Feb. 4th, 2017

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 Shawn has been low on fabric for her rugs, so we did a Good Will fabric run today. We live very close to the Good Will outlet, so we drove over there and hunted through the bins. The outlet is kind of neat in that the stuff that's out in only minimally processed. Shoes, shirts, luggage, swimsuits... all the clothes stuff is all together.  Plates and household stuff in other bins.  Whatever you find? Is paid for by the POUND.  I can't remember how much per pound, but we filled a shopping cart with fabric and paid sixty bucks.

I am attempting another photograph.  In case this one does not show up, it is a pile of clothes and our curious cat, Buttercup, sniffing around the edges.
good will haul

Otherwise today has been fairly low-key.  I just finished making a batch of chocolate chip cookies for Mason to take over to Rosemary's house tonight.  This morning I got up bright and early and met my friend Michaela for coffee and to practice Japanese calligraphy.  That was nice. Michaela is someone I don't know terribly well. I mostly know her wife, Anna, from conventions. (If you've ever seen me in my shinigami cosplay, the uniform is actually Anna's. I borrowed it YEARS ago and have never managed to get it back to her.) Anyway, yay for spending time with new-ish people and doing art-type things.

With Mason out of the house tonight, Shawn is insisting on her favorite dinner: homemade pizza.  Mason, who would like to have my chicken curry in a hurry EVERY NIGHT, has explained that he is officially sick of my homemade pizza.  I'm just glad that I'm a sufficiently competent cook that both members of my family have favorite meals I can make them with ease.  

This is the thing. I've had some clashes with friends/family of mine about vegetarianism. I tend to get really mad when half-way through a meal I discover that I've made something they can't eat.  People always assume I'm grouchy because I have something against vegetarianism or vegans of vegetarians themselves.  I don't.  What gives me the greatest pleasure as a host is seeing people so enjoying a meal that they stuff their faces and beg for more. To me, that's success.  When someone is left out or is unhappy because the meal excludes them in some way, I'm cranky.  I want everyone to be full and happy, you know?  Rosemary has decided to be vegetarian. I don't know the extent to which she's "out" at home, but I've been desperately trying to accommodate her when she eats over her.  Only, it turns out that she hates all meat substitutes.  Of course, I find this out by failing her.  And, I know it's tough to offer suggestions to the host when you're only thirteen, but... ugh.  


This weekend has been low political action for me.  Mason and I were scheduled to attend a protest on Friday night at the airport, but we decided last minute not to go.  I might have nudged him, but I've been in need of an aggressive self-care day.  I pretty much avoided the news (except a little from social media about the "Bowling Green Massacre.")  So, it was absolutely fine with me to keep on with the day's theme and just leave the revolution to someone else for the day.  It's far from over, so I am conserving my strength for the long fight.  

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