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 Anglink Omnibus Edition Cover

The big thing that happened this week is that Wizard Tower Press published an omnibus collection of all 5 (only four pictured on the cover) of my AngeLINK books in e-format.  You can buy them here directly:  It's in pounds sterling, but you can handle it. But, if you can't, there will be an edition that will appear on ASAP.  It just has to get past the Amazon police and whatnot. 

If you can buy it directly through Cheryl Morgan at Wizard Tower Press, she and I would greatly appreciate it. More money goes to us when you do.


In other mundane news, it's snowing like the dickens. We already got at least four more inches over night and it's still snowing.  I started to take Mason to school, but had a premonition and turned us around. We'll see what this means when it comes time for me to head off to Maplewood to work tonight. I'm supposed to be there from 5 to 9 pm. If the plows go out, they won't even START on the side streets until 9 pm.  I have no idea if any of the side streets will even be passable at that point. Ironically, Mason is supposed to work a few hours at the Science Museum tonight, too, but... I don't know. I guess it's a game of wait and see. 

I haven't had much to report on otherwise because a large part of my time has been consumed by reading and critiquing the novel of my Broad Universe mentee. It's slow going because I am meticulous. 

I guess that's all I know. How's you?
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 Damn you, Mercury Retrograde!  *shakes fist at skies*

Today was so classically Mercury Retrograde, too, almost from the start.... Mason woke up with spots on his face.  We noticed some redness after he'd gone ice skating on the super-cold Saturday night, but totally chalked it up as windburn. This morning?  It looked much bigger, much blotchier, so we made the executive decision to keep him home for the morning, or at least until we could get him in to see the doctor.  Mason has had Fifth Disease in the past (not nearly as horrible as it sounds, it's just a facial rash, but it has that name because it was the Fifth rash to be categorized an it didn't end up with a cooler name, like Mumps.)  Fifth can come back, is treatable, but highly contagious. So we thought we'd better rule out a contagion before sending him into the teaming horde that is middle/high school.

Only... we got THE bad doctor.

Shawn is the one in our family that remembers this stuff, and she was out with a migraine.  So it was down to Mason and I to remember which of the pediatricians we usually see is the one who consistently misdiagnoses Mason---once so badly that her, "eh, it's nothing," ended in a trip to the Emergency Room THE VERY NEXT DAY.  

And... we guessed wrong.  

Mason is also now the age where he can (and should, IMHO) go into the doctor's office without a parent chaperone.  If he wants to ask private questions, I don't want my presence to be the difference between him getting information and not, if you know what I mean.  Plus, it's an easy way NOT to be a helicopter parent.  BUT had I known we'd picked the 'bad' doctor, I would have just insisted that I come in to help advocate. As it was, she said, "Meh, windburn"... we'll probably end up doing all this again when things get worse.

But hopefully, they won't.  

The whole experience served to only make Mason grumpy and going to school that much more frustrating.  It didn't help that we bickered about whether or not he should have to go in, after all--the ironic part being that *my* argument was 'you don't have to, but you were the one who wanted to go to the math meet, since it's your last one..."  I found out at school that Mason has no idea what his locker combination is, and hasn't for most of the school year.... he's just been hauling all his stuff around all day.  


Anyway, I eventually got Shawn into work, but by this time, all I wanted was a big Do Over button to push.  Which, I kind of did, by doing the dishes and watching another episode of "Psycho Pass" (my current anime). I also decided to cancel with my friend Theo's friend Jack, who is, among other things, a voice actor, and who is going to be working with me to bring YOU audio versions of the AngeLINK books.  I've re-arranged with Jack to hopefully see them early tomorrow morning and get this thing done!  Because how cool would that be?

So my day?  Mom Gave Up and Is Eating All the Cookies.  But cookies are yummy, so it could be worse.

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Today, I feel fairly accomplished (at least so far), despite not doing that much writing. I did work on a number of writing-related things, however.

First of all, I wrote the acknowledgements and a new bio for a short story in the AngeLINK universe that Cheryl Morgan at Wizard's Tower Press will be publishing. It's a story that was first published in, of all places, South Africa, in 2003, in a magazine called Simulacrum: The Magazine of Speculative Transformation. The short story is going to get cover art for the first time EVER, which I bought from the lovely and talented Theo Lorenz, who happens to be the author of the successful coloring book Unicorns Are Jerks (and others.)


What do you think?  I know it doesn't match Bruce Jensen's amazing cover art for the AngeLINK universe or even the cover of Resurrection Code, but... I don't know, maybe short stories are friendlier?  (Also, I didn't ask Bruce, because I'm sure I can't afford him.)

