to kuk sool wan. I come to play games, punch people in the face, and kee-yah." I'm sure he thought I was completely insane, but, you know, I am not there for the workout. I'm there to enjoy something with my kid, get out a little agression and show "the drama."


Okay, well, got to go.
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I was thinking, which is, of course, often a dangerous thing.

I was thinking that I should really do something fun to get people excited about the upcoming release of RESURRECTION CODE in March. And, it ocurred to me that, because of the plot requirements of RC and the story I wanted to tell, there was a lot of Mouse history that didn't ACTUALLY make it into the book as scenes per se. Some of it ended up as psuedo-memoir or as commentary by Page or news articles or other things, but, the point is, there was all this stuff that I'd pre-imagined, if you will... some of it even got written out a bit.

So starting on Tuesday, February 1, 2011, I'm going to post one Mouse/AngeLINK original vingnette here on my LJ once a week until the book comes out. I've already written two.

How about them apples, eh?

I can't promise they're going to be great literature or even entirely typo-free, but hopefully they will whet your appetite for what's to come.

Okay. Back to writing!


Aug. 31st, 2010 08:40 am
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I knew this was coming, but it was still incredibly awesome to see. Resurrection Code is now available for pre-order on!

As many of you know, this book is BOTH a sequel and a prequel to Apocalypse Array. The back cover copy goes something like this:


Where were you the day the Aswan dams broke? It’s the question that defines my generation. Me, I was stuck in British School al-Rehab hundreds of kilometers from the destruction that plunged North Africa into darkness and drowned twenty million people as massive floods reclaimed the ancient Nile valley. We watched the privileged and the sane abandon Egypt to the criminals, prostitutes, and a mysterious murderous cult of Osiris known as the Deadboys. Not much of the capitol remained, and my life really went to hell.

But that’s not where my story really starts.

My story starts the day I, Christian El-Aref, distinguished myself from the thousands of Cairo street rats and became the Mouse. And I had that dead UN soldier whose body that I, quite literally, stumbled over to thank for it all. Now, if only I can keep myself from getting murdered…


I'm extremely proud of this book. Yeah, it was a struggle to write and I missed at least two deadlines getting it into Mad Norwegian Press, but, in the end, I think it ended up as a very worthy addition to the Archangel Protocol universe. You'll have to see if you agree, of course. I hope in the next couple of weeks to have a teaser up on my web site, so you can get an early taste of what's to come. In the meantime, what do you think of the cover?

I'm Back

Jul. 8th, 2010 11:04 am
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Sorry for the long absence, I was in Indiana visiting the in-laws. Man, that is a long, awful drive. But we're only doing it once this year, so it's done. We had a good time. Probably the highlight was the fireworks show in ValParasio. It was actually surprisingly spectacular, and by chance, Shawn found us the perfect spot. Not too crowded or too buggy, and a lot of really interesting unique fireworks. I say this, too, I should add, as someone who is NOT a big fan of loud noises and whatnot.

I'm sad I missed CONvergence. I hope y'all had a good time.

Of course, the roof saga continues. We're probably going to start work on the roof next week. Shawn is hoping that their start time will coincide with her business road trip to Madison, WI. She gets VERY TENSE about this sort of thing, and, well, if she came home to a new roof, life would be a lot easier for her.

Me, I'm comfortable with all the noise and chaos. What *I* don't like dealing with is the money and the insurance company and all that hassle. But I think the only thing I have to do is follow-up with the mortgage company which has to endorse our insurance claim check. Blurgh. Just thinking about that makes my stomach flip.

In other news, I finished Tate's second YA book. I got comments back from one of my beta readers (thanks [ profile] naomikritzer and expect the last set tonight at Wyrdsmiths. Then, it's head down for a revision/polish so that Shawn can read it for stupid spelling/puncuation mistakes. I should be sending it on perfectly on time, if all works out from here on out.

Mason has the week off school, and we're hoping to do a little geocaching and beach lounging/combing.

I need to close up, as he wants to update his own blog. I hope to have some prequel news soon...
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As those of you who are also FB friends already know, last Friday night our house was hit by lightning. The actual event took about two seconds (FLASH! BAM!), but I've been dealing with the aftermath now for several days. The strike didn't cause damage that the insurance inspector would accept (though I'm convinced it made our old, rotty roof worse when it shook the house,) BUT he did see wind damage that he would. So, now we're in the process of getting a new roof (rooves, actually, as the inspector okayed the garage as well... and new gutters).

