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Today was the day I'd signed up for a friend's meal train.

She was coming back home from fairly complex surgery yesterday and I'd agreed to bring "chili, and maybe bread, If I'm not too lazy." (Actually, I wrote "bead" on the form, but I meant "bread." I'm not sure how one would eat bead.) That meant that I started making bread around 8:00 am, right away when I got back from dropping everyone off. Bread is one of those things that is both time-consuming and takes no actual time. 4/5ths of the "time" bread takes, it's just sitting in a bowl doing its own thing. I put the bread in the oven at 10 am and started the chili, with the plan to drop-off precisely at noon.

The nice thing about making this particular bread (which these days is in the cookbook as "Lyda's French Bread,") is that it makes two loaves. I planned to give one to my friend and save the other for dinner tonight. I'd bought pork chops, thinking it would be a nice meat and potatoes + bread kind of meal... but that's a later story.

My friend lives in Minneapolis, so I got everything ready around 11:30 am (I'd bought flowers for her when I was at Kowalski's this morning, too,) and headed over probably a bit too early--but I'm like that. I'd much rather arrive five minutes early than five minutes late. Plus, now-a-days, I tend to get lost going into Minneapolis... which is weird, since it's the city I first moved to. But, apparently, I've been rejected by the Minneapolis fairy (and adopted by the St. Paul trolls.)

I only made one wrong turn and so drove around aimlessly, wasting time a bit before pulling up to the house.

I was really surprised to see her up and walking. Did I mention major surgery?? But, good on her. She and her wife were getting rid of some books and so I looked through those and chose a few for the little free library (Full Metal Alchemist light novels!) and myself (yaoi!). Their kitty inspected me very closely. Much sniffing. They have one cat named Uryuu, named after Bleach's Ishida Uryuu.

But, I wasn't there to have lunch WITH them, so I made my excuses and headed home.

For myself, I ate a couple of bowls to the chili before going over... so it was kind of breakfast/brunch (?) --though, ostensibly to taste test them. I'm not sure what to think of the fact that I gave myself heartburn. Mmmm.. Hopefully, my friends did not suffer the same. I'm telling myself that I got heartburn because it was the first thing I ate, and I had TWO bowls of it.

Dinner turned out to be "ah... no one really wants that" when I picked my family up, so now Shawn is in the kitchen eating bread and butter (and complaining that we don't have milk for cereal,) Mason took himself to Culver's just up the road, and I had a sausage sandwich at Caribou Coffee. I've had a little bread and cheese and butter, too, along with my tea. But, it's sort of sad "yoyo" (you're on your own) dinner. I probably should have put my foot down and declared the pork chops a "shut up and eat it" meal. But, bah. Thing is, I really like making food that people WANT to eat. Thus, when people don't want what I'm making, I don't want to make what I'm making, if that makes sense.

I'd rather save the pork chops for when everyone is in the mood for them.

In other news, last night's spell-of-the-day was the first one I've actively decided to 'unwind.'

Spell-a-Day, Jan. 16.

Remember how I said a good witch follows their intuition when casting spells? Well, I lost my mind and just mindlessly followed this "Triple Circle Money Spell" by Storm Faerywolf. The spell had me do a bunch of things I normally associate with money spells--dress a green candle, write a certain amount of money on a slip of paper, have some money symbols around (in this case I had a bunch of actual quarters, left over from my run to the laundromat). But, where things got weird was this "triple circle." One part was the quarters (okay, still good,) one was camomile flowers (okay, sure,) the next was... SALT.

I don't know about you, but for me, salt is a magic killer. You sprinkle salt when you want to banish a spirit. Sure, sure, it protects, but that's because it ACTS AS A MAGICAL BARRIER. Why am I putting this around my spell? Am I keeping the money in, or throwing up an obstacle to gaining it?

I went with it because salt... is also a precious spice? It's an excellent earth symbol, and earth = coins/pentacles, in Tarot, so... yes, manifesting energy.

But, then, the kicker? After the candle had burned down, I was supposed to take the remains of the camomile flowers and the salt and bath in it. Again, I did this because I was like, sure, okay, "you're soaking in it!" THEN, it came time to get out of the tub and I watched all the bits of camomile--the spell--go down the drain.

Did this feel like I just put all this energy into manifesting money and then literally flushed it down the drain?


Yes, it did.

When I told my Wiccan family about this, Shawn almost jumped out of her chair and shouted, "UNDO IT, UNDO IT!!" Mason shook his head and was like, "Do these people even do the spells they write??"

So, I spent some time this morning making a wittershins (counter-clockwise) version of part of the spell, and then re-did the parts that made sense--green candle, circle of money, etc.

Hopefully, this way, if a specific amount of money goes down the drain at some point this year, we will get it back.

Le sigh

Tonight I'm supposed to 'ditch' a resolution that isn't working for me. Given that I only made the one resolution (to do spell-a-day), I'm not sure I'll be doing this one--although maybe I should "ditch" the part where I DO STUPID SPELLS.

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