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Though not by too many days!

Hello, hello! How's things? I don't have a huge amount to report. Friday was the day of forgetting things. I was just leaving the coffee shop when I got a text from Mason. He forgot his iPad at home. So, I headed home, picked it up, and then went back to school. As I was half way to school, he wanted to know if I could also grab earbuds? But I didn't get that in time to double back. I left his iPad with the school but then remembered we might have earbuds in the car, so I quick texted Mason to come back and grab them. He'd already headed back, but was able to turn around. That was all before 8 am!

Then, when I was getting ready to go to the coffee shop, I got a call from some guy trying to sell us on a paint job that made me unreasonably angry for various reasons, and I was so wound up about that that I brought my cord to the coffee shop, but forgot my laptop. I think that worked out okay, however, because it meant I was less distracted during the conversation we had about a story that [personal profile] naomikritzer was writing, which opened up a lot of interesting questions to me (none of which she was actually writing about, but hey) like: what's it like to know you're related to a criminal or a murderer (which I am) and any number of similarly fascinating philosophical questions.

What else... oh! Shawn finally watched "Infinity War" and we all saw "Solo." We ended up doing two movies because "Infinity War" was such a downer AND I had earlier tilted during a game of "Trivial Pursuit" that spilled over into another little snip. "Solo" was just what the doctor order. Y'all think it sucked, but I thought it was fine--entertaining, even.

Saturday Mason worked and I had my first session of a new Star Trek RPG game with a bunch of friends: [personal profile] jiawen [personal profile] bcholmes John T., and Sabs. MUCH FUN. As I've said earlier, I haven't role-played for some time and I had so much fun I ended up writing fan fic (in the form of my character's personal log) about our adventure.

Sunday we spent the day hanging out. Mason had an in-person D&D game, Shawn made a disastrous pie (it was a cannoli pie). Shawn notes that the "Idea" of the pie was good, but the flavor didn't suit us (me less than her). I did a lot of stamping, which I enjoyed.

This morning I woke and chatted a bit more with [personal profile] jiawen about life and the super, blood, wolf moon eclipse. Most of which I missed, because I CAN NOT with the late nights now that I'm old. (Shut up. 11 pm is late for me, okay??) Anyway, chatting with [personal profile] jiawen always fun, we can talk about anything for hours.

Then I did a lot of cooking. I tried to make cheesy puffy ball bread things, but they collapse. They were tasty though!

my sad cheese things

Very much like eggy popovers, which was fine since we ate them with lunch (spaghetti) with a hot marinara sauce dip.

Then we decided to have a big chicken roast, so I started roasting the bird around 1:30 pm, made mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts, corn, cheddar bay biscuits (from a box), and chicken gravy. I managed the timing pretty darn perfectly, if I do say so myself, and the meal was a huge success.

So. LOTS of food today.

I managed to mostly keep up with my spells over the intervening days. I will give you a series of quick updates under the cut. I will note that I did spend the day after the DOWN THE DRAIN money spell, undoing it, and decided that was enough of a spell-of-the-day for that day, since it was supposed to be a day to get rid of something.

Spell for Jan. 18 was also ill-advised in my reckoning, so I skipped it. They wanted me to do a "weight loss" spell, which I'm always leery of, but am doubly-so since I had a cat who lost a ton of weight BECAUSE SHE WAS DYING. But, this one wanted me to make a paper cut out of my body shape and then slowly trim it with a scissors. Sorry, but scissors are ENDING magic again. The thread of life, man. It gets cut by a goddess wielding scissors. So... yeah, how about I NOT trim an image of myself with the DEATH IMPLEMENT.

I also forgot to do the Jan. 19 spell because I was busy playing D&D, I think, but I did it the next day as a part of that spell.

The spell for Jan. 20 was a ritual to bless my book of shadows. My main book of shadows was blessed some time in the 1990s, so I decided it would be nice to bless the book I've been using for my spell-a-day grimoire. My friend Naomi brought me back a lovely handmade book from her China trip and it's the perfect size for this project, so I've been using it. I did the blessing on that and it was very standard, no complaints.

The tarot spell that I forgot to do on Jan. 19, was supposed to be "Darkness Divination" where I pull a card to answer the question "What do I need to know?" I normally pull three, but, ironically (?) or perhaps magically, they all had the same basic message. I got:

The Knight of Cups, which asks me to follow my dreams and visions. The Page of Cups, which asks me to be open to new things, particularly relationships and also brings messages from dreams. The Fool, who of course epitomizes beginning a spirit quest or leaping off into the unknown in order to follow what others might see as a ridiculous dream/vision, etc.

The presence of the Major Arcana brings, as the kids might say, "big dick energy." So I don't know if the cards are referring to this spell-a-day project or to some spiritual journey that's much more all encompassing that I have yet to undertake. With The Fool, however, you always have to expect the unexpected, so I will keep my eyes/heart open.
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