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 ...than using up my leftover homemade French bread for bread pudding.  I don't know why, I probably should feel more like someone who lived through the Depression (Captain America?).  

For those following along, it's a bazillion degrees below zero here. Mason's school is cancelled AGAIN for tomorrow. As he pointed out, now the only day he will have school is Friday and then it will be the weekend again. He says, "It's going to feel less like going back to school and more like a break in my winter vacation."

It's been lovely to have both him and Shawn home. We've done a whole lot of nothing all day; none of us is out of our PJs and it's 5:37 pm.  I did some stamping, but mostly I've been cooking and eating... and napping. I really have to say that this cold weather is working for me. I'm also really glad that several local businesses have taken it upon themselves to close. My coffee shop closed. The postal workers didn't try to deliver. People who could, should stay home, inside, and warm.

In less lovely news, my Loft class was officially cancelled.  I was really looking forward to it, but alas. I only got 4 people interested. (Worse, we could have used the money. Ah well.)

On the other hand, Broad Universe is trying out a mentoring program, and I signed up to be a mentor. I've got myself a mentee, and we've started working together. By chance, she's written a fantasy novel involving the sidhe and Irish politics. Considering that I wrote something similar (my first novel, which got weirdly published via a pay-as-you-go outfit:, I'm VERY excited by her novel.  So, that's a yay. 

I am reading something, but I'm not enjoying it. I decided to try to pick up the books that are up for the Philip K. Dick award and I started Claire North's newest book 84K. I'm... not much liking the fact that she leaves sentences trailing off, unfinished, and there are a LOT of fragments and fragmented scenes. I'm not QUITE ready to give up on it, but, man. It's tough going.

What are you reading this fine Wednesday?

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 I have to admit that even *I'm* getting a little sick of these.

But, since Trump forced Sessions's resignation yesterday*, has mobilized their rapid-response to Mueller firing protest. Here in St. Paul, we are gathering at the State Capitol at 5pm.  It's 25 F/ -3 C here, today, with windchills that feel much, much lower. Mason this morning said, "Why? Why do we always end up having to protest in sub-zero weather??" I dunno, son, I said. It's the price of democracy: cold toes.

protest sign that reads PROTECT MUELLER

The sign (this one reads: PROTECT MUELLER) looks shiny because of my many "protest hacks" I have learned in the last two years, is that covering your sign in strips of packing tape will keep the markers from smudging and running in inclement weather (we had a touch of snow, earlier.) 

I have to admit I struggled with pithy, clever things to say this time. Admittedly, I have been taking the advice of an early 'protest self-care' blog that suggested that you pick one or two causes and follow those deeply and let others pick up the slack on the zillion other distractions that our so-called president has been flinging at us, like poo.  So, I have been leaving the Mueller investigation/Russia probe to my more politically wonky friends.  Thus, sitting in my dinning room attempting to have short, memorable signage was surprisingly difficult. I finally broke down and went for longer text on the "back side" of another sign:

protest sign that reads: you think our blue wave was a bust? Maxine Waters will have the power of financial subpoena

This one reads: "You think our BLUE WAVE was a bust? Maxine Waters will have the power of Financial Subpoena." As I was looking up how to spell "subpoena," I kept thinking, "You try and spell that right, Trump supporters!"  

There are slogans on the flip sides of these as well. Another one of my "protest hacks" is that it's actually very useful to be visible from the BACK as well as the front. People can take your picture without worrying about getting your permission, if your face isn't visible. This is one way that I end up in a lot of protest albums. Not that THAT is a life goal, but it means that I don't have to take a protest selfie. I can just download the picture of me on the protest's website.

Wow, what is this going to read like five years from now? Is this going to be one of those "ha-ha, protest selfie! Gramma! Really?" or "THANK GOD YOU WERE ON THE FRONT LINES, GRANDMOTHER" moments?

Anyway, the flip side of the top one is this:

Protest sign reads: NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW

I am weirdly proud of my red-white-and-blue look here, even though I always feel like I'm some kind of kindergartener in comparison to some of the protest art that I will (HOPEFULLY) see tonight.

I have a very bad feeling that this is going to be a small crowd. I had a weird dream last night in which Mason and I brought a tent to this protest (and our computers for some reason--dream reason, I guess,) and when I stepped out to see if anyone had shown up, we filled the capitol lawn like we did at the Women's March. 

