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 We went to Whole Foods yesterday, thinking to have a nice lunch after soap shopping. It was a disappointment.

I don't know what I was expecting exactly, but Mason had been looking forward to samosas and chicken marsala, both of which he's had before at the Whole Foods deli and really enjoyed. They didn't have any samosas and their chicken marsala was watery and the chunks of chicken were so big that they didn't absorb very much flavor.  It was kind of a bust. (My sushi was good, but...)

We did manage to find some fun soaps, however. There was even a scent called "dirty hippy." Mason was surprised when I guessed that it was basically patchouli.  He didn't buy it, but I could see he was tempted just because of the name. 

Since we were out driving around, we decided to head out to the Ramsey County Library to pick up the books that had come in for me. I requested the first four volumes of Pandora Hearts, which is an anime I started watching.  I figured I might actually be able to plow through it a little faster if I read it.  I'm not very good at binge watching, alas.  Binge reading? Yes. Watching, not so much for some reason. At any rate, I picked them all up and also found a few more on the shelves, so now I have the first seven to read.

From there, Mason talked me into stopping at Game Stop and picking up "Street Fighter" because we've been looking for a game that we can play together. I really like racing him in Mario Carts, but I think he feels bad for me because I'm SO TERRIBLE at it. He'll come in #1 and I'll be dead last. The point is, even though *I* found that fun, he really wanted something we'd be more equally matched in. "Street Fighter" totally works, because a button masher like me can totally win.  In fact, I easily won half of the time.  I think we've found our game.

Because Mason really craved samosas, we managed to talk Shawn into going out to the Indian place for dinner last night. (We like "Taste of India" in Maplewood.) Mason tried vindaloo chicken, Shawn had her usual chicken marsala, and I had curried veggies.  By chance at the restaurant, we ran into our friends Sean Murphy and Katherine Carlson who were coming back from Mankato, after having, unsuccessfully, tried to get into see the Viking's training camp.  They'd also stopped at "Minnesota's Largest Candy Store" on the way back, though Katherine thought the amount of candy on display was almost "obscene." I'm not sure I disagree, but, for me, that's half of the fun of that place. (I'm guessing they managed more virtue than we did. We left with a huge bagful, which was pretty obscene all by itself, after all.)  So we kind of chatted over the booths for a while, but we'd gotten there earlier, so we left after a few minutes.  Still, it was neat to see them. It's been a while, and Sean is one of my very best friends. (I was reminded, seeing him, that we still haven't made it to "Spider-Man: Homecoming.")  

I think I fell into a food coma after that.  I read a little bit in bed, but next thing I knew it was morning.  :-)

Tonight: Twins Game! We should have good weather for it. I will take a lot of pictures.
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This line from the SF Chronicle's review of the "GI Joe: Rise of Cobra" film makes me sooooooo happy: "Stuff blows up. Lots of it. Most of the actors are hot-looking, and those who aren't do cool things with swords."

I am _so_ the target audience for this film.

Speaking of films, Shawn and I watched "The Burrowers." It's a horror Western. Yes, a strange combination, but, as it proved, a strangely powerful one. Given the quality of previews (which ranged from direct to video humor stuff to really, deeply creepy horror films,) I wasn't sure quite what to expect. It was horrible and gruesome in the traditional way of horror films, but it was also one of those that made me, at the end, think that maybe the true monster of the film was white society during the Indian Wars. (One of the characters actually proudly boasts of being at New Ulm during the Dakota Uprising.) It's weirdly sickening in a way you're not expecting. If you LIKE horror, I'd recommend this. (If you don't... for god/dess's sake, don't start with this one!)

Oh, and for die-hard "Highlander" fans: Clancy Brown is in "The Burrowers."

This morning started out with the whole family at the eye doctor. Mason has been adjusting his glasses a lot, and at his yearly physical had some trouble reading the eye chart with his glasses on.... so, no surprise, his perscription has changed. Alas, he and mama had some disagreements about which glasses looked best on him. Mason is a lot like me. If he had his druthers, he'd wear glasses festooned with a lot of BLING. And they'd be hot pink.

Mama is a bit more conservative to say the least.

We all ended up a bit bent out of shape after that, however. Now Mason is in the other room watching the Loony Tunes DVD while I catch up on my interneting. Our big plan for the day is to go to the beach. I'm really hoping that today I can wear him out a bit better. Yesterday, I'd hoped to coax him out on a big adventure so that I could get some writing done after bed time. But, ultimately, I'm learning that it seems to be nearly impossible to actually exhuast that child. Me? I'm out after two hours of hard core sprinting. Him? He's just getting revved up. So, needless to say, while I opened up my computer last night, I did not get a lot done.

Fingers crossed for tonight.

Yesterday, I ended up buying Mason a couple of AD&D manuals at HPB. What happened was that at the doctor's office someone had left behind a couple of "Dork Tower" comic books in the children's area of the waiting room. Mason read them. He thought they were cool, but didn't get all the D&D referrences. So, I said, well, I'm sure I have some books that explain it at home. I did, although the only ones left are my GURPS manuals. I apparently decided to clean the house of D&D stuff in a fit of... I don't know quite what, but it probably happened after that life-changing "Call of Cthululu" game. I was so MAD at becoming agoraphobic after five minutes of game play, after I's spent weaks researching a historically accurate personal history for my character.... I quite gaming cold turkey. And then discovered I had more energy for writing, which pretty much torpedoed any future gaming.

Anyway, I may start up a game (or at least run a module) for Mason. He is reading every entry (as I knew he would) in the monster manual, and telling me all about the "army" of monsters he's going to have when he's DM. He still doesn't know anything at all about how to play, but he's so THERE. I also bought the Player's Handbook and the DM Guide. So, we're set for a return to the world of RPGs.

I think this is a good thing for Mason, especially if I can find him a peer group to play with. (Any of you know any other precocious six year olds ready for D&D??)

Anyway, enough about me. How are you?

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