At any rate, I'm pretty excited to have this story come out and have a wider distribution.  Wizard's Tower Press has been very awesome to me.  I will let you know when this will be available for public consumption.  I believe that it's first going to be part of a giveaway for the Accessing the Future Anthology's successful fundraiser.  But, I suspect once the contributors have their copies, Wizard's Tower will make it available to the public.  And, yes, of course, as soon as I have those details, I'll post them here (and probably everywhere.  :-)

And, since we're talking writing, there are two new chapters up at the Enter The Unseen/School for Wayward Demons website, "The Cavalry Arrives with Donuts" and "Destroying the Dead." So, if you've continued along with the story, there's just so much extra goodness for you today.  

Speaking of the School for Wayward Demons, I got a very, very rough draft of the novel version off Naomi for beta-reading and probably some triage/first aid.  I feel like the novel has good bones but, because of the way Rachel and I wrote it, it's a kind of Franken-story, stitched together with very obvious stitches!  :-)  But, Naomi is a very smart reader and has always in the past found ways to make my books make sense, so I trust her to have good advice to smooth out the rough edges.  

And, to be fair, this is all work I'm doing before I'm even giving it back to my co-author, so it will get many subsequent passes.  I'm absolutely sure that by the time we're done, it will be one seriously amazing book.

Fingers crossed, 2015 will start with at least two publications!  So yay!  Go me!

My other resolution has to do with the blog post I made below in which I discussed some of my publishing "feels."  As I told one of the commenters, one of my problems is that I actually had a really good career with Penguin and so when the rug got yanked out from me, I was so stunned that I just sat there on the floor, not getting up, shouting to all passers-by "HEY, THERE WAS RUG HERE!  WHAT HAPPENED TO MY RUG?  WHY DO YOU STILL HAVE A RUG?  I WANT MY RUG BACK!"  

It's time to get up off the floor.  The rug is gone, my friends, and it's time to move on.

So, I'm going to finish up UnJust Cause, self-publish that, and then, with any luck at all, start on some new novel project.

I'm kind of excited to see what it will be.
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I've STILL got this laryngitis thing, which has now successfully passed through our entire family, from Mason to Me to Shawn (who just started to get symptoms yesterday afternoon.)  :-(

In the book bad news/good news category, I got an email yesterday afternoon from the small press Mad Norwegian Press who published the prequel/sequel of my AngeLINK books, Resurrection Code.  They're taking Resurrection Code out of print.

That's obviously the bad news.

Part one of the good news is that the Norwegians are being extremely generous in their parting offer, including sending me the remaining print copies for me to distribute as I see fit.  They've also reverted my rights including rights to digital books, and have even donated the cover art (which is possibly the most gorgeous art I've *ever* had on the cover of any of my books).  I'm going to have to decide what I'm going to do with the print copies, but it may be possible for interested people to buy them directly from me or through my ancient website--though if I do that, it may be time for a major overhaul, which I've resisted for years. Nay, decades.

But, part two of the good news is that I emailed my e-publisher, Wizard's Tower Press, the folks who have been returning the other AngeLINK books back into e-print, and asked if they'd be interested in doing the same for Resurrection Code.  To my extreme  pleasure, they said yes.

It was the kind of quick turnaround I really needed.

I'm off to work at the library today.  I work today, tomorrow, and Saturday in an effort to really finally learn the job.  You wouldn't think being a library page would be that difficult, but as I said before it's so much more than shelving books these days.  A LOT of what they have me doing is staffing the front desk, which means I do things like replace lost library cards, check people out who've forgotten their library cards (did you even know you could do that?), collect overdue fines, deal with damaged CDs, and a surprising array of other functions.  So far, I really enjoy it.  I mean, as far as jobs go, it has a lot of variety.  One of the first jobs I ever had was as a receptionist at an extremely busy switch line/front desk at college.  I had to a zillion things, including record a daily announcement recording about all the events on campus.  I really liked that job. I'm about twenty-five years older now and out of practice at being perky and pleasant, but I can feel the muscle memories returning.  :-)
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All I wanted to do now that there are twelve inches of snow on the ground is hunker down under a blanket with a cat on my lap and surf the internet/write fanfic. And, yet, somehow, the dishes have not agreed to wash themselves for me. It's an outrage, I tell you, an OUTRAGE.

Here are some pictures to get a sense of the scale of yesterday's snowfall. Before your eyes mistake this for a tree trunk, that's a ruler stuck in the ground on our sidewalk. It reads just over 9 inches, and, at that point, it was still snowing. We ended up officially getting one foot of snow:

snow 019

Here, however, is how pretty Hoth, the Ice Planet, can be:

snow 017

I also took a picture of the front of the house, but I realized, looking at it, that all it really depicts is how crappy a shoveling job I did on the front stairs. Hopefully today's sunshine will remedy some of that.

In other news, Archangel Protocol is now available through B&N:, so even though I get a better percentage if you order direct from Wizard's Tower Press (and everyone who has used them says their interface is wonderfully easy to use), you can now also order this way, if you prefer.

