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As I was driving Shawn to work today, we were idling at Lexington and Summit at the stoplight there when all of a sudden a plume of white smoke came up from under my hood. I've had so many problems with that particular sight I no longer go into super-panic mode, ie, "Ai! Car on Fire!!"

Instead, I calmly finished taking Shawn to work, bought a few groceries on the way home, and then told Mason, "Looks like a library day!" My new auto repair guy is Dave's Auto's in Roseville, which is directly across the street from the library, so when the car is stuck in the shop, I (or Mason and I during intersession) sit in the coffeeshop/library awaiting news/a rescue. (The Roseville Library has an Dunn Brothers attached that opens at 6:30 am, so that's super convenient). I've spent an entire day at the library and the only hardship is knowing I can't really go anywhere else. But, with the coffee shop attached it has EVERYTHING I NEED, in order: wifi, books, coffee, food and water and shelter. And, of course, a bathroom.

Anyway, when I pulled into Dave's and explained the situation to the guy behind the counter, he said, "Well, let's take a look." We walked outside together. He popped my hood and inspected everything in that way only a car mechanic can. I mean, I look at all those hoses and bits and think, "Huh. Car," and wouldn't be able to tell you if the engine was missing, but this guy sees all the signs. He opens up my steering fluid container and says, "I think this is over filled. Look here how it's spilled over onto the top. See how your engine has a wet spot? I think we found your culprit."

Then, he goes back into the shop and gets an HONEST TO GOD TURKEY BASTER and pulls out some excess fluid and pats me on the back and says, "There you go. Fixed."


I am utterly and completely in love with Dave's Auto and every single person who works there forever and for all time and I might have accidentally told them that as we left.

But, since Mason and I had psyched ourselves up for an all day adventure and it looks like rain, Mason and I decided, "Screw it, let's have a library day anyway," so I drove over to the library parking lot and we're now sitting in the coffeeshop waiting for he library to open.

Meanwhile, in unrelated news, my friend [ profile] empty_mirrors point me to this: a nice link salad of slash resources for those of us who ocassionally feel porn challenged, like myself. I've been told I write okay sex (slash commenters lead me to believe I ocassionally hit the mark into "hot,") but the writing of sex scenes is always a struggle. It was/is a struggle in my day job as a romance writer, too.

Anyway, the library is now open.
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... One!

Finally, the long-awaited video of Kyell Gold reading his slash (and my reactions) at Gaylaxicon is now available for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

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As of this moment, Loki yet lives. 

I thought for sure he was a goner yesterday, however.  At one point he seemed to shed his entire skin/slime coat.  It was... stringy and disgusting.  Mason looked at Loki and asked me, "Is he rotting alive?"  Turns out, not so much.  I'm now thinking that the medicine I put in stripped the crap off his skin/slime coat, and that might actually have HELPED. 

But with all that gross crap floating around in the tank, I decided I'd better keep changing the water a lot.  I must have done a 25% water change twice since then, and now Loki isn't just sitting on the bottom of the tank but ACTUALLY SWIMMING (albeit hiding underneath the filter.)

So... yeah.  Fins and fingers crossed.

I feel like the worst fish mom ever, but, well, I'm doing everything I know to do.  I think we just have to play wait and see now.  I'm not sure that I will go back to PetCo to replace Thor, though.  I'm thinking they may have brought this horror with themselves, especially since I can't imagine anything left in the tank that could have acted so fast.

I'm also currently avoiding writing.  I'm still stuck on my proposal, but I'm also in the middle of writing some porny bits on my slash/fan fic.  For someone who has technically made a living as a romance writer, I have to say, writing sex is always difficult for me. I get so incredibly embarassed by it.  I had to already write several lines touch typing because I was too flustered to look at the words as they appeared on the screen.  It's weird.  I think part of it  with fanfic/slash is that I know people are going to read this (in fact probably this more than the ones where there's only romance/sexual tension) and I keep thinking, "What if this is only hot to me?"  (Yet, a literature survey has shown me that, no, a lot of people go for what appears to be my kinks.)  Even so, it's like a minature version of the slash reading...  I keep thinking that if I'd had to read something as explicit as Kyell's Road Runner piece, I'd have actually expired from the embarrassment.

Anyway, I should go do something productive.  Either just bite the bullet and write the sexy parts, or plot out my proposal.