I've been thinking about the timing of this march (5 pm) and whether or not I should bring clip on lights to my protest signs. The sun is going to be setting, because: daylight savings. Hmmm, I will put my mind to that. I definitely should bring flashlights, though.  Currently, Mason will be joining me, but he may decide not to. To be fair to him, the last one of these he went with me to was for Net Neutrality and it was also SO COLD and there were, at MOST, 30 of us.

Which this could totally be.

protest sign: Look who IS Afraid of our BLUE WAVE

The sign reads: Look who _is_ afraid of our Blue Wave. (This is the flip-side of the Maxine Waters one.)  
*Good F*CKING riddance, jacka$$.
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 Today's breakfast is two eggs over easy (but three yolks, because I got  double one!) and two slices of yesterday's cardamom bread. This is a little heartier than normal for me, but I'm bracing myself for a long day at Quatrefoil Library.I'm volunteering with the acquisitions committee. I have no real idea what I'll be doing exactly, but hopefully it will be fun or rewarding or both.  I'll let you know how it went tomorrow. I'll be doing something with them from 9:30 am, until 1:00 pm.  

I also have to take off even earlier this morning to hit the post office before Q.  Not only did I finish off my pen pal list, but I also have a package that needs to go to New Zealand for one of the winners of the charity auction that Jim Hines organized to help fun the trans hotline in Michigan. If you're curious, I raised a decent amount of money considering that there were only three books on offer. I'll be curious to know how this auction is going over all, but fingers crossed that he's raising good money.

Otherwise, the weekend was very quiet.  My family intended it to be that way, since, like most Minnesotans, we'd heard that the polar vortex was coming and so basically planned to hunker down and wait it out.  I went outside exactly three times this weekend. The first time early Saturday morning to shovel the sidewalk. The second time, I started up the car Sunday morning to move it over to the day plow side of the street (a frustrating exercise since the day plow NEVER SHOWED.)  The third and final time was to take Mason over to his friend Rosemary's for their traditional Saturday (moved to Sunday) dinner and movie night. I guess last night they also made a gingerbread house with Rosemary's brother, which frankly looked AMAZING (ours last year was more of a gingerbread shack and kept listing to the side.)

We finished decorating the house for Yule, which, in our case, meant actually getting the Yule Log together and putting various evergreen boughs around the house.  Yeah, we decked the halls.  Except without holly, since I think holly berries are poisonous to cats... and this year I would not trust our new kitty Buttercup not to eat ALL THE POISON.  He already likes to climb up on of of the larger presents under the tree and carefully chose various ornaments to steal and then noisily bat around the room.  THIS is why we decided to revert to our "toddler tree" in which we hang absolutely nothing breakable on the lower 2/3rds of the tree.

Solstice shopping is done, but I still have a few Christmas presents to get.  The bonus of being pagan is that decided to double up on the gift-giving holidays and we celebrate Yule/Solstice AND Christmas (because, really, outside of this whole birth of Christ thing, have you LOOKED at Christmas?  It's completely pagan.)  Plus, Shawn was raised Christian and decided she wanted to keep Christmas.  Given that none of what she wants involves going to a church, it seemed perfectly fine with me.  I will say that I'm just as happy to celebrate it.  Easter always gets me, because we celebrate Ostara and it ALWAYS comes early (being one of the points from which such things are counted) and so I end up wandering around on Easter Sunday wondering why the heck all the stores are closed!  

Ah, I'd better run. There's sure to be a line around the block at the post office, and I don't want to be late to my first volunteer gig!
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St. Paul didn't close schools today.

The wind chills are expected to reach -35 F (-37.22 C for my foreign friends--also is this right?  I don't know that my converter can handle minus temps). Winds are expected at 15 to 25 mph. How wind chill works is that it's "the measure of the perceived decrease in air temperature felt by the body on exposed skin due to the flow of air."  Another fun fact is that when the real temperature is -19 F, exposed skin can freeze in one minute.  The REAL temp outside at the moment is -23 F.  (My family thinks the skin freezing thing is false, well, fine: it's still colder here that it is on some parts of Mars.)

Minneapolis closed school.  

