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I can't even begin to express all the amazing that was CON this year.  I had So. Much. Fun.

I also think that I may have made a dildo reference with Tamora Pierce, which is just... awkward.  In  fact, I'm fairly certain that when/if I get the CONvergence DVD, I'm probably going to be pretty horrified by some of the things that came out of my mouth.  This is the only drawback to having caffiene as my drug of choice.  Too much coffee can make me stupid (usually funny, but sometimes only because I'm willing to say something no one really should have. EVER.)  Also, I think this problem can be summed up by the fact that the single most retweeted line of mine involved me saying, "OMG, I got so much money for that short story; wait, let me take my clothes off."  (Which makes no sense out of context, but kind of shows you the state of my over-caffinated brain.)

I met some amazing people who talked me into having a fan twitter account, so I now have Yet Another Secret Identity to keep track of, but, much to my complete surprise, I kind of like Twitter in small doses.  It's so much easier to follow seven people than seventy. 

Oh, and I'm pretty sure I failed the secret pro party.  For one, I invited fans.  Our squeeling scared off all the boys, but I also feel bad that my friends [ profile] naomikritzer and [ profile] jiawen probably ended up feeling left out as well.  I did have a couple of panels from hell, which I should recount at some point in great and grisly detail but the gist of both of them can be summed up thusly: TOO MUCH TESTOSTERONE and OMG-at-least-read-the-genre-you're-bashing-or-I-will-go-commando-on-your-a$$. 

In general, if I had a thinky-thought about CONvergence this year it is to wonder if there was a little blowback (as it were) towards women and womanly-things thanks to the theme, which was "Women of Wonder." 

Now, sadly I must return to the Real Life (tm).  What a let down!  For one, I have no minion (yes, I got a minion as a perk of being of Guest of Honor,) and, thus, no one to fetch me things and/or generally take care of MY needs.  I'm now back to caring for others and doing the dishes.
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Today is shaping up to be a productive and possibly social day for me. I managed to get a bunch of errands all done before 9:00 am (including returning a purchase to Target) and Shawn just e-mailed to say she might be available for a lunch get-together. At 1:00 pm I'm going to be meeting a friend from KSW to read his astrology chart. So, that's like twice as many people as I usually see in any given afternoon.

Otherwise, after about fifteen minutes or so, I'm planning on getting up off my sorry butt and doing the dishes while watching Anime. I'm still working through the original (1984) FullMetal Alchemist. Mason suggested I just give up on it since so many people seem to prefer The Brotherhood, but I'm stubbornly seeing the storyline through to the end. Because I'm like that.

CONvergence is clearly picking up steam, as I've been contacted a bunch of times about various preferences and arrangments. I still can't quite believe how awesome it is that I'm going to be one of their guests this year. This is the event, after all, that much of the Twin Cities simply refers to as "Con" (which implies it's the ONLY ONE, Highlander-style.)

It has now been confirmed by the programming guy that my con schedule for CONvergence is "crazy busy." Anton had earlier hinted that my programming was "a metric tonne." So, I guess I get to have ALL THE PANELS. Hooray! It's like Christmas in July!
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Hey, you groovy cats, I'm going to be one of the guests on this week's "Write On! Radio" show! So, if you want to tune in, here's the info: Tuesday, March 6, from 7:00 - 8:00 pm Central on KFAI (90.3 FM Minneapolis/106.7 FM St. Paul). It is also streaming live (or in archive) at:

KFAI has been delightfully loyal to my career all these years, and I'd love for y'all to tune in, particularly if you've never listened before. Steve McEllistrem (one of the hosts) is a somewhat-closeted-science fiction fan, so he's always willing to read my books, which is great. Plus, I'll be live, in-studio, which is just COOL. I get to wear the giant headphones and talk into a hanging microphone. It makes me feel like I'm Dr. Johnny Fever from WKRP in Cincinnati.