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If you're curious about what the other half thought of our midnight slash panel, here is Kyell's charming take on it:

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I'm going to be one of the guests at this year's Gaylaxicon, which, like, starts tomorrow. Should you be going, you can find me talking about/doing these things:

Friday 4:30 PM Terrace 2 Writing Straight (when you're not)
Friday 9:30 PM Terrace 4 Outer Alliance Podcast

Saturday 2:00 PM Terrace 2 GoH Spotlight: Lyda Morehouse
Saturday 5:00 PM Terrace 2 Remembering the Penis: Queer Women Writing M/M Slash
Saturday 11:00 PM Terrace 3 British TV Invasion
Saturday Midnight Terrace 4 Midnight Slash Reading / Open Mic

Sunday 9:30 AM Terrace 2 Women at Gaylaxicon: Where r u?
Sunday 11:00 AM Terrace 3 Writing Across Fandoms
Sunday 12:30 PM Terrace 2 Superheroes on the Big Screen
Sunday 2:00 PM Terrace 4 Romance Writing

Yes, I talked them into giving a midnight Slash Slam. I have been fretting over which of my 101 peices of fanfic/slash to read. I know, however, that Kyell Gold will be reading his Road Runner/Wiley E. Coyote. Tell me that doesn't sound awesome!  I know this because Kyell is one of the people I hung out with at WorldCON this year in Chicago and we conspired to do this together.  If I read the peice I'm thinking of... I may need stunt readers.  You should come just so you can sit in the audience and help yell out the words too embarrassing for me to utter.

You know you want to.
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I came across this review this morning: Requires Hate: Archangel Protocol. Actually, I was warned away from it by [ profile] naomikritzer, but I read it anyway.

I'm not posting this because I need sympathy. I'm posting this to curb the impluse to click on the "reply" button at the bottom of the review page. I don't actually want to engage, because it seems one of my biggest sins in the reviewer's eye is my atrocious dialogue and, frankly, I don't have a big argument there. My partner knows that if she wants to see me blush and cringe, she can read some passages of ARCHANGEL PROTOCOL out loud. I actually also agree that my generic heroine was a bit generic and sometimes so stupid as to be a plot coupon. (I got that complaint in writers' group. I ignored them to my own peril.) I also liked Rebeckah enough to make her a p.o.v. heroine in a follow-up book.

But, I also happen to still believe there are moments of pure brilliance there.

The thing that really, really had my trigger finger itching was the commentary. The glee that is shown for the fact that my series is out-of-print made me want to say, "Hey, you haters don't get revenge after all. I'm still writing! Published several books after that one! Ha!"

But of course, all this would hit when I'm feeling rather vunerable in that regard. I haz no contract currently, and I'm even kind of feeling like I will never be a master at slash because I'm not very good at teh p0rn.

So sad.

I promised Shawn that I'd have a proposal done today, so I'm going to have to put my head down in a minute and get serious about that.

Ah, well. In other news, we had a nice Easter dinner with Shawn's brother Greg's family. We have skipped a lot of these family gatherings over the last several years for various reasons, but it was good to go. Mason had a tremendous time. I managed to not feel too awkward.

Mason will be testing for his blue stripe this weekend, so we're going to try to step up our KSW goings. I also get to start Japanese bokkon (sword) this Wednesday, and I'm seriously looking forward to that.


Feb. 2nd, 2012 08:57 am
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*cough* Just saying "junko" at Archive of Our Own.... *cough*
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Mason and I finished the Soul Society/Rescue arc of BLEACH. Very awesome (also, for those who were sad that I gave up on FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST, I didn't. I've started watching those again as well.) We're continuing on with BLEACH, though I am very afraid. The storyline seems to be doing to Abarai Renji what George Lucas did to Han Solo. That is to say, they're taking a cool, rough-edged awesome dude and making him the butt of a lot of jokes.

So, like when Lucas sullied Han for me, I am reaching out to try to find prequel bits of uncorrupted Abarai. Unfortunately, in searching for this, in fanfic I stumbled across Byakuya/Renji. This disturbs... and fascinates. (There is some VERY SERIOUSLY sexy fan art out there of this pairing, which I will leave you to discover on your own. It's not particularly hard.) I think one of the reason some of the slash works for me is because Renji and Byakuya come from such completely different worlds, they're a very classic odd couple -- not just in the "couple" sense, but also in the: WTF, how did Renji *ever* get the gig of fukutaichou to Byakuya in the first place? Hey, for you super-fans out there, does anyone know who was Byakuya's fukutaichou before Renji?

Also, what is the story behind Renji's tattoos? They're apparently "new" to Rukia when she's brought back as a prisoner, since she teases him about his eyebrows (as well as his promotion to vice captain.) And is it cannon that he was in the 11th Division/Squad previously?

Mason and I went to the public library because we had some overdue books to return. While there, I picked up some of the manga. I wasn't expecting the story to deviate too much (it doesn't,) but what I was looking for was some images to draw.

This is what I drew:

1. Kisuke Urahara

2. Renji Abarai and Zabimaru

3. Renji Abarai vs. Ichigo Kurasaki

4. Jushiro Ukitake and Sōgyo no Kotowari

Yeah, I really need to get back to work.

Especially since there are a few things that need doing. I was given a great idea on what to work on next by [ profile] naomikritzer, and I found what I needed to start that. Plus, I have proposals to write. I don't think I can find a publisher interested in Bleach fanfic, alas.
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In honor of the holiday dedicated to overindulgence, I thought I'd let y'all know that there is more slash available at Mouse's House:

(Mouse/Morningstar) Idle Hands by [personal profile] xochiquetzl
and Amand LeBeau has added a bit more to Allah's Avatar, Part 2 (Angel of Mercy) (Mouse/Jibril)

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[profile] tiernsshadow gifted me this morning with some new Mouse/Dee.  I've updated Mouse's House to include it.  You can read it at "Dee[1].olf".