For a point of reference, Minneapolis is 10 blocks from my house to the west.  I can drive down University Avenue for less than a minute and arrive in Minneapolis.  

So... Mason is home today because I'm not sure what St. Paul is smoking, but it's not safe.

St. Paul has decided that all absences are excused today, at least, but we would have kept Mason out regardless and he doesn't even wait for a bus.  Why?  Well, firstly, in protest, because most other people do have to wait outside and buses do not run on time always.  Secondly, because the last time we decided to go in temperatures like these our car broke down and Shawn and Mason had to walk several blocks home while I was forced to sit in the car to wait for triple-A.  I was lucky, our break down was tire related and I could have heat, but our car door also sticks open and super-cold temps, so I was really very chilly.  

The decision, St. Paul has said on its Facebook discussion about this, was partly to aid homeless youth for whom school is the one place they can get a regular meal.  At the same time they announced this, a call went out to the neighborhood for warm winter coats for homeless kids because there's a real shortage.  So, St. Paul required homeless kids to leave the warmth of their shelters, wait for the bus without winter coats, just for a meal?  I'm not entirely sure how well all that works in terms of logic. 

So, yeah, that's my morning.

As I just told my friend in Wales when she asked me if I was writing--not yet, I have to drink more coffee and complain about the weather.  It's the Minnesotan thing to do.


I also thought I do a very mini review of Ms. Marvel #10.  My subscription finally came, btw.  Long ago, I decided to subscribe to Ms. Marvel because at CONvergence many years ago, I was on a panel with Sigrid Ellis, who suggest that the best way to support women comic book writers was to subscribe to the titles they wrote.  So, dutifully, I went to and put in my credit card info.  I was pretty sure I was being ripped off because nothing ever came.  Turns out, I apparently signed on to start AFTER #9.  At any rate, #10 "Generation Why" showed up at my doorstep a couple of days ago.  

Read more... spoilers.... )

In general, I'm just as happy my subscription starts now.  I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next (though I'm really hoping for an actual defeat for the Inventor soon).  I really like G. Willow Wilson's voice for Kamala.  Like my example under the cut, it's funny and sharp and smart.  Also, I'm growing very fond of Adrian Alphona's art.  It's stylized, but in a way I like?

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 Yeah, okay, I don't think 2015 has started off very... organized, given that today is the first day I thought to sit down to write to y'all.

I blame my dreams.  Had a nightmare that I just couldn't shake last night.  I woke up a couple time from it, thinking, "Damn, glad that's over," only to fall asleep and go right back to it.  It was a strange one.  You know that video that went viral several years ago about the woman who was supposedly living in some guy's cabinet?  A web cam supposedly caught her coming out at night to raid his fridge?

I think it's turned out that this is faked, but my dream was loosely based on something like this.  I dreamed my friend Naomi came over and showed me a picture she'd taken in one of her daughter's bedrooms.  It clearly showed someone lying under her daughter's bed.  The dream continued on where Naomi told me that they finally caught this guy and he'd been living with them, undetected for DECADES.  Okay, brain, here is where I should have stopped to consider the fact that Naomi hasn't even lived in their current house that long, but you know: dreams.  Anyway, it was super creepy, but I think because my subconscious decided this wasn't at MY house, but someone else's, it was OKAY TO KEEP GOING BACK.

No, brain, just NO.

Needless to say, I woke up a lot.

This was a bummer on many levels, not the least of which is that today is the day everyone goes back to school and work.  The alarm in our house went off at 5:30 A-f*cking-M and we all struggled awake, got lunches together, had breakfast, and bundled out the door into -22 degree F wind chills.

Damn you, Minnesota!

I will say, though, as I chatted up a storm on the way into school and work, the sky was beautiful. When I was a kid, I used to get up before the rest of the household on purpose.  I was a weird, emo kid, who happened to be a lark, so instead of being a normal teenager who stayed up too late, I got up too early and went for long walks while the coffee brewed.  The sky this morning was the color of those pre-dawn skies I loved.  It a "backlit" blue that so deep to be almost indigo.  It's that very odd, "the sun is about to rise" quality of the light that I adore most about it, I think, because its vaguely reminiscent of those deep blue Christmas lights shining in the dark.

