Jan. 27th, 2017

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I went to the laundromat to wash a few of our rag rugs. We have a lot of rugs, which is good, because washing them is a pain in the butt. The cats, meanwhile, LOVE to puke on our rugs, so there are always rugs in need of washing. This morning, Suds America was pretty quiet. Just me, the attendant, and a bearded, middle-aged white guy who very meticulously folded each of his socks.

Mason technically has the day off school today, but his LEGO team decided to meet to work on their various projects. I dropped him off at 8:30 am, and will be picking him up at noon.

Shawn went in late today, too, because she's starting to get migraine-related nausea. Because I guess the migraines and the tingling limbs aren't enough.

So not the BEST Friday, so far.

Despite my burst of productivity at the laundromat, I also feel weirdly wiped out. I woke up and promptly had some kind of allergy attack. Much sneezing and a runny, drippy nose (and one eye teared up). Q Library had wanted me to come in--as did work, but I said no to the one and agreed to tomorrow for the other.

We had a nice get together at the Randall's last night (these are Mason's not-girlfirend's parents). Lisa made a fun slow cooker "stir-fry" with chicken and peanut sauce. We talked politics a little, because she and I are considering starting some kind of Sunday get-together thing where women share resources and energy and ideas for political projects. But, mostly, it was just hanging out and chatting, which was badly needed.

I was telling Shawn this morning that I'm so pleased that both Mason and his not-girlfriend really enjoy listening in and occasionally joining the adult conversation. I was very much the same way at their age, and I think I learned a LOT listening in at my parent's knees, as it were. Both of the kids are very articulate and smart, too.

I'm reading this book right now--a non-fiction book-- about communication in the Digital Age and the author makes a lot out of the fact that most teenagers (in particular, but really, EVERYONE) allows technology to intrude into the natural silences or meanders of conversation.

That didn't happen last night. Everyone was very present, even the kids. I mean, to be fair, there are always conversational gambits that are more engaging than others, but, like, no one checked their email during the downtimes (they might have stared into space, but we all do that as an indication of 'you lost me'). But no one actively pulled out a phone to check out of the conversation, as it were.

At any rate, I'm glad Mason and his friend are more interested in what people are talking about in-person than they are with whatever's happening on their phones.

Gives me hope for the next generation.

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