Sorry to be flogging this like a cheap 'ho, but it's a big deal to me to finally have this book available as "new" again.

Okay... *sigh*... can't ignore the dishes any more.

Big Mistake

Dec. 8th, 2012 12:37 pm
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Buy Archangel Protocol NOW directly from Wizard's Tower Press.

My publisher says, "There are no barriers preventing US citizens buying from my store. There won't be any "this book isn't available in our region" messages. It's not illegal for them to do so. The book won't turn up in a strange language they can't understand, or take forever to ship. There'll be a small charge for currency conversion, but on a book that cheap it is a matter of cents. Depending on how the currency markets fluctuate, my price may well be cheaper than the $3.99 we'll be doing in US stores."

So for godssake do it!
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Today's the day that shall live in infamy... and that my e-book version of Archangel Protocol comes out from Wizard's Tower Press. Hey, all my UK friends, it's in pounds sterling! I suspect the rest of us will wait for it to make its appearances in other marketplaces, which I've been told it will... eventually. In the meantime, be international! Buy this book!


The other thing I want to say about this book is: isn't the artwork amazing? The original cover artist, Bruce Jensen, is (after J. Michael Tatum,) probably the nicest guy on the planet. Not only did he donate his stunning artwork to us, but he also volunteered to do the graphic design for the cover. So veiw this masterpeice as the artist intended it! That last part will be particularly clear when we get to the fourth book in the series. I reember a lot of my readers were... well, kind of pissed off by the final cover. The font changed! The art was... different. Turns out, Bruce had actually had three working drafts of art for that cover and, since we were doing that book over, as it were, we ACTUALLY CHOSE COMPLETELY NEW AND NEVER BEFORE SEEN ART for Apocalypse Array. I can hardly wait to show it off. It's f*cking gorgeous.

Go forth! Purchase Christmas, Chanukah, Solstace, Kwanzaa, and/or Oseibo gifts NOW!!
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I have to tell you that one thing that I'm constantly surprised by with small presses is SPEED. So... you know how I announced that the e-book version of Archangel Protocol will be coming soon? Well, I meant, like, tomorrow. (Yes, there will be a posting, tweeting, social media frenzy with all the details on how to buy it. It will probably first appear in the Wizard's Tower Press catalog before it makes its way to Amazon and B&N and other traditional venues, but it will be compatible with all your e-readers right away.)

My publisher has asked if there are any review sites I should have her send copies to, and I'm honestly not entirely sure who to recommend. Any suggestions?

In other news, I have to ask: why is it that when I anxiously post my porniest slash to AO3, they seem to schedule maintenance and the site goes down for an hour or more? I swear they do this just to make me sweat. ;-)

Also, 'tis the season for holiday freak out. Shawn woke up in the middle of the night last night and sat in the bathroom and scribbled down frantic "to-do before the holidays" lists. We have a tradition in our pagan household of celebrating both Solstice and Christmas. On Solstice, we've tried to institute a tradition of "homemade gifts." This does not, of course, extend to the grandparents, who, we're quite happy to say, will be joining us on the holiday proper. However, this means, for me, it's time to get cracking. Because of some failed attempts ot get Bleach gear for me for my birthday, I've decided to hand-craft an 11th Division tee-shirt for Mason to wear to kuk sool. It's just going to be an iron on patch of the Division's diamond with the kanji for 11 in it. I have an iron-on product that works with an ink jet printer, so all I really have to do is figure out how to flip the image and print the thing out. However, I should probably try to make a stab at that today, in case of failure. (Despite my ablities with pen and paper, I'm kind of a klutzy crafter.)

I also need to walk up the block to check out when the "Y's Men" (get the pun?) tree lot is open over at the YMCA. We're planning on getting the holiday tree on Saturday, with the plan to decorate it sometime Sunday. Mason has a big birthday thing he has to spend a lot of Saturday on (his friend Ava decided it would be cool to take all her friends to a play, which is nice, but it means one whole hour of theater and then events after, which kind of sucks up almost three hours in the middle of Saturday.)

Depending on when the Y's Men are open, there will be the traditional OMG-TREE-RUN across University Avenue, in which we drag a gigantic pine tree across the extremely busy street that lies between us and the Y. This should be made extra spectacular now that there's a light rail line right in the middle. At least it's not active yet. When it goes live, I'm not quite sure HOW we'll do this. It would feel silly to strap a tree to our car in order to drive around the block and back again.

I also need to make a trip to the Mall to check out to see what of the things Mason has on his list are actually available INSIDE the Lego store and what we may have to order on-line. I will either do that tomorrow or Friday, but I need to go this week because, if we have to place an order, we should do it soon.

