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 We got our annual invite to spend a weekend up a our friends' cabin in Wisconsin's northwoods.  It's soooooo relaxing up here.  The water was a bit cold, but we managed.

mason floating on an inner tube, reading

Also, there were hummingbirds:

hummingbirds in the monardia

Up North!

Aug. 16th, 2010 09:22 am
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I had a busy weekend. I had a talk at Midwest Fiction Writers (the local chapter of the Romance Writers of America) about ALMOST TO DIE FOR's "journey." I ended up babbling about a bunch of vaguely unrelated stuff, including telling the story of how weird it is to be on TV. I was only disappointed that I couldn't hang around for the regular meeting because their guest speaker was none other than Lois McMaster Bujold.

BUT, I had to pick up my cat, Inky, at the vet. Turns out my vet and the MFW meeting are about two minutes from each other, as opposed to the twenty it takes for me to get home and back again. So I dropped off poor, yowling Inky at 9:00 am, went off to my meeting, and back again for the 11:30 am appointment.

I didn't get home until nearly 1:00 pm, and I hadn't eatten all day. So I took Mason off to a park and we had Subway sandwiches and buried our feet in the sand. The rest of the day was much more mellow.

On Sunday, we went up to our friend's cabin in Siren, Wisconsin. It was downright CHILLY, but that didn't stop our little water baby!

And that's pretty much how we spent the day: doing cannonballs off the dock and intermittently running back inside to warming up and reading more of the HALF-BLOOD PRINCE. (We're at Slughorn's Christmas Party.)

Must go!
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Do you ever watch the show “Modern Family”? We love it. It features three families, all very different, connected by blood relation. One of the families is two gay men and their adopted daughter, Lily. It’s weird, actually, how much we have in common with the gay guys. There was one episode where they were trying the “cry out” method, which Shawn and I attempted with Mason for about as long and with as much success. One of the dads kept bursting into tears, while the other complained about not wanting to always be the “teach-y dad.” That was so us – with me and Shawn being clown dad or teach-y dad at some point or another.

One of the last episodes we saw before heading up was about the entire extended family’s trip to Hawaii. The gay guys bit was about how people vacation. One of the dads was all about events and doing and Adventure, with the capital “A.” The other just wanted to sip Mai Tais by the beach and relax. This all came to a head when the adventure-loving one, Mitchell, had it in his mind to go to a lavender farm. “The biggest in the world! Five different varieties of lavender!” The other dad finally broke and said, “No. I’m not doing it. Lily and I will be at the beach.” This trip I’m kind of in lavender farm mode; Shawn is all about the Mai Tais.

So we’ve been doing a bit of both. Moose View Trail satisfied a lot of my lavender-dad-ness, as does the occasional canoe/kayak around the lake. Mason is perfectly in-between, spending a lot of his time making his own fun on the main lodge’s tiny beach front/boat landing. I’ve also spent some time sitting on the dock and reading. In fact, I finished Scott Westerfeld’s UGLIES while up at Bearskin Lodge, not knowing it was a cliffhanger ending! Argh! Worse, the other books I brought I’m not entirely in the mood for, though I think I will finish up Laura Resnick’s DOPPLEGANGSTER.

While in Mai Tai mode, we saw this hen duck nosing around in the weeds by the shore very close to our dock. At first, we were very quiet, trying not to spook her. But after a while it became clear, she was totally playing us. When I brought out a bit of trail mix bar to coax her with, she came zooming up and even took it out of my hand. At one point it apparently took me too long to tear off the next bit, because she flapped her waddle-ly self up onto the dock and just grabbed it. We were quite amused by her antics and even fetched her more bread from our cabin. Shawn and I dubbed her “tourist duck” because the lodge couldn’t have entertained us more, if they’d arranged the whole experience.

I saw her trying it on with the folks down the trail earlier today. She’s got quite the racket.
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I'm writing to you from the Bearskin Lodge just off the Gunflint Trail, not far from the start of the BWCA (Boundary Waters Canoe Area, for those non-Minnesotans who might be reading.) We've decided to extend our stay here another day, so I won't be back to blog about life, the universe, and everything until Wednesday.

Despite what you see before you, internet does not come easily here. It's a short hike to the main lodge, but I'm not planning on sitting here when I could be out there with the pristine lake, moose, and more.

See you when we get back!

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