Apr. 14th, 2017

lydamorehouse: (crazy eyed Renji)
 There are two things I think would make Hollywood/Disney 743 ZILLION dollars only I'm certain they will never, ever do them... or, if they somehow do, they'll do them badly. 

1. "Lady" Loki, aka Loki in their female form.  So, I saw the new Thor teaser trailer and just about lost my mind.  For a very brief moment, before everyone on the internet crushed my dreams. I thought that unmasked Hela was Loki.  I thought, "Blessed Mother, they've done it. They're going with gender fluid Loki." Loki, who *is* canonically gender fluid (both in the comic books and the myths), should really be the focus of this new movie since, last we saw, Loki had seized Asgard.  A movie of Thor v. Loki would pretty much send all the fan grrls and boyz into a frenzy the same way seeing Tony/Bucky/Steve in Captain America: Civil War did. Gender fluid Loki with hot female lead + already smoking hot Tom Hiddleston = 345.2 ZILLION DOLLARS in profit. I swear to all the gods, Marvel/Disney.  Just do it. Watch people line up and scream, "Just take my money already!"

2. Then I saw the new Star Wars trailer and thought, "Meh, okay, but WHERE'S MY QUEER POLY KISS between Poe/Finn/Rey???!!" I like Naomi's reaction when I posed that question on FB. "Maybe they're saving it for the next teaser?" Because honestly, if I don't get AT LEAST a Poe/Finn romance/subtext I will be very unhappy.  I will give you my vision of how I'd love to see a tiny (harmless) scene go:
Rey (leans into cockpit to give Finn a kiss): Good luck on the mission!

Finn (smiles happily at her, then turns to Poe, leans over to kiss him): Good luck on the mission!

Poe (looks at Rey)

Rey (looks at Poe)

Poe and Rey (simultaneously give each other the thumbs up!) 

I know there's a big contingent of people who are really rooting for ace Rey. I'm okay with Rey having no romantic interest in the movie (though it would be even cooler if she were EXPLICITLY asexual.) But, I think that this OT3 thing would be amaze balls.  

So of course they'll never do it.


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