Still. Being a grown-up sucks, like as in it sucks up a lot of your time and energy with all this responsible bullcrap.

Also during this week, we've been getting ready for our annual trip down to Indiana to visit grandma Rounds, which has involved a bunch of car related hassle (oil change, etc.)

Oh yeah, and I've finishing up a novel.

The novel writing kind of turned into therapy. While I waited at the Jiffy Lube, I wrote. While the inspector and roofing contractor climbed around my steep, rotting, damaged roof, I wrote. Any time I felt stressed and couldn't sleep this week, I wrote.

I got a LOT of writing done, no surprise. I wrote "THE END." I have no idea if any of it is any good, or if it's all just "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" over and over again. Actually, I know it's more than that, but you know what I mean. Luckily I'm printing up two copies right now for my beta readers and they can tell me what I've missed in my stressed fuge state. My subconscious is pretty sure I missed a few scenes because I had a dream I no longer remember about the book. I just woke up with that lingering feeling of having forgotten something key in the novel.

I'm not sure how much of this I can share, but I did have a nice conversation with my editor/publisher at Mad Norwegian Press the other day. The gist of things is that I have cover art (it's incredible, and I'll share as soon as that's okay,) and the publication date for RESURRECTION CODE has been pushed back a bit to March 2011. To make up for this delay, the book will likely be available for pre-order on much sooner, possibly within a month depending on when the paperwork is filed with the distributor.

Whoot! (or possibly even SQUEEE!)

Also, Amazon shipped the copies I ordered of SHE NAILED A STAKE THROUGH HIS HEAD: TALES OF BIBLICAL TERROR and, if I do say so myself, this is a mighty fine collection. I hope any of you going to CONvergence this weekend will take advantage of the fact that the editor Tim Lieder will be there signing copies on Saturday and pick up one or two.

I found out that one of my fellow contributors is here on LJ with us, [ profile] krylyr aka DK Thomspson. He sound really awesome and is apparently launching (or has launched) a podcast about geeks and faith, which I'm totally going to go try to find, if for no other reason than I think he might be interested in reviewing RESURRECTION CODE.

I have to go deliver manuscipts. See you when we come back, unless I end up at the Blackbird Cafe in ValParasio, IN before then.
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The sound of my anxious feet as I wait to recieve the first critique and probably most critical, (as in important, but possibly the other kind as well,) of RESURRECTION CODE.

So while I wait for my friend to show up, I twiddle my thumbs.

Not much else to report. No earthquakes here. Mason is doing well, though I did hear a funny story from one of his teachers today. Apparently, in music class they were singing what Pete Seeger calls a "zipper song" because you can add whatever you want to a repetative verse, and so the music teacher asked for types of fish the song could be about. Mason's hand shoots up and he says, "Angler Fish!"

I'm kind of surprised he didn't specify WHICH angler, since he has a very favorite deep sea variety.
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Though today I mean "yippie-skippy" in its less ironic/sarcastic form, because last night at 9:00 pm, I finished the rough draft of RESURRECTION CODE.

As usual when I write "THE END" I'm nowhere really near being done-done. There's still some actual writing to do. I have to fill-in all the [find another example?]s and [restaurant name]s, etc. I also have to do whatever revisions my readers suggest, as well as write the news articles that appear between chapters. BUT, I finished a few days ahead of expectations, which means I have more time for all of that.


Mason seems to have survived parent involvement day without me. I only have a bit of residual guilt because I ended up skivving off from writing by having a lovely lunch date with my friend and fellow writer, Rachel Gold.

Well, speaking of all that, I must go do all those finishing touches bits, including printing out what I have so my partner can make sure I didn't put in any of the truly embarrasing spelling errors (earlier my spell checker had replaced "infidel" with "in-field" Very different.)

Also, in case people aren't checking over there, I've been dutifully answering the 22 questions about craft and business that a newbie writer sent Tate over on the tate hallaway blog.

Oh, and all my fish are alive and well.


Jan. 26th, 2010 11:23 am
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If I'm not keeping up here, it's because I'm falling behind in real-life (tm).

