Jan. 17th, 2017

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 I got my family off this morning.  Last night, apparently, it rained, froze, and then snowed on top of that.  It was very gross and i was fairly sure that we would NEVER chip the ice off the windshields in time to do our usual Tuesday morning bagel run.  

Sometime ago, my family started the tradition of Tuesday morning bagels.  It might have been me who suggested that Tuesdays are actually much worse than Mondays because people EXPECT Mondays to suck.  You go to bed on Sunday, knowing full well you need to be braced for Monday, you need to mentally gird your loins, as it were.  Tuesdays? No one is ready for the suck of Tuesdays. 

Except us, because we have bagels.

But, of course, today is a Tuesday-masquerading-as-Monday because we all had Martin Luther King, Jr. Day off, and so it's actually kind of a double-whammy.  We probably should have gotten twice the bagels.  But we were already running late.

Our new recycling bins are working out great, but I've already called the recycling company to order the largest size.  We're a single-family house, but we recycle a LOT.  Of course, it's hard to know if we'd actually have overflowed since 1) we had the last curb-side pick-up on Thursday, and the first alley/bin pick-up on Monday, and 2) some yahoo dumped their recycling in our bin.  OMG that made me mad. I was cursing up a blue-streak in the alley because not only did they dump it in our pristine bin, but also they DID IT WRONG. They dumped things in in an enclosed plastic bag (NOT OKAY, and that meant I had to tear open and dump in their gross recycling) and they also didn't break-down one of the cardboard beer boxes and just stuffed gross recycling in that, too.  I HATE PEOPLE SOMETIMES.  It's especially annoying since you can get more recycling bins and larger ones FOR FREE.  


So, I made that phone call first thing today. I'm going to also have to get on the phone and schedule a visit from our handyman.  We need a few things fixed around the house, and I've been putting off calling until we had enough stuff to fill an hour of his time. 

After that, it's probably going to be another call to Senator Franken's office again, because I see he sits on the House Committee for Health, Education, Labor, and Pension, which oversees the appointment of the Secretary of Health and Human Services.  Trump's pick is Tom Price, whose senate track record is pretty abysmal when it comes to women's and GLBTQIA+ rights.  I'll let you know how that call goes. I suspect that Franken is against this appointment, but I still think it's important to call.  The Education Secretary confirmation hearing is heard by the same committee. So, yay, a twofer!  (Head's up people in Wisconsin, Sen. Tammy Baldwin is on this committee, too. No reps from Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, North or South Dakota, alas. Next closest is Indiana: Sen. Todd Young.)

Otherwise, a friend and I are considering doing a thing called Solidarity Sundays. I just wrote to the organizers to get more information about possibly starting a Minnesota chapter.  The idea is that a bunch of women gather in someone's home to do political action together--calling, letter writing campaigns, things like that. Basically, just another way to keep the momentum going.  
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Tonight I'm going to be at a panel discussion about "Women in SF and Writing Female Characters" with fellow writers Victorya Crane and Abra Staffin-Wiebe at the AZ Gallery in Lowertown at 7-9 PM TONIGHT (January 17, 2017).

The AZ Gallery is located at: 308 Prince St, Suite 130, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55101

For more information check out the event'sFacebook Page

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