Also, I heard from my guest liason/all-around-god-of-Fandom yesterday and I will be on two panels at this year's Anime Detour. The first one on Saturday, March 31 on "Fullmetal Alchemist" at 10:00 am which means I should probably take the time to finish watching the series and get "Brotherhood" under my belt before then. Shouldn't be too hard. Once I got over my shock of "Cry of the Chimera" it's been easy to get back into it. Alas, Netflix only has dubbed streaming. The voices are OKAY, though I think I'd understand Mustang better if I knew what kind of voice he was really supposed to have. Perhaps I'll luck out and "Brotherhood" will be subbed.

The second one is about an Anime I know nothing about, but I sensed they needed a warm body to make the panel viable so I will be "the panelist with the (hopefully) insightful questions."

I'm still waiting to hear about this weekend's panels for MarsCON. But I'm expecting to be there Saturday (mostly), and possibly a bit of Sunday. If I'm scheduled for anything on Sunday, I'll have Mason in tow, since Shawn actually has to put in some weekend hours that Sunday. Hopefully, I'll see some of you there.

My guest liason also hinted that I will be on a "metric ton" of panels for CONvergence, which actually made me happy. As long as someone fetches me food (and probably more importantly caffeine) when I need it, I can pretty much talk all day. In this way, I am a true extrovert, particularly as defined by the Meyers-Briggs. I get my energy from interacting with other people. I leave the party late, with increased energy.

Speaking of weekend hours, Shawn had work on Saturday, so she's off today. Our big plans are to go fabric shopping, and possibly hit GoodWill (my pants, ehm, are too big. I need a size smaller. HOW AWESOME IS THAT???!!) I'm behind on taking care of the animals too, so the only other thing I NEED to do is change the fish tanks.

Such a glamorous life I lead!
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I just got back a few minutes ago from a clinic in Edina that does blood work on a pay-basis. So my doctor, whom I affectionately refer to as Dr. Arugula (because his name is VERY Finnish), will soon be able to tell me exactly how healthy I am.

Also, when I went to his office last Thursday, I got a perscription for an albuterol inhaler to use before exercise. I used it for the first time last night before kuk sool wan, and I have to tell you -- it was amazing. I got all sweaty (gross!), but didn't have any trouble breathing (horray!) This means my problem really *is* excercise-induced asthma, and I now have a solution for it.

Last night after I came home I was positively giddy. It was really amazing to work hard and not feel like I couldn't breathe. This bodes very well for my whole Captain America by 45 program. HOWEVER, last night after karate, I was talking to one of the other members and I was telling him about my upcoming signing at Uncle Hugo's (don't forget: THIS Saturday, May 7 from 1:00 - 2:00 pm) and we got to talking about various other things and he made me realize that I am NOT 42 this year, but 43, which means in November I'll be 44 -- Yikes! That's only one more year to achieve my goal. I'd better get cracking.

Speaking of superheroes, there is some talk of trying to make the midnight show tonight for THOR. Alas, the prices have been jacked up, so we may all decide to wait, but, if I end up going, I'll let you know what I think. I'm psyched about it, even though I'm not a huge Thor fan, generally. I suppose that, for once, I won't spend the entire film muttering about how in issue #431 this or that happened.... and that could be a good thing. I can see the film like most people do for once, without a whole lot of previous knowledge. My understanding of the Thor mythos covers only the barest bits from the 70s and, of course, some of the Beta Ray Bill arc in the early 80s. I did read the first 8 issues of JMS's reboot of Thor, so I suppose I'm not a complete newbie.

Speaking of fandom (and comics), this didn't take long. :-)

Otherwise, today is my busy day. Fish need a'cleaning and the mice (gerbils, actually,) need their bedding changed, and I need remember to go folder at Mason's school. Stuff to do!
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Check out my friend Doug Hulick's Big Idea on Scalzi's Whatever! It's becoming a Wyrdsmiths tradition.

I'm sorry I've been away. I hear the ol' LJ has been acting up in my absence. Well, I'm back now, so y'all need to behave!