Still no news about the possiblity of a prequel in the AngeLINK universe, but I'm planning to poke my agent a little today.  The last I heard, she and Mad Norwegian Press were talking money (which is usually a sign that the project has been greenlighted,) but the publisher needed some time to "think it over."   She's asking for what amounts to "a lot" to a small press, so I don't really blame them taking some time to consider the offer.  I'd just really, really like to let people know whether or not this is going to happen.  Plus, I'm itching to write it.

Mason, Shawn and I went to visit a friend's farm in Mankato on Saturday.  Mason and I spent yet another day in the woods doing nothing.  Actually, we built a "Eeyore house" out of sticks and a bent over tree, which ended up involving all four adults.  Turns out, our friend Barb has also had a secret yen to build an honest-to-goddess tree house, so we're already starting to think ahead to spring when we can head down with supplies and build one.  That night we played Maj Jong with [profile] skinismy13 and her mom (our other friend Barb).  We were all off our game because -- in a bizarre turn of events -- I actually won.  I lose nearly every board game/card game I play, so this was very, very strange.  

I'm sure there's other news, but for the life of me I can't think of it.  

More Slash

Oct. 1st, 2007 02:35 pm
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Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water....  Xochiquetzl sent me "Somewhere Other Than Here"  this morning.  It is Mouse/Ariel.  If you are so inclined, enjoy.  She also sent along some slash for Tate (Parrish/William) that I'm going to have to find a spot for on Tate's website....

Anyway, got to go.  It's a busy day.

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Okay, sheild your eyes youngsters, here's the link to the Mouse/Morningstar I wrote:[1].htm.  I decided to post a link since sometimes I have trouble with LJ-cuts when I import text from other places.  And don't worry, true believers, It is most definately a two-parter.  As I told Xochi last night, there's no way I would have ended it where I did if I didn't intend to have someone pick Mouse up off the floor, as it were.

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I'm still working on the M/M slash.  Actually, as I was pulling up to the house after having volunteered in Mason's classroom for a few minutes this morning, I think I may actually turn this piece into a longer (two part?  more?) saga.  Why? Beause, well, Morningstar is awfully mean to our dear Mouse and I think I might want to have a hurt/comfort part two (partly to redeem myself, as well)... with more on the lovin' and less on the sex.  I'm thinking about a Mouse/Jibril combo for that second part.  

The problem is, I'm going to have to write this pretty fast, because I'm not allowing myself too much longer than the end of this week for this project.  I would HATE to "loose my job" because I'd rather be writing slash in my own universe... and I really haven't written more than a few pages of DEAD IF I DO.  

My priorites are so screwed up.

I'm sure the advice I'll get from y'all is that I should write on my contracted stuff first and then write my smut.  But, you see, I already KNOW I should do that.  I willfully ignore the responsible voice in my head.  I think, though, I'm learning something interesting about myself.  That is, I'm not sure I could ever really pull of two novels in a year, if they both weren't contracted.  I tend to be very monogamus with whatever project I've started.  I'm not very polyamorous with my writing.  I seem to be only able focus on one thing at a time, and I give whatever it is 100% of my attention.  If I were to try the two books a year gig, I'd really have to plan out a way to write one at a time -- you know, one in the first six month, another in the last.

See, kids, slash teaches you important life lessons after all. 

Oh, and Mason is really continuing to do well in school.  It was neat to get even a glimpse at his life in pre-K, while I was stuffing Thrusday folders for Mrs. R.  I told her that Mason would be distracted by my presence, so she set up a table for me in the hall.  However, I was JUST outside the door, so it was easy to peep in and see what everyone was up to.  I was astounded by how quiet and orderly everyone was.  Having taught kids a bit older than this (6 - 10 year olds), I was expecting the usual chaos.  Either Mrs. R has her hands on the Stepford formula, or the kids have a lot of respect for her.  I suspect it's the later, which only just makes it all the more amazing.  

According to Shawn, Mason said last night that if grandma and grandpa couldn't make it up for his birthday next year, he'd really like to invite two of the boys from his class.  My heart warmed to hear that.  Pre-K is doing precisely what we hoped, which is giving Mason a chance to learn how to socialize and make friends.  I didn't hear the conversation because Shawn knocked me out with some fabulous drugs (Comtrex PM) and I slept from about 4:30 pm until Mason woke us all up this morning at about quarter to six.  My cold is much better, actually -- *knocking on wood*

I also wanted to note the funny sign I saw yesterday.  There's this abandoned, fenced off field I pass on the way into Mason's school on Dale.  People have put up the usual signs for political candidates and various ads (especially, for some reason, gun classes for women.)  Anyway, among all of these posters was one that read, "Please Accept Jesus."  For some reason, my mind instantly responded, "I'm sorry we only take Mastercard and Visa."

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