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I guess we only ended up with 4 inches on the ground, but St. Paul Schools shut down early last night. You might wonder WHY the capitol city in a state that often prides itself on toughing out temperatures and conditions worthy of the arctic panic closed when the forecast looked bad. You only have to look back one year to find out: (Last year, some students' buses didn't make it home until LITERALLY after midnight. Might be fine for high schoolers, but imagine kindergartners....)

Pretty sure our superintendent is going to close early and often, rather than let something like that happen EVER again.

I know closing school on a day like today makes a lot of parents mad and inconveniences them, but I kind of get it. I mean, I can say that, because, of course, our family is fine. I'm home today, anyway. Having Mason here is a feature, not a bug. Of course the superintendent might get in Big Trouble again, since the temperatures are supposed to plummet dangerously low over the next couple of days and schools are required to close if the temps drop into the 'your face/skin ACTUALLY freezes within a minute of exposure" range. So, people have implied that we could end up with several days off this week, given the forecast.

Honestly, I can't believe this kid's luck. He needed a mental health day on Thursday, had Friday officially off (some kind of end of quarter grading day for teachers), a weekend, and now this. It's like he really gets a Christmas break do-over, like we wanted. It's only too bad that we had to take Mom in to work, or we could have had some lovely, much needed family time.

As it is, we're probably going to spend the day filling out the Yale Global Scholars application. Mason finally finished the last of the THREE essays required for the program (and we gathered up all the documents needed for financial aid.) Whee.

All right, I promised to catch you all up on my spell-a-day project. I have skipped a few here and there, but part of that is being determined not to do anything ill-advised again.

Spell-a-Day (Jan. 24 & 25): skipped. Though technically the 24th's spell was a spell for relieving stress, which Mason and I did by not going to school.

The spell for the 25th was "Be Venusian" which, frankly, was too woo-woo for me. I was supposed to "...consciously robe yourself in Venusian energy" which is apparently contained in the colors "pink, green, and turquoise" and correspond with "peace, agreements, cooperation, fertility, joy, love, good fortune... as well as jealousy, strife and promiscuity." I was supposed to then prance around and recite a poem which kept asking me to call myself a Venusian, which make me feel more like a Star Trek race than a Witch.

It's bad enough that the only official "degree" I have in witchcraft is from Witch School, in the Correllian tradition, which I feel like should have robes that look like Han Solo's or at the very least come with a Correllian blood stripe.

Spell-a-Day for Jan. 26, was a housecleaning spell that I didn't get around to until Sunday, but I did do it. I was supposed to mindfully clean a couple of important rooms in the house, while burning a hyssop-oil dressed candle. Of course, I had to substitute lavender again, because I just don't have hyssop around. I started with the upstairs bathroom, since I felt for OBVIOUS REASONS that that room needed extra positive magical energy. Then, later I did the heart of the house, the kitchen, which is also one of those rooms that no matter how much time and energy I put into cleaning it, it takes about one meal to look like a disaster area again. Ah, well, I suppose a good deep clean is never truly wasted.

The official spell for Jan. 27th was ridiculous and involved me creating an altar with ORCHIDS. Yeah, okay, let me just run out an buy those exotic plants, just to strew artfully across an altar. How about: 'no'?

So, I looked for a spell from the previous year, this time going for a similar moon phase (which is 3rd Libra). That took me to Feb. 5, 2018 and a lovely "Clean Slate" spell by Charlynn Wells. She writes that if you have snow where you live, go outside and write something you want to banish, a bad habit or whatever. Since I wanted to do this in our back yard, I decided to pick something related to west (feelings, emotions). I've been kind of easily annoyed lately, so I wrote that in the snow: "Being bitchy over little things" and then wiped my hand through it. And, then we got 4 inches of snow cover, too.

Of course, right away this morning I was bitchy--but to be fair to Llewellyn's spell writers, 1) these things take time to kick in and 2) I got my period, so I mean, the Goddess of periods always wins over your puny spells any day. :-)

Date: 2019-01-28 07:53 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] oracne
I saw the forecast, and BRRRRRRR.

Date: 2019-01-28 08:31 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] witchymint
I think I remember hearing about those kids stuck in their school buses on our news all the way in Ireland! Fingers crossed nothing like that happens again, it sounded beastly.


Date: 2019-01-28 11:36 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] magenta
If you are interested in hanging out with other Witches and Pagans, Paganicon is coming up:

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