Otherwise, I spent much of the day so far working the the Demon School novel.  I'm really making progress, though.  I've at least made one pass through the first 275 pages.  The book, currently, doesn't have many more pages than that, so there's actually still a lot to be written, alas.  BUT, I'm filling in some gaps and formatting everything to look the same.  I think, actually, I'll have a fairly decent draft at the end of this week to send out to my beta readers.  That'll give me next week to go through their comments, make corrections, additions and adjustments, before it goes back to my collaborator, Rachel, on the 15th.

This week I return to writing UnJust Cause, too.

It's going to be a busy 2015...

Now if I can just get more organized. 

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I think you can see the ice rainbow in this picture. It's right there by the church spire.

It's really, REALLY cold out today.
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The windchill is some kind of Arctic tempurature, like, -22 F. Which, means, of course, it's devestatingly sunny out. Just looking out the window (if I don't notice the massive amount of frost build-up), I'd think, "Wow, nice day for a long walk!"

Today is Thursday, which means I will be super busy. To that end, I have started beef stew in the crockpot and am defrosting the kneffla (German from Russia homemade noodles) to add closer to dinner time. If we actually accomplish everything we INTEND to do, it will go something like this:

Changing the fish tanks,
At 1:45 pm volunteer in Mr. G.'s classroom and stuff Thursday folders,
Stay and volunteer for chess club (which really doesn't need me, so I may beg off on this part),
pick up Shawn at 4:30/5:00 pm,
Eat pre-made dinner,
Go to kuk sool wan at 6:00 (which I'm beginning to doubt we'll make. I'd forgotten how late chess club can go, and eating after 7:00 pm is very European, I think both Mason and I would faint before achieving that,)
and somehow do all the other things that normally need doing.

Yeah, that last one is probably off too. :-)

I suspect this means that I will have to DRAG Mason to KSW on Saturday. This will make neither of us happy until we actually get there and experience class.

Otherwise, I don't expect to get much done. As I mentioned in the earlier post, I'm currently working on a short piece for the Gaylaxicon chapbook. I'm also, having just finished revisions, starting to percolate/brainstorm ideas for other series, novels, etc., for my agent which will need to become proposals over the next several weeks.

That's about all the news I can think of at the moment.
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With the digital camera back in working order, I present to you my Medusa/Empress Marvel Tarot (tm) card. As usual, if you'd like to read all my various and bizarre reasoning for the symbols and whatnot that I included (or didn't.) Please read the longish description at my Tate website: Medusa as Empress

As I admit over at my other site, I actually don't really know a lot about the Inhumans, though I own a couple issues from the late 70s. When my cousin Laun and I used to play superheroes as kids, (and when we weren't being Avengers or the X-Men) I wanted to be Black Bolt. He was hard character to "play," however, since he can't talk. Anyway, I go on at great lengths about my various (mis)conceptions about the Inhumans and Medusa and Black Bolt's sex life over there. (I always figured they had hot sex. I don't know why. Maybe I always figured that a guy who couldn't talk would have other, creative ways of expressing himself. eh-hem!)

In other news, my parents, who are snow birding in Texas right now, would probably be extremely gratified to know that the temperatures are, once again, in the why-do-you-idiots-live-here range. I believe the windchill this morning was -36 F. The actual outside temp was something in the range of -15. The only really nifty thing about weather like this is the ice rainbow halo around the sun. The moisture and pollution particles in the air actually freeze, and are, thus, apparently, wonderful little prisms. So driving Mason to school this morning, I could see a perfect rainbow halo around the hazy sun. It was kind of cool, but from peronal experience, I also know that when you can see an ice halo/rainbow around the sun the roads are insanely unsafe. Think about it: if air freezes, so does exhaust. Black ice is everywhere. I heard about at least three roll overs on the highway this morning. Even the side streets were super-slippery.

Today is also, unfortunately, errand day. Recycling comes so I had to drag that out to the curb this morning; I had about a million packages to mail (so if you're expecting a book from me, it's coming!); library books were due, and groceries still need fetching. I suspect my word count isn't going to be SUPER-awesome today, although I impressed myself by being able to whack out over a 1,000 words that day I had company. Yesterday, I nearly made 2,000 (1,880 acutal), and, even though I have to take a break or two for shopping and whatnot, I'm thinking it won't be too bad (knocking on wood/keyboard.)

Okay, that's all I know. Stay warm, kids!

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