First of all, I know it's Tuesday all ready, but I have to tell you about my weekend. It was awesome. Mason decided that he'd really like to have a read-a-thon. It was not difficult for him to convince his two moms that it would be really lovely to spend the day in bed reading (or, in my case, writing,) only getting up for necessities and the ocassional video game. I spent the entire day working on a proposal for a new adult series for Tate -- I'm trying to have a couple to give to my agent so my editor will have a lot of varied options to choose from (and hopefully like one of them). For a snack we had popcorn and soda... in bed! How incredibly decadant and wonderful was that??

Sunday we were supposed to have a friend over for dinner, but Shawn was starting to catch cold (not awesome.) BUT, we ended up inviting our nephew Jon over for porkchops and fried potatoes and he stayed until midnight talking about STAR WARS (and the original Star Trek series which he just finished watching.) Once again... awesome.

But then Monday hit hard.

Like I posted on Facebook it was a "Monday... with benefits" (of being screwed.) I got into "the office" (Amore Coffee) to an e-amil from my editor. We've been going back and forth on a scene in Tate's upcoming young adult book and it was clear that I was going to loose my battle... but for the right reasons. Initially, I was really pissed about it. BUT, after a great phone call with my editor, in the end, I realized that my editor was right, and that we were really fighting over two different things. Her issue: the scene didn't work with the characters. My issue: it was funny and I didn't want to loose that. In the end, I realized I could make it funny AND accomodate her issues about the characters.

But it was hard getting there, you know?

Plus, I was feeling a lot of pressure. The time is running out on the RESURRECTION CODE deadline. I think I'm going to make it, but with the time lost doing Tate's stuff I was feeling panicky. PLUS, I got the email that could expect readers' proofs for HONEYMOON OF THE DEAD and I was about ready to scream.

But I did what I often do in these kinds of situations... I talked to Shawn. In the course of explaining everything to her I realized how much I sounded like a big, fat whiner. I have a LOT of work. This is a good... no, incredible thing -- especially in these economic times. "May you live in interesting times," is the curse, right? Well, I realized that for me, it was: "May you have too many books to write."

Sure, it sucks, but it's a good kind of sucking.

But so I've been doing a lot of writing related things. I ended up last night staying up late working on the prequel because I'd spent the day revising that scene for my editor (as well as tightening up a few other bits.) I brought along my readers' proofs to the coffee shop, but I think, instead, I'll work on those tonight. Today is for the prequel. Tomorrow I'll review my proposal and get started on the next one. Anyway, the point was that yesterday I feeling "overwhelmed by the belly," (to make an obscure Spain the Cat referrence) but today I'm feeling energized.

Oh, head's up to all y'all... I'm not going to WisCON this year. We were kind of tardy with the hotel reservation stuff, and the governor's suites are all booked. Also, since RESURRECTION CODE won't come out until next year/late this year, I really don't have a good writing reason to go. (Admit it, WisCON is *not* Tate friendly). Plus, Shawn and I are still trying to make WisCON work for us as a couple. It originally was a selling point to my non-fan partner because it was a weekend were were could drop Mason off at the grandfolks and sneak off to a hotel for "us time." But, in reality, we discovered that's not how it works. I end up feeling pulled between hanging out with my SF friends and wanting be with Shawn. Shawn often ends up alone, which isn't what she signed up for. People always wonder where the hell I've been all con. And I end up feeling like I get the worst of both worlds instead of the best. I think there's a solution to this, but we haven't really had the time to put our heads together about it. Hopefully, next year in Madison!
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Yesterday, I wrote a totally gratutious scene that I absolutely adore. There are a number of things at play in it -- from the fact that I think science fiction novels SHOULD comment on each other/the field to the idea that, despite the fact that I've read some I've enjoyed, there's much about the whole steampunk fad I absolutely can't stand.

Mouse runs into a gaggle of what he calls "gear twinks," who are thinly disguised steampunk affectionatos.

And I have way too much fun with their conversation.

Anyway, Shawn is home. Hooray. I find that when she's back, I concentrate better. I get more done. You'd think this might be the opposite. But I kind of meander when I'm on my own. When I know people are depending on me, I do more.

It's weird.

Speaking of which, I need to get out of the coffee shop and back to home and no interwebs to distract me from writing.

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