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I think I stepped into a time warp.... or maybe I was just THAT busy these last few days?  I'm really not sure. It was one or the other. At least I do REMEMBER time passing, so I'm hopeful that it was the latter.  

Monday I worked at the library.  It was a very, very short shift--only three hours, 10 am to 1 pm.  Even so, I considered calling in to cancel because Mason woke up with a migraine and stayed home from school, but, given that he spent the day sleeping it off, I figured he'd hardly notice me gone for three hours. Plus, he's thirteen and has mastered the life skill of baking a frozen pizza for lunch.  

I'm not sure how much help I was at the library, however.  I was having one of those days were doing one thing took my whole attention and took FOREVER.  Normally--and, for some reason, especially at this particular branch--I'm a workhorse.  I do all the things kind of mindlessly and efficiently. This time I was like, "Oh, a book! I love books!" and I'd read the back cover flap and somehow an entire half hour would go away and when the book finally hit the shelf I was all, "Uh, oops, somehow I still have two thirds of a cart undone...." (On the other hand, I found a memoir about two pen pals that got me curious about other books about pen palling.)

When I left they were complaining about how they'd SOMEHOW fallen behind.  As I waved goodbye, I was thinking, "Yeah, I did that. You're welcome!"

Monday was also the day it SNOWED. I took a video and posted it on Facebook actually, because: dang.  It melted almost instantly but it was briefly disheartening to see tulips covered in snow.

Yesterday I spent hanging out with a friend during the day and teaching at the Loft at night.  My class continues to go really well. As I was saying to a friend, in a lot of ways, teaching the advanced/intermediate students is easy money.  I mean I put a lot of time and effort into critiquing, but, the thing is, so do they.  Learning to think about how writing WORKS (and when it doesn't) is invaluable. At least, it was for me. That's how I learned what I did about writing an why I always structure my classes so that a huge percentage of the time is spent engaging in peer (and instructor) critique.  I mean, I think that's also something people really want from a class--you know, a chance to talk about their own work, have it reviewed, and discussed.

I left last night full of energy, too. Of course I am an extrovert, so that would happen to me no matter what. I always leave the party late, with increased energy.  But my students are also really smart and engaged, so that's a double plus good boost. I came home at 11 pm to discover that I had forgotten to pick up cat food, so I turned around and went out to Walgreen's to pick up a couple of boxes of canned wet food. I probably didn't get to bed and asleep until midnight.  Which would be fine, I suppose, if the alarm didn't go off at 5:30 am. 

But today I did that thing where I pulled myself up out from under the covers long enough to put my clothes on and then I crawled back in to snooze until Shawn yelled that we were leaving. So, I probably stole an extra hour of sleep that way.  Granted, not DEEP sleep, but I'll take what I can get.

I also heard back from Twin Cities Geek. They're interested in having me, and so I sent along bios and photos and such.  Now I'm just waiting to figure out assignments.  I don't know if, like at Bitter Empire, I just do the thing and send it to them or if I'm going to get actual "do this thing" kinds of assignments.  Regardless, I'm honored, because reading through their site they seems like 'the cool kids.' (in a good way, like those slightly cooler than you, 'sempai'-types, but with whom you really, really want to hang out, because OMG SO COOL.)

Today I've got a few errands to run and then I'm going to spend some time at the coffee shop with 'The Ladies.' (A group that started out as the female contingent of Wyrdsmiths, but has morphed into a group of cool writer women.)

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