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 Why isn't it punctuated "Mothers' Day"?  That's my question.  I mean when Mason was born, I decided that I was far too selfish to share a day with Shawn and so we invented Ima's Day (December 5, the day I legally adopted him), which makes sense as a singular, since it is only celebrated by Mason, who, in point of fact, only has one person he calls 'Ima.' But, like the big Hallmark thing is supposed to be for all mothers, isn't it?


Shawn had a lovely Mother's Day. Facebook informed her that four years ago, we had apparently made the food of her people, aka fleischkuekle, and so she turned her big brown eyes to me and said, "Pleeeeaaaassssee." Which always works, so we spent a huge portion of the day making and frying up fleischkuekle. We now have 120 of these lovely little meat pockets. And, I spent three hours deep frying them--that was a little less fun, but, honestly, I've gotten to the point where I don't have to watch them, I can listen to the sound of the grease.  There's a particular change in the bubbling noises when they're ready to be flipped. So, I sat next to the deep frier and read. I ended up reading a lot of random manga, which I queued up for Mangakast.  (If you ever want to read my reviews of the manga I'm reading, check out: WARNING: I do read a lot of NSFW yaoi and yuri and I review them using the grown-up words, though I do tend to eschew writing out the swears for some reason, probably because I started this blog/podcast when Mason was still quite young.)

Today, I managed to get outside and mow before the thunderstorm hit today. I also remembered to pull the grill into the garage. We'd grilled out on Saturday, after my shift at the library.

The weather was amazing this weekend, although I'm not super-fond of actual heat, which is to say anything over 72 degrees F (22.2 C).

I didn't manage any gardening despite the amazing weather, mostly because I worked noon to 5 on Saturday at Roseville, and then cooked all dang day yesterday (don't listen to me, it was fun. There's something really soul feeding rather than tiring about making ethnic food like that, which is made by the whole family, talking in the kitchen all day, generally in community, as it were.)

I actually managed a lot today. For some reason I was convinced I'd have no time to read and review my critiques for tomorrow's class so I quick drove out to Office Max for printer cartridges for our little Jet Ink thingie, printed out stuff for class, and read some work that I'm being paid to critique this morning as well.  I did a bunch of laundry, most of the dishes, mowed, and... a whole slue of little things I'd been meaning to do forever.  I guess this is what productivity is, eh?  I'm not very familiar.

Speaking of that, I ought to get that next load in the drier.  

Ja mata!

Date: 2017-05-16 04:11 pm (UTC)
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I've always assumed it's Mothers Day, plural, no possessive. Because if there's anything mothers are good at, it's sharing.

In an unrelated note, I've just migrated my entire LJ to Dreamwidth. If I hadn't just printed a thousand business cards with the old address, I'd abandon ship entirely.

In the meantime, do you know if there's an easy way to cross post to both platforms?

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