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 One nice thing about having old technology is that I'm not nearly as tempted by the shiny that is the interwebs.  

On a side-note, do you suppose this happens to Captain America a lot?  Tony: "Steve! Where the hell were you? We texted you a half dozen times!" Steve: *glances at iPhone* "Oh! That's what all that beeping was! I forget about this thing all the time." Because, he would. He grew up, like I did, without the internet, but he also grew up without TV, which is almost impossible for me to imagine. Captain America must have the concentration abilities of a GOD. I would also bet you money that movies give him heart palpitations and possibly motion sickness (mostly this guess is based on Mason's first reaction to a "normal speed" movie--previously, as a kid, because we didn't do TV, he liked really slow animation, like Bambi).

Anyway, the point is, and I do have one, that I've been able to get a lot of writing done. As I mentioned in passing, I have this project from my agent that I'm working on. I don't know why, but she'd really like to sell something more of mine to Tapas Media.  I'll be honest, she probably just wants to sell ANYTHING of mine to ANYONE, since it's been a long time since I've had anything to give her. I suspect that was why the idea of another trunk novel, however bad, excited her. 

It's just... this trunk novel.... it's not just "oh, I wasn't all that into it" kind of bad. It's the kind of bad where, because I was writing for a proto-NaNoWriMo type thing where I was just trying to get a certain number of words done in a day, I have actual sections that read like this: "His eyes were blue, not just a run of the mill blue, but the bluest blue like the bluest blue sky ever." That's a paraphrase, but I was basically just willing to repeat words in order to get words on the page.  On top of that, I had not done the kind of pre-planning that's required for a successful NaNoWriMo and so, when I got bored of the main love interest, I randomly replaced him with his evil twin, with no set-up or foreshadowing or anything. 

This is not a novel I want to put my name on.

I don't even think it COULD sell, even if we sent it to someone.But, Martha also handily sent me a list of "features" that Tapas found successful, and so I thought: I'm not writing anything for-profit right now. Why not just try writing something to spec?  

So far, it's working. That is, I'm feeling good about the words going on the page which is more than I can say about a lot of the writing projects I've started in the past several years.  Anyway, wish me luck.

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You know, if the universe rewarded people who wrote a LOT of fictional content, I'm fairly sure I'd be eligible for SOMETHING. :-)

Today, on offer, is the second chapter of the project that I'm doing with my fellow writer Rachel Gold/Calish and the artists Mandie Brasington and Alexis Cooke, the School for Wayward Demons and Misfit Witches. This chapter is called "Lily Has No Choice: and introduces demon-hunter, tracker extraordinary (retired) Lily, who is a character from Rachel Calish's book The Demon Abraxas. (There might be other cameos too....) :-)

Anyway, I hope you'll go check it out.  I'm very proud of the work I've put into this project.  It's a fun ensemble cast and was generally such a blast to write.
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My experiment continues. I've just posted (as Tate) the third installment of my work-in-progress: the sequel to Precinct 13, UnJust Cause.

Here's where you can read it:

If you're confused about what I'm doing over there, the short of it is that I've really struggled with motivation to write ever since I was dropped by my publisher. The idea of posting this is a work-in-progress on WattPad is to keep the momentum going. I am really hoping to develop a following and a community there, so I can be encouraged to keep on keeping on.

I can't really say it's working so far. It's possible that I've been silent too long. My readers may have given up on me, which is totally fair. I really dropped out of the scene pretty hard. Particularly as Tate.

I probably should have considered doing this sort of self-publishing thing immediately, but, the truth is I held out hope that one of my other projects would sell quickly. Obviously, that didn't happen, and when it didn't, I was very thrown for a loop. I still have projects that I'm hoping my agent will be able to sell, but I probably wasted a lot of valuable time scrambling around trying to fight a system that changed on me, seemingly overnight.

For instance, she and I were still trying to sell books on proposal, which, apparently, despite how many books you've had published, you really can't do any more. You need to have a finished project, ideally, but, if not that, then a lot of finished product to show off. I didn't have that, and so when there was interest, I had to scramble and write... which I'm not as good at. I did my very best, but I'm much better at having a chance to have a lot of revision and time to feel my way into a character and the plot. So, no surprise, those 'samples' fell flat for a lot of publishers....

...which, of course, only continued to depress me.

So, the whole idea behind publicly posting my work on WattPad was to up my confidence. But, alas, I've lost half my readers between my first post and my second. So... that kind of sucks. I'm not sure what to make of it. It wasn't like I had an overwhelming response for my first post, either.

However, I'm still trying to use the publication schedule I've set for myself as a motivator. At least if I write a 2,000+ word installment a week, that's forward progress. Considering that previously I was writing zero words a week, that's a very good thing. So, I'm not ready to write off this experience just yet. Not by a long shot.

For those who are wondering, yes, the end result should be a self-published e-book. Provided, of course, I stick with this.

In other news, I'm hoping to see "Captain America: Winter Soldier" today at noon. I'm sure to have a review of sorts for you tomorrow (which I promise to put under the cut). Also, tomorrow is Wednesday, so Mason and I will have a podcast for you (talk about a dwindling audience! Ah well.) But, he and I will talk Bleach and the new SnK and Toriko and whatever else strikes our fancy. Maybe I'll give a little review of Detour, too.

Anyway, there you are.

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