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 Last night, I tried to get Mason into "Monty Python and the Flying Circus."  Thanks to our friend John Jackson, Mason already knew that Monty Python could be very hilarious. John (and I think Jack) showed Mason a bunch of various famous sketches on You Tube.  So, for instance, Mason knows all about the "Dead Parrot sketch" and "The Ministry of Silly Walks." 

But, I thought, "Yes, but those are all out of context.  He should really watch an entire episode."  Or at least, that was my thought when a compilation disc of "Monty Python and the Flying Circus" came across my notice when I was checking media at the library.  I brought it home, convinced Mason that it would be awesome, and queued it up.

What I forgot was how surreal Monty Python was and how, sometimes, entire episodes had running gags that just sort of fell flat or were just plain weird and only funny because they just didn't END.  I realize that what I'm saying could be construed as nerd blasphemy, but, seriously, try watching some of those full episodes again... I think you will be forced to agree with me that, yes, there are gems, but some of it is just straight-up bizarre. 

At one point Mason turned to me and asked, "Is this what humor was like in the 1970s?"

I gave him a sad face and sad, "Yes, son, and we had to IMPORT it."

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