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Yesterday, when I went to pick Shawn up at the History Center, I saw a baby bunny just sitting in the road, near the curb.  She seemed stunned, maybe?  So I went to try to shoo her back into cover, but it became evident that she was injured.  There was blood near her neck.  Worse, (because it's not a good sign when wild animals can be easily picked up), I was able to scoop her up and get her into a towel filled bucket that Shawn prepared.  We took her to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.  

It was the longest drive of my life. The Rehabilitation Center is actually not all that far away--just on the other side of Hwy36 on Dale.  But, not long ago, I picked up a bird that was stunned and it died while in transport, and... I just.  The world is full of awful things, and I just did NOT want a dead baby bunny in the back of my car.

She made it to the Center, at least. She perked up a bit, once inside, actually. Hopping about a little.  But, who knows what happened to her overnight, if she pulled through, or if I only managed to make her death that much more frightening and strange.  I'm going to hope that my attempt to rescue her will save her.  

Then the news hit about health care and that traitor John McCain.  You know, if this were Ireland, they'd have a song about that guy already, I swear to gods. 

All of this contributed, I think, to this sense I woke up with today. I feel like I'm behind on something or I've forgotten something important.  So I spent much of the morning so far reading something that I promised someone I would--a beta reading thing.  I got that done.  In a minute or two I will hop up and do the dishes. Normally today is a day for me to go to the coffee shop and hang out with the ladies, but I'm skipping that in favor of attempting to do enough stuff around the house to banish this feeling. I suspect what I'm feeling is actually 'political hopelessness' like I did right before the election, and what I need to do is garden or sweep or do something else physical. (I have a feeling that if I were still doing martial arts, this political season would have made me an uber-athlete, because my desire to punch stuff and scream is very high right now.)

It's drizzle raining outside which isn't helping my mood, alas.

Okay, off to banish this feeling by doing something.
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It's been a long time since my last post, so I have a few things to report. First of all, y'all were absolutely right: the "Star Trek" re-boot rules. There was so much awesome and everyone's already seen it so, yeah. What you guys said. Only one very, very small moment of fangeekitude regret for me. Okay, I know that this is an alternate universe (which was deeply clever and totally worked for me), BUT the Kobashi Maru, didn't live up to its hype. I wanted the Old Universe Kirk to, yes, cheat in terms of re-programming the simulation, but also do one of those "I totally pulled this con act out of my ass and you were punked" kinds of things ala "The Corbornite Maneuver." I wanted a hint of the part of Captain James T. Kirk that is all about the hunches that we know and love. I found the whole "whatever. I'm just munching on an apple" attitude really annoying, and the only part of the young Kirk's characterization that seemed a bit off (and off-putting, for me.)

Another thing I've learned about myself the older I get is that the characters I used to find square and uninteresting totally turn me on now. Spock was hot. It blows my mind to think that I feel that way now, but put Spock up there with Captain America and Daredevil as a character I used to be vaguely uninteresting that now rocks my world. I'm so glad he got to say "fascinating" at least once too.

I wonder.... is Spock/Kirk getting its own relaunch? (Weirdly, I might actually read that.)

In gardening news, I put a lot of plants in over the weekend, including some herbs from Shady Acres. It was a lot of work, but the yard is very slowly starting to appear more "intentional" which is my constant goal given my tendency towards overgrown, weed-friendliness.

As we were coming back with some gardening supplies from Menards on Saturday, I saw a live baby bunny hopping through our underbrush. Seeing that made the whole sad day much less so.

Okay, got to go work. See you all soon.

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