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 I'm going to have to keep this fairly short as I need to head out early to pick-up Mason from his job because 1) he texted to say they might be let out five or ten minutes early and 2) we're out of canned cat food AGAIN.

I swear now that we're down to three cats (two of which are elderly--technically, "geriatric,") we go through more food than ever.  

There was an interesting discussion on someone's FB feel about 'true' morning larks, vs. whatever you call the people for whom the 9 to 5 world is designed to accommodate.  This person noted that night owls like to complain that the world is built around larks, but it really isn't. I mean, yes, me much more than them, if only because being to work at 9 am isn't a hardship for me.  BUT, I naturally wake up around 6 am (our alarm is set for 5:30 am, though, because of Mason's early start time of 7:20 am.)  Waiting for stores to open feels like half of what I do as a lark.  Science fiction conventions are even worse for me, because most of the "action" starts well-after I'm ready to head to bed. People always say to me, "Well, just stay up late and sleep in!" Thing about being a lark? Sleeping in, for me, is 7 am. I often _can't_ go back to sleep, no matter how late I was out the night before.  

Still, I wouldn't trade. Mornings are still my favorite time to sit and write and get things done. It's when I have the most energy and feel most creative.

My family just sits in bleary-eyed silence while I yammer on about everything on our morning drive into school. This, it should be noted, is me BEFORE I've had coffee.

Anyway, you may have noticed that I'm not reporting my spell-of-the day progress. I may start up again, but I just hit a wall with Llewellyn when I got to the "Youthful Appearance" spell for the new moon. Y'all _know_ what the new moon is, right? It's a night with basically no moonlight.  The moon is virtually invisible to the unaided eye.  This spell wanted me to go outside with a mirror to "catch the new moon's light." You know, okay, for an anti-aging spell, I suppose I could catch some "anti-"light, but then the author wanted me to also imagine my face "being flooded with moonlight."


Yes, yes, the moon is still there, but the point of the dark moon is that it's dark! Invisible! 

So, I just set the book aside and haven't much felt like going back to it yet. I think I will, if only because having a project like this amuses me, but seriously.... wtf, Llewellyn?
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 First of all, I'm happy to report that, thanks to a team alliance, Mason's robotics team won a match this morning!  Luckily, alliances are a thing, because earlier the team's twitter feed reported: "Our code is so broken that we had to call in the experts."

students, including Mason, hunched over a laptop

Secondly, if the "GoH Meet and Greet" is any indication, Minicon 53 is going to be AWESOME. Rachel Swirsky, whose stuff you should buy, support, consume, and nominate the F*CK out of--is delightful and charming.  As is her husband Mike.  Seriously, I'm having a literary crush on these two.  BUY ALL THEIR THINGS. 

You guys know me, right?  I'm such a lark. I'm usually looking at my watch at 9:00 pm, thinking, "OMG, how much longer do I have to stay awake???"  Last night, I had so much fun with Rachel and Mike (and Rob Callahan and a bunch of the MiniCON crew) that I didn't get home until 11:30 pm!!  UNREAL.

I'm not headed into the con until around 5 pm today, because Shawn and I would like to try to catch a bit of the robotics stuff (and hand off Mason's new phone, which we finally got working today).  We also did some grocery shopping since Shawn and Mason will be on their own both Saturday and Sunday (which is Shawn's birthday.)  I made Shawn a couple of quiches so she would have good home cooked food to survive on, too, because that's just how damn dolly domestic I am!

Okay, off to have lunch and go see robots!

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