I also have to figure out what my partner wants. It's easy to shop for me. I want Manga and art supplies and blank journals and pretty much all of the same things I wanted when I was fifteen. I've been known to squeal with excitement over a crayon maker and a rock tumbler (and that was only a couple of years ago.) But, Shawn is like a grown-up... so I'm going to have to put some serious thought into something she'll like an enjoy.

Alright. I'm going to go check and see if AO3 is back up and then think seriously about doing some of these things on my holiday list. I also need to make a quick run to the grocery store as Mason's friend Soren will be over for dinner and KSW again tonight and I think we were planning hotdogs or something equally "boy" for them.
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Last night I was invited to take part in the local Gaylaxicon reading series, as they had all read (or at least been assigned to read) Resurrection Code. I will be the first to admit I find these kinds of visits especially... awkward.

I had a great time, don't get me wrong. (There were cookies! Pop! A fellow Hogwarts scarf wearing fan!) But, I mean, in my mind, the point of a book club is so that you can have rousing discussions about all the things you loved and HATED about the book you just read. It's a lot more difficult to really get going --especially about all the flaws -- when the person who wrote it is sitting right there... at least, in Minnesota, it is. I'm usually the first person to admit that there are a lot of things that people might not like about my work, but no one wants to bring that stuff up. Conflict bad! (Not for me, of course. Conflict = interesting).

In the future, I should come more prepared. Have a quiz ready to go. Or, trivia (with prizes!) Or, maybe just a few, pointed, serious questions about some of the meatier issues, like, "How badly did I represent the transgender character? Discuss!"

Thus, the conversation didn't stick on Resurrection Code for very long. We ended up talking about TV shows, sharks, and other people's books. As I said, I had a great time, but I left wondering if, you know, I should have been more willing to talk about my own work. Especially since I resisted reading from it too.

Though, as you know, I am one of the guests of honor at Gaylaxicon this year (along with Wendy Pini... I wonder, should I bring along my fan art? I have a ton of ElfQuest fan art from my youth in the basement.) Anyway, Don K. asked me if I would be willing to write something short for their program book/chapbook. I said yes, of course, and I had been thinking of giving them a re-print of something, but now am thinking I should write something NEW, a short story in the AngeLINK universe. What do y'all think?

I need to come up with a plot, though. A gay plot. The plot must be very gay.

Any suggestions?
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I was thinking, which is, of course, often a dangerous thing.

I was thinking that I should really do something fun to get people excited about the upcoming release of RESURRECTION CODE in March. And, it ocurred to me that, because of the plot requirements of RC and the story I wanted to tell, there was a lot of Mouse history that didn't ACTUALLY make it into the book as scenes per se. Some of it ended up as psuedo-memoir or as commentary by Page or news articles or other things, but, the point is, there was all this stuff that I'd pre-imagined, if you will... some of it even got written out a bit.

So starting on Tuesday, February 1, 2011, I'm going to post one Mouse/AngeLINK original vingnette here on my LJ once a week until the book comes out. I've already written two.

How about them apples, eh?

I can't promise they're going to be great literature or even entirely typo-free, but hopefully they will whet your appetite for what's to come.

Okay. Back to writing!
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Two seconds ago (almost literally) I got an email from my agent regarding the German publisher's plans to rename the first two books in Tate's series. The first one, which was originally TALL, DARK & DEAD will be NICHT SCHON WIEDER EIN VAMPIR (Not Another Vampire) and the second, originally DEAD SEXY will become, BEISS NOCH EINMAL MIT GEFUEHL (Bite Once More, With Feeling).

Tell me what you think! Especially you German-speakers out there.

I have to say that for my part, I love NOT ANOTHER VAMPIRE. I think it works on a lot of levels. It plays with the current glut of vampire novels out there, it nicely refers to Garnet's penchant for vampire lovers (first Parrish, then Sebastian) *and* the fact that Sebastian is not your average vampire. Lovely!

The other one is just cute. (Also if I've mis-transcribed the German, it's my dyslexia, not the German publishers fault.)

Also, my friend and fellow author [ profile] naomikritzer sent me a link to an article in the Guardian that says that angels are the new vampires according to Anne Rice. Angels the New Vampires. I can only hope she's right and my publisher will not only want back the rights to my previous books, but also that I could propose an urban fantasy involving angels, which would be fun as heck (or perhaps HELL) for me (and might get some of you guys to read my Tate Hallaway books!)

Also I have to shout out to Eleanor's partner Patrick Wood for the permanent loan of a new-to-me Mac laptop so I can finish out the revisions for Tate's last Garnet book without having to strain my neck at this big computer. It's really spiffy and Patrick put a lot of work into it to make it user friendly for me. Do I have awesome friends or what?

Speaking of which, I must eat lunch and hit the notebook. I want to get those revisions turned in tonight so I can get going on all the OTHER crap I need to do this year.

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