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It might be the beans and rice I had for lunch (that's a lotta fiber!), but I actually think it's nerves. I just finished a draft of my proposal submission package for Carina Press. A friend of mine is beta reading it RIGHT NOW and I think that's part of my grumbling tummy. I mean I like this novel start. I once read it at a WorldCON reading and there's someone who heard that reading who keeps asking after it. So, I know it doesn't suck on a fundamental level, but breaking through this block I've head is... kinda a big deal, you know?

After she reads it and makes comments, I'll have a couple more days to polish it up. The proposals are due June 4, 11:59 Eastern Time!  So, an hour earlier for me, but still basically I have until late night on Sunday to get it all in working order.  


What, who me?


Anyway, I'm distracting myself from watching over her shoulder in Google Docs by writing this... and listening to my stomach gurgling like crazy!


I felt inspired to finish up and send it along to my beta reader today because I got some other good writer news. Several months ago, a friend encouraged me to send in a short flash fiction piece to a Queer SF flash anthology, (on the theme of "renewals.') I'm excited to report that I may or may not be a winner, but, regardless, they have selected my piece for inclusion in their anthology. Whoohoo! As their letter to me explains, "This does not mean you are or are not also a winner in the contest - you’ll have to wait to find out. ;) We will be announcing the honorable mentions, runners up, judges choices and winners over the next couple months." So I'm still in the running for the cash prize, too.

A red letter day, I would say if I hadn't recently realized that's a Biblical reference.

Maybe I'll still say it. I mean, I used to write religious stuff, after all.  A RED LETTER DAY.
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 And... it's a bit messy.  

This is my way of saying that I've had some epiphanies about my work-in-progress, but since I'm writing this 'out loud' I'm having to wrestle the plot back under control in a very public way.  Still, I think this whole thing is kind of valuable.  I mean, how often do you, as a reader, get a chance to watch a writer figuring a novel out as she goes along?  

I feel like this is clunky, but it will be interesting to see what my regular readers make of it.  Because, maybe, it's not as obvious as I feel it is.  It's hard to say.  Go see what you think, if you'd like.  

I will admit that I nearly named this chapter, "Part 23: In which things come to a head and a decision is made..."  a very A. A. Milnes kind of chapter title, but I decided instead to call it "Part 23: Word Up."

I have to dash off to work... but I'm pleased to have managed this, warts and all!  :-)
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It's Tuesday, so that means Tate has posted the newest installment of UnJust Cause for you over at WattPad.  In this episode, Alex discovers just how much she sucks at being a fugitive....

Part 20: Shatterer of Worlds

Also, I'm still trying to decide what to do with this blog.  I wish I had a better sense of how, if at all, this site was viewed by may family and friends. In the meantime, I think I will take advantage of the no-limit photo sharing of Tate's Blogspot account and post my pictures there.  I have, after all, been trying to figure out a way to drive more traffic to Tate's site, so maybe being a regular blogger there as well as here might be the trick.
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So, the newest installment of my work-in-progress is up on Wattpad: in which tool-welding corvids stage a jail break.

I've veered off outline for these last couple of installments, but I think I'm pushing my way back toward the outline.  Wish me luck.

Also, I need to make time tonight to keep working on the e-book version of this.  Of course, being me, things are changing fairly significantly as I do revision.  This was bound to happen.  Ask anyone in my writers' group.
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Yep, it's that time again. There's another short adventure for you to enjoy up on Wattpad:

There's a lot of magic happening in this bit, as Alex finds herself arrested for assault and tossed into a holding cell that seems to have been built to hold a very specific thing....


Sorry I've been absent from here. There's been a lot going on, and, for some reason, I was having a lot of trouble uploading pictures lately. I really wanted to show off some more cool con photos I took as well as me in my fancy new Renji shirt. Plus, this morning I was thrown for a loop as Bleach came out early and so I've been rolling around in the aftermath of that... like you do.

(Yeah, I just tried uploading again and got the same problem. It seems to say its uploaded 100%, but then never finishes the process so I can actually put the image in. Very weird and irritating.  I had this problem previously, fixed it by moving things to dropbox and going from there, but then it fixed itself.  I'm kind of being lazy about Dropbox because, honestly, I think I may have filled my free capacity and, I never remember my password....)

ANYWAY, enjoy the Tate thing.  I'll be back with more tomorrow.  Mason and I are going to record our podcast tonight, so I might put that up immediately after its done or first thing in the morning tomorrow.  Thing is, when you're doing this kind of immediate commentary, it can get stale if you don't post ASAP.  And there's a LOT to talk about with this week's Bleach as well as the new Ao no Exorcist (which you should be reading, if you're not.)
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If you've never checked out "There, I Fixed It", you kinda should. Shawn turned me on to this site, and it's an awesome time waster. I will admit that sometimes I look at the "fixes" and think, "what's wrong with that?" Anyone whose been to my house has seen at least one of these in operation. (I won't say which. It's not on the first page, though.)

In other news it's sort-of-kind-of half-a$$ed raining right now. We really need the sky to open up and flippin' pour, but that doesn't seem to be forthcoming. I may need to complain to the management. Anyone got a direct line?

Meanwhile, my talking cat may have morphed into a psyhic ferret, but I haven't sat down to do any real writing yet today, so that's still undetermined. Shawn and I spent a long time talking about my vision for the world of the young-adult novel last night, and those kinds of discussions are always good for my brain (and hopefully the story.) I wonder how people deal with having non-writing-supportive partners/spouses. If I couldn't bounce ideas off Shawn at nine o'clock at night, I'd have to have some kind of life line to call. Probably I'd call the other Sean in my life, but I suspect he'd get pretty sick of me. I tend to need a lot of hand-holding/encouragement/just-shut-up-and-let-me-talk at the beginning of a big project like this. Shawn has learned when to let me ramble, when to say "there, there" (and not much else, and when to go into a full blown brainstorm session. Because I don't always need the latter. Sometimes I just like to sing a complaining song, as Pooh would say, and sometimes I just need to hear how something sounds out loud, you know?

Mason, mysteriously, has gotten some kind of starring role in the Kindergarten Celebration (graduation ceremony?) at Crossroads. When I asked him about it (one of the other parents said she heard he had a "solo"), he did his classic blank stare. "I don't remember," is what I usually get next. Will you be singing? "I don't remember." Reciting poetry? "I don't remember. I get time at the microphone." Doing what? "I don't remember."

What I think this really means is: "I'm too overloaded right now to think of what you mean. The whole day has become a blur to me. Tilt!" This, to me, is the biggest crime of full-day kindergarten. Mason comes home completely wiped out. I bring along a book so he can go nose-down into it, and he seems to recover quickly if he has that kind of retreat from the sensory overload of his day. But sometimes critical information gets lost. Like this celebration. So I asked his teacher about it this morning, but she told me she wants to keep it "a surprise." Fun, but frustrating. If I thought Mason's *intention* was to keep it a secret, that'd be one thing. But he too shell-shocked at the end of the day to remember...

I at least got the day out of her: Tuesday, July 28. Now we just have to figure out when and we can plan to be there. I'll be curious to find out what this "time at the microphone" is. I'm sure he'll be awesome. Despite this curious pheonmenon of the end of the day blank slate brain, Mason actually has a phenomenal memory. He can recite poetry he's read only once or twice fairly perfectly, and easily remembers song lyrics and tunes. So whatever it is, I'm sure he'll rock at it.

The other big excitement for us is that Mason's 6th birthday is fast approaching. He's decided he wants a Halloween themed party (in July) completely with costumes. We usually have his party outdoors (saves on the cleaning, and kids can usually amuse themselves easily with a kiddie pool, spray bottles and water ballons). So we're trying to come up with a way to have Halloween at the kiddie pool combinations. I think we've got it, but trust Mason to come up with something completely off the wall.

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