Today was my busy day. I didn't entirely finish Tate's #3 as I'd hoped. I ended up doing a lot of running around. I still haven't made it to the grocery store, but I did get Shawn's birthday present so she'll have something to open tomorrow morning. I thought today was the last day that the Milton Avenue location of Amore Coffee would be open, so I planned to stopped by there for a final cafe Vienna. Alas, I seem to have arrived a day (or more) late. They were moving furnature and other equipment out as I pulled in. Since I'd hauled myself there, I stopped in for lunch at Bread & Chocolate. I wrote a bit, and continue to be amazed by the relaxed way in which this book seems to be coming to a close. Usually, there is much rushing and writing and such in the final days, but I wrote a very lesuirely and detailed scene today. Weird. I hope this isn't some kind of bad omen. At any rate, I have a couple more scenes to write and then I will have reached another "the end" milestone.

Mason and I are re-reading HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE. We just got to the part where the fourth year Gryffindors have had their first Defense Against the Dark Arts class with Professor Moody. I'm going to assume that I don't need to put the next bit under an lj-cut for spoilers, because the book has been out forever, as has the movie, but if you haven't read GOBLET OF FIRE and don't like spoilers, for God's sake stop reading. Okay, onward -- so we all know that Professor Moody isn't, shall we say, _himself_ at this particular moment. Upon second reading, this struck me as VERY interesting. "Moody" shows a surprising amount of what appears to be sympathy toward both Harry and Neville. He comes off like a good guy, a brilliant instructor, even if he is a bit VIGILANT (and a bit odd, of course. But who at Hogwarts isn't a BIT odd.) If I'm reading this right, it means that Barty Crouch, Jr., is actually, on some profound level actually a decent human being.

Or a _really_ good actor. Because, as we learn in Old Trek's "Mirror, Mirror," it is much easier for the civilized man to pass as a barbarian than it is for a barbarian to pass as civilized.

Regardless, I would posit that Barty Crouch, Jr. is one of the best Defense Against Dark Arts teacher that Hogwarts ever had. Considering how otherwise completely unredeeming a character Barty Jr. is, this is a rather noteworthy observation, IMHO.

I suppose that, once again, I'm arriving rather late to this party with this thought, but as it just ocurred to me, I wanted to share it.

And, since I have to rush off to go pick up Mason from school, I'll leave you with it.
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Looking back at my previous post, I think I sound much more cranky about the kuk sool wan adult class than I really was. I mean, yeah, I'm sore. It was hard, but I actually had a lot of fun. I laughed through the whole thing, even when I had no idea how to count in Korean. And I was really, really grateful that Kate and Mary were there because that meant I knew people and had a ready partner for the various things you have to partner-up for.

Today has been, as we say in Minnesota, "interesting" so far. I'm out of my usual vitamins so I asked Shawn if I could borrow one of hers. She gets the traditional sort of daily vitamins for women that you can buy anywhere. I popped one in my mouth and went on with the morning stuff... except I forgot one very important thing. I'm allergic to oyster shells. This may seem like a non-sequitor, but one of the ways I learned that I was allergic to oyster shells and not oysters themselves was when I took a Calicum pill at Shawn's dad's place many years ago. Major manufacturers use oyster shells for calicum in most vitamins. I horked then, and, no suprise, I threw up this morning.

As I was regergitating breakfast, I remembered why it was that I go to the trouble to buy organic, bio-available vitamins that cost a million dollars at Whole Foods.


Then, Shawn decided she would go into work late -- partly to be nice to be, but also because of the dangerous wind chill and the fact that she had to walk to a meeting at Centennial Hall near the Capitol building from MHS. I offered a ride to the meeting, and we thought we might hang around the house since Mason didn't need to be to school until almost 9:00 am and her meeting started an hour later. I thought, "Great! This is a chance for me to try out my new coffee maker, which I had to buy because I accidentally threw the glass pot on the floor (luckily empty) and shattered it on Saturday." Guess what? It's broken. Like, no lights come on to indicate it's