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 It's a gorgeous day.  I could even feel accomplished having vacuumed out the car (in preparation for a road trip), washed five rugs at the laundromat, and got international stamps at the post office and it's only just after 10:30 am.  

Yet, I'm feeling grouchy.  We woke up late today because we don't have to get Mason to school (which not only made me miss him, but I kind of hate starting my day later than intended,) AND Shawn woke up with a migraine. I only managed to consume a single cup of home brewed coffee on the way out the door. I would have bought myself a decent latte, but we're out of money. My cat, Buttercup, hissed at me when I picked him up after he escaped outside. And I think I overheard that the woman who owns the laundromat I frequent voted for that dick, 45. And, if the federal budget passes, the economy will tank.  Shawn, meanwhile, got news of the state budget and things look grim over at the Minnesota Historical Society, too.

I want to write or read or play in my garden, but at some point I need to go over to see Nate at the nursing home... and that's just depressing on so many levels, it's not even funny.  (Well, I mean, of course it's not funny, but... see, EVEN CLICHED EXPRESSIONS SUCK.)

I really think what is needed is a fresh pot of coffee. I tried re-heating some of what was left over from this morning and it's beyond gross.  Maybe once I do that I'll be able to enjoy this amazingly perfect weather.  
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I'm out of coffee in the house again, and I was feeling lazy, a bit down, and very self-indulgent, so I stopped off at my new favorite coffee shop in Downtown St. Paul, Claddaugh. Mary, the owner, and I are casual friends--we've known each other on and off since back when she used to work at my previously favorite coffee shop (before it moved) called Café Amore. At any rate, she asked me how things were, and I started in on a little whine about how I'm still without a contract. The guy standing beside me, who was waiting on his latte, asked me what I write. I told him I wrote science fiction and fantasy novels, which were, until recently, published by Penguin. He gave me a funny look. I figured the conversation was over and then he said, "How would you like to be a content manager for a web designing company?" And I said, "What? Are you offering me a job?" To which, he said, "Well... er, I'm offering you an interview."

I don't know if he was high or utterly charmed by my dog/bear hat or what, but I thought about it for about two seconds and said, "Sure, why not?" and handed him my business card.

I have no idea if anything will come of this, but it was a cool random act of... well, randomness, which I sorely needed this morning. I'm feeling a bit down because I have a sick fish. I haven't even wanted to write about my fish escapades lately because they've been so f*cking depressing. Death, death, with more death sauce. But, I was seriously considering getting out the camera yesterday because I've had one fish who I really thought was going to make it. We NAMED HIM AND EVERYTHING. But, this morning he's listless and kind of sunken to the bottom of the tank....

And, oh my god, it just about killed me, you know?

I mean, I have to say that, for the most part, despite the set backs in my life, I try really hard to remain a chipper and upbeat person. But goddamn fish.


I should try not to let this bring me down, but I hate being a bad fish mommy, you know?

But, back to the happier news, Shawn, Mason and I had a wonderful Halloween night. Mason got a decent haul of candy and we went to our usual spot at Sargent Avenue (near Cretin). The next block up decided to get into the spirit, too, so we ended up with twice as many houses to trick-or-treat at. Mason, however, seems to be getting to that age when what REALLY thrills him (beyond the costume) is handing out treats. This used to be my favorite part of the holiday, too, and I felt all warm and nostalgic sitting inside the house last night with Shawn listening to him talk to the little trick-or-treaters on the porch.

Here are a few pictures of the evening festivities:

I went as defeated Renji, because I found this just-a-bit-too-orange wig, but which had the right cut to be down-Renji hair at Party City where we bought Mason's costume:
costumes 002

Mason (as evil jester) and I getting ready to head out:
costumes 014

A close-up of Shawn (as witch) and Mason (still the scary harlequin):
costumes 020

As is typical for our neighborhood, and despite all my house-decorating efforts, we normally only get a dozen or so kids at our door. So, we're also left with a huge bucket full of the candy we bought. But, since this happens every year, we've gotten in the habit of not only buying cheap, but also buying a lot of the stuff we know _we_ like. So, I may eat every Sixlet we bought over the next several days. All I can say is that I'm glad I was weighed and had my cholesterol test LAST week....
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My astrologically inclined friends should tell me what's up in the universe because I feel very clumsy and "off," today. I got plenty of sleep and I've had two cups of coffee, but I still just sort of feel disconnected (and my allergies aren't acting up in any visible way.)


Anyway, I was just on Facebook and I have to say that people are strange. Sometimes I think really hard about what to put in my status line and I get no response, and some days, like yesterday, I make an off hand comment about my sparkly new workout outfit and I get eleven comments. Oh, yes, I should tell you, I have a new workout outfit that involves skin tight, clingy fabric, hot pink, sparklies, and "Hello, Kitty." The idea of me in this thing has apparently blown the minds of several science fiction editors and a large contingent of my friends. I think I look fabulous. As did the dudes at the gym who totally checked me out.

Today is also the day that Tom Piccarelli asks his followers to tell him what they're reading, and I wrote that I'm about a 100 pages into a book that came out some time ago that I never got around to reading: THE GHOST BRIGADE by John Scalzi (Tor, May 2007). I actually bought it when he and I shared a signing at Uncle Hugo's in May 2007, but it sat on my TBR pile. I was finally in the right mood for it, and though I think the story actually starts on page 85, I'm enjoying it as I do most of Scalzi's stuff. I find him reliably READABLE for some reason, and I enjoyed OLD MAN'S WAR tremendously for what it was.

In other reading news, I finished Lilith Saintcrow's first book which I'd previously raved about... and now I'm.... hmmmm. If I hadn't picked up book 3 in the series THE DEVIL'S RIGHT HAND, I think I'd actually be super pissed off and trying to find a safe, anonymous place to rant about my colleague. But something seems to happen in book 2 that reverses/negates the ending of book 1. I may have to go out and buy #2 or read a synopsis before starting #3...but after all that urban fantasy I was in the mood for space opera, so now it will have to wait until I finish Scalzi.

Over the weekend I had one of those moments I'm sure a lot of you do. I was sitting in the sunshine on the front porch with a pile of books trying to decide what I was in the mood for next. I had Laura Resnick's DOPPLEGANGSTER, which I picked up solely based on its awesome title, PRISON SHIP by Michael Bowers, which I picked up for reasons I'd rather not discuss, and a book I'd read before but thought I might re-read if nothing else struck me WAR CHILD by Karen Lowachee. In the mix, too, was THE GHOST BRIGADE, which obviously won. But it occured me that a lot of reading I do has a lot to do with mood. I wanted (and no offense to Scalzi) a kind of high octane, slightly over the top, space opera.

The other thing I need to do today is get some publicity postcards ready for Tate and me. Speaking of May, Tate has a new book coming out and a signing at Uncles that I need to let people know about, which also means I should have some postcards for my two other books on hand to give out to people. So stuff to do. I should pack up now and move to the other coffee shop for my weekly writing date.

Hope you all are doing well!
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Tomorrow Mason has another one of those "early release" days (days off for good behavoir?) and I'm thinking we might need to do some outside time again. On the radio I heard an appalling statistic (that might not be true, because it was part of an ad,) but they claimed that Americans spend UPWARD of 90% of their time indoors.

I have to say on chilly days like today, I'm totally one of those, but... jeez, we need to go out more, people!

Also, I baked an apple pie today. I've been baking a lot. Part of it is because I'm home more, and part of it is because of that creeping sense of the coming apocalpyse/economic collapse/McCain victory. (Banish, banish, banish, banish, banish...!)

My fish are all well. I think my minnows may have laid eggs. Most of which I think they ate, but there are still a few clinging to one of the plastic plant leaves -- though those could be snail eggs, of which there are a ton all over.

My writing is happening. I've decided I'm going to divide my time between my two books. Today is prequel day. Tomorrow I'll be Tate. We'll see how that all works out.

I found out today that my agent dropped a friend of mine as a client. I'm really, deeply bummed, but she hasn't been able to sell his awesome novel and maybe someone else will have better luck. Still. It makes me sad. I absolutely despise a lot of the business stuff that goes down in this profession.

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