Jul. 3rd, 2017

lydamorehouse: (ticked off Ichigo)
 Actually, I think we have things under control, but in a fashion that is very typical of my family, today, only about four days before CONvergence starts, Mason says, "Oh, yeah, there's some cosplay stuff I should probably get together."  Only the stuff?

Is all of it.

However, this year he's decided on someone fairly do-able, IMHO. This year, Mason wants to go as the medic from TF2 (Team Fortress 2) a video game:

medic's outfit from TF2

The biggest hold up is, of course, the coat.  I have suspenders, we found a wide, black belt. The gloves can be faked with dish washing gloves painted the appropriate color. He's got any number of pants and we can find not-perfect/but close-enough boots.  We drove all over creation today attempting to find a trench coat we could modify.  No luck!  However, I had the brilliant flash that we could find a double breasted (or possibly even single-breasted) coat like this at a chef's uniform store (I saw a lab coat on their web site that was very close for $30) at somewhere like Midway Uniform which is literally right up the street (next to Ax-Man).  

Guess what?

It's closed today for the holiday.

Luckily, Mason and his friends probably won't go to CONvergence until Friday at the earliest, so I think we're going to be able to pull this one off. Mason has the round glasses already. He wears them every day.  His blue hair isn't quite right, but it's a similar haircut and he thought he might as well go as the "blue team" version (probably with a white coat, but again, we're all about the "close enough" look).  He and his friends have already made one of the props that this guy carries--a hacksaw gun.   So, that will also be recognizable enough.

Some day we will start this process earlier.

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