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 There are two things I think would make Hollywood/Disney 743 ZILLION dollars only I'm certain they will never, ever do them... or, if they somehow do, they'll do them badly. 

1. "Lady" Loki, aka Loki in their female form.  So, I saw the new Thor teaser trailer and just about lost my mind.  For a very brief moment, before everyone on the internet crushed my dreams. I thought that unmasked Hela was Loki.  I thought, "Blessed Mother, they've done it. They're going with gender fluid Loki." Loki, who *is* canonically gender fluid (both in the comic books and the myths), should really be the focus of this new movie since, last we saw, Loki had seized Asgard.  A movie of Thor v. Loki would pretty much send all the fan grrls and boyz into a frenzy the same way seeing Tony/Bucky/Steve in Captain America: Civil War did. Gender fluid Loki with hot female lead + already smoking hot Tom Hiddleston = 345.2 ZILLION DOLLARS in profit. I swear to all the gods, Marvel/Disney.  Just do it. Watch people line up and scream, "Just take my money already!"

2. Then I saw the new Star Wars trailer and thought, "Meh, okay, but WHERE'S MY QUEER POLY KISS between Poe/Finn/Rey???!!" I like Naomi's reaction when I posed that question on FB. "Maybe they're saving it for the next teaser?" Because honestly, if I don't get AT LEAST a Poe/Finn romance/subtext I will be very unhappy.  I will give you my vision of how I'd love to see a tiny (harmless) scene go:
Rey (leans into cockpit to give Finn a kiss): Good luck on the mission!

Finn (smiles happily at her, then turns to Poe, leans over to kiss him): Good luck on the mission!

Poe (looks at Rey)

Rey (looks at Poe)

Poe and Rey (simultaneously give each other the thumbs up!) 

I know there's a big contingent of people who are really rooting for ace Rey. I'm okay with Rey having no romantic interest in the movie (though it would be even cooler if she were EXPLICITLY asexual.) But, I think that this OT3 thing would be amaze balls.  

So of course they'll never do it.


Rogue One

Dec. 28th, 2016 08:09 pm
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Things I can say above the spoiler cut:
  • I would say that Rogue One is one of those films that I left the theater feeling generally good about. Like, when I'm tossing away the remains of my popcorn bag, I'm saying, "Yeah, good film. Good film." But, the longer I think about it, the more I consider the missing bits. I still would rank this one of the better Star Wars films. I ADORED the way it dovetailed into Star Wars (known to you heathen children as "A New Hope.")
  • People were telling me that this film was a blueprint for fighting Fascism or that it was some kind of World War II film. It really isn't either of those things at all (though I wish it had been more of the latter, more about that under the cut). However, if this film saying anything political, it's that your liberal allies aren't revolutionary ENOUGH. If we're going to win at all, we need to say 'fuck 'em" TO OUR OWN PEOPLE. And that maybe, if we're already dying on the ground, they'll lend their ships. (Not sure this is a positive message. Might be accurate, but not at all positive.)
  • I didn't really like the two main characters (Jyne Erso, the daughter or Cassian Andor,he scruffy dude). My favorites were all side-characters, particularly the sassy K-2SO.
  • In comparison to The Force Awakens, I felt like 99.9% of the female cast was missing. Like, I just didn't see very many female faces among the rank-and-file, on the streets, or among the volunteers for the final mission. Ironically, some of the MIA women from Star Wars made cameos.
Okay, the stuff I'm going to say under the cut mostly revolve around two of my favorite side charters, affectionally known already in fandom as "the monk and the warrior." (character names: Chirrut Îmew and Baze Malbus, respectively.) Read more... )

Maybe that seems like a lot of complaining, but I'm still processing, is all. I'd love to hear squee about this film. Like I said, when I left the theatre I was very much in love with Rogue One.  Probably when I go see it again, I'll love it more.
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Because I decided to go work out, I am beginning my writing day ridiculously late. Alas, the house is still a mess and I'm worried that if I don't change my big fish tank soon my fishy babies will expire from lack of usable oxygen or too much carp crap in the water. (I may end up having to post about the small tank too, because one of my white mountain minnows has started behaving sort of strangely.) Anyway, I imagine it's going to be a short day. I will need to write tonight.

I'm sure most of you have already seen the alternate ending to RETURN OF THE JEDI someone posted on Boing-Boing this morning, but it's too awesome not to place a pointer here. Thanks due to Shawn, my lovely partner, for sending me the link this morning. Weirdly, it made my day.

I also should note that I had a lovely chat with the publisher of RESURRECTION CODE at Mad Norwegian Press this morning and things look to be on track for the March publication. Whoot. Also, if any of you know reviewers who might be interested in reading a .pdf review copy, let me know. It's time to start seeing if I can drum up some interest in this new book.

Despite still being a bit sore, Mason and I went to kuk sool wan last night and had an awesome time. I do have to relay a conversation I had with one of the other parents who brings their child as well as participates himself. He was coming in as we were going out, and he asked as part of our conversation, "Do you ever take adult classes? They're a little like the test in terms of intensity." I looked at him and I said, "Sir, you misunderstand why I come to kuk sool wan. I come to play games, punch people in the face, and kee-yah." I'm sure he thought I was completely insane, but, you know, I am not there for the workout. I'm there to enjoy something with my kid, get out a little agression and show "the drama."


Okay, well, got to go.
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Least any of you think from my subject line that I'm weighing-in on RaceFail, I'm not.. (yet?) Honestly? I just found out about it at Wyrdsmiths on Thursday night. I'm AM a complete Luddite and never spend much time on-line, and it started in a place I never go because I don't like reading Elizabeth Bear's blog. She tends to piss me off when she talks about her grocery list. Plus, as I wasn't in on the discussion from the beginning, it seems like a really bad idea to say something at this point, since what I might have wanted to comment on is so far gone... and morphed into something completely different.

But what I DO want to talk about right now is an extension of my MarsCON panel "The Day Star Wars Died for Me." There was someone on the panel, who is actually a friend of mine, who was a George Lucas apologist (or so I called him at several points,) anyway, he trotted out all those tired lines about why we should all just stop b*tching about how crappy the STAR WARS prequels were. The first one "he wrote the prequels for kids," I had a chance to refute, but the second one: "For Chrissake people, it's just FICTION, get over it!" I didn't really get a chance to talk about, as we ran out time.

I think one of the things that one might come away from RaceFail that is positive, is, for me, at least, the idea that fiction does matter. What you say and how you say it *is* important. Very important.

And what I hate about when people like the guy on my panel try to shut down the discussion by saying we're morons because we shouldn't get so wound up about something that is essentially make-believe is this: public art of any form (be it movies, TV, radio plays, sculpture, paintng, writing, whatever) is by it's nature a dialogue between artist and viewer. I was told to stop belly-aching because the prequels were Lucas' vision and, as such, they belonged solely to him. To which I replied: "bullsh*t." If Lucas wanted to make a movie for himself alone, he should have filmed it and stuck it in a closet. But he didn't. He put it out for PUBLIC consumption and asked me to pay for it.

I paid for it; it's mine. So I can be mad about it until the end of days if I wish. I can take it personally. I can comment as much or as little as I wish. Because just, as I can't control Lucas' vision, neither can he control my reaction to it.

As I mumbled on the panel, partly as a joke, "Hell, I'm still mad about things that happened in the Illiad." I'm actually not mad about the Illiad specifically, but I do get wound up about any number of issues portrayed in classic literature, even when I know that they might be "out of contex" in my modern era. Because the stories we tell each other have value and cultural meaning, and we're SUPPOSED to consider them and their effect on our lives. This is what stories are for -- to help us define ourselves, our society, and our place in it. And when I say "stories" I mean all forms of public art, even the lowly TV commerical.... (and ask my partner, I do criticize TV ads that I find racist or sexist or, well, stupid.)

So "it's just fiction" is no excuse. If it's put out for public consumption, then the public owns it in conjunction with the artist. The act of putting one's art into the public forum is an invitation for a dialogue... and criticism.

It's the scariest most frustrating part about being a professional artist. It's also the best.
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So... tired... can barely type....

Seriously, working out again after taking a two week break is really, uh, well, exhausting. And sweaty. Not fun. (Not that I'd ever classify it "fun," but there you go.)

So for all you people out there who have railed and railed and railed at me to read HARRY POTTER, the series, I'm finally going to do it. Yeah. It's pretty shocking, but [ profile] naomikritzer talked me into it. Plus, I tell myself Mason will be ready for Harry soon, despite (or perhaps because of) his recent reaction to the Star Wars novels Santa put in his stocking. Mason read about four chapters and then decided the whole thing was FAR too scary for him. He felt kind of ashamed for being scared, I think, but we talked to him about it (of course, it was right at bed time on Saturday night.) I reminded him that the very best thing about novels is that you don't HAVE to read them. You can stop at any time. You can quit. It's all for fun and you're in control. That seemed to comfort him a great deal, and I also told him that if wanted to do something to feel in control of his reading, he could write down the author's name and write a big X over it. To emphasize that we won't be buying any more books by that person.

Sorry, Kevin J. Anderson, but you've been Xed.

Meanwhile, after lunch, my plan is to finally catch up on my writing now that Mason is back at school. My New Year's resolution is to write something on my novel projects every day. Ideally, something in the range of 1,000 words (but better more.)

I also came up with a person for my Emperess card: Medusa, Queen of the Inhumans and, I think, mother of Crystal (right?) Anyway, I drew the card over the weekend, but it's not up on-line yet because my digital camera has decided to go on the fritz. It may be a while before I can post more art.... grrr. Although that might help with this whole resolution thing.

Okay, got to go!
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..Cuz Shawn and I are off for a "couples massage" at Sactuary Spa! Should be fun (and probably a little weird), but I bought Shawn this package for Christmas last year and we've finally gotten around to scheduling it. Speaking of fat and happy, we're probably going to be going out to breakfast beforehand and everything. (Breakfast out is my all time favorite luxury.)

Tonight we're going to carve pumpkins, and finish any last minute Halloween prep. Mason has abandoned the idea of going as Medusa this year (bummer, I had it all planned out and everything), in favor of DARTH VADER. He's really excited to be Darth, however. He finally watched all of "Empire Strikes Back" and decided it wasn't too scary after all. "Return of the Jedi" still seems a little spooky, though, so he's been waiting on that.

Halloween should be fun. Our plan is to his Sargeant Avenue in St. Paul again. If you haven't heard of this, you should check it out. There's one block of Sargeant just east of Cretin where every house on the block goes all out for Halloween. It's fairly awesome. Last year Mason loved it (and ended up getting his picture in the paper, as you might remember.)

Class last night was fun. We ended up doing a writing excercise suggested by Zach, one of my students. I posted the results over at Tate's blog. I think I'd like to write the stories that go with the lines: "Her boyfriend had an "in" with the guys at the organ market; she could get hearts for cheap," and "He realized there was a problem when his mother, glazed eyes, crumbled dried worms into the children's salads." Though, not in the same story, as they end up here.

Happy almost Halloween. Since I won't blog on the day: Happy Samhain.

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