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 I know many of you would counsel me to toss my Spell-a-Day book in the open river after the pipe incident, BUT y'all have to know that today's "spell" was really quite spectacular.  It was actually just a meditation that wanted me to go for a walk.

Winter view of como lake

Since I had to go out to Roseville DMV to collect my tabs for the car, anyway, I stopped on the way home to make a brisk walk around Como Lake. Right now, it's 17 F / -8 C, though I suspect the windchill makes it quite a bit colder. I hadn't intended to go the whole distance around the lake (1.6 miles / 2.6 km), but you know how it is once you start. I kept thinking, "Oh, I'm probably halfway around now..." 

The picture doesn't do justice to how sunny it got. The sun broke and was so bright that I wished that I'd thought to grab my sunglasses.  There are always people walking their dogs, jogging, or strolling around Lake Como, so I nodded a "good morning" to about a half dozen people and several puppers/doggos--including two Huskies that looked like they thought this was the BEST TEMPERATURE EVER, even as I was wondering if I would ever regain feeling in my thighs.

I spotted a couple funky little nests hanging like purses from the branches that I've asked my birding friends for help identifying.

purse like nest. Seemed to be made partly of moss?

Google gave me the option of red-eyed vireo, which is a kind of warbler that does seem to live around here at least part of the time.  But, I really don't know anything from birds, so I hope my friends will have a clue. My friend Sharon "Bird Chick" Stitler, says that's an oriole.  I didn't know we had those here, but that's awesome. 

After my walk, I stopped at Kowalski's because I work tonight, and the current plan my family has to deal with my absence is to "have something frozen" for dinner. But, they couldn't give me anything more specific than that to work with, so I picked up a variety of frozen options for them. 

Mason has work tonight, too, so he's going to have to make his way home via the light rail.  Shouldn't be a problem for him. He's gone on several walkabouts that have taken him far enough afield that he just hopped the light rail back home.  (Free range kids are the best!)  

Meanwhile, I can't remember the last time I had a library shift. I'm a little concerned because I think they changed the time sheet process during my absence, so that may require some poking around on the emails.  (This is why I stay home. It's too difficult out there in the real world!)  But, Shoreview is often fairly chill in the evenings, so I should have time to figure things out.

Hopefully, I didn't just jinx it, by suggesting that, however.

Right, well. I'd best hop up and get the rest of the around the house chores done before I have to pick people up and then turn around and head off to work. 
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 Yesterday was a... bad work day.  Sunday is always a weird day to have to go into work, but I also managed to get it into my head that I worked from noon to 5 pm, when, in fact, as I discovered when I flipped over the calendar page, I worked from 11 am to 5 pm.  When did I discover this?  11:15 am. 

That was the first hassle of the day. 

To be fair, I didn't really sweat it. I felt like an idiot hopping into the car already late, but I knew there was no way I could race there (Shoreview) in a decent amount of time.  I was going to end up working noon to 5, and so that's what I put down on my timesheet when I arrived. My colleagues were unimpressed, but not terribly angry. Subs routinely space out and totally forget entire shifts. I, at least, managed to make it there for five out of the six hours.  Not great, but not actually AWFUL.

The real hassle?  I managed to fall off a stool while shelving in the kids' section.

For reasons known only to the Shoreview Library furniture buying person, there are these intentionally tipsy bouncy chairs strewn throughout the children's area. I guess they're fun when you're five?  When you're fifty and you're expecting your butt to connect to something solid, they are MUCH LESS FUN.  I went sprawling (in front of everyone, too,) and managed to deeply bruise my butt and my hip and my shoulder. And, because I am fifty and not five, I'm still suffering today.

Thank god(s) for ibuprofen.

And, an hour ago, my boss called. They're in desperate straits, can I please, please pretty please work for a few hours in New Brighton? OMG I wanted to say no, but I've been saying no a lot lately, and it was time for a 'yes.' I still managed to negotiate for a slightly shorter shift, but only because of the pain in my butt.


Dec. 3rd, 2013 06:49 pm
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I forgot to mention! I just got the page proofs for Messiah Node from Wizard Tower's Press. So I'm going to be spending the next couple of days re-reading an old favorite. I have to say, after all this time, it's a lot like reading a brand-new book written by someone else. Sometimes I'm not even sure I remember how things end...


I spent much of today running around. I had to go off to the Ramsey County Library's administration office in Shoreview and prove my American citizenship. I had quite the adventure getting there. Google maps gives very Spartan directions and I wasn't aware that Hamline Avenue intersects Snelling THREE DIFFERENT TIMES. Turns out? I was supposed to follow the LAST time it intersected... I went around in several circles. Luckily, I built in a lot of "get lost" wiggle room because, well... I do this. So, I kind of expected to spend a lot of time circling the target, as it were. But, I got there and filled out all the forms and now the next thing I need to do is schedule training. Then, I will officially be a sub/page.

It's actually been a busy working week for me. I did this running around today, but I've also been trying to give the Wolves (aka SofaWolf) some of my time, as they try to wind down their kick starter for Digger. So, I put in a couple of hours yesterday in between doctors appointments for Shawn, and a few more today, after administrating at the library.

Tomorrow, I'm going to be doing dog walking, which I'll be doing pretty much every day until next Tuesday while my boss at Friendly Face Pet Services in on vacation. So, busy-busy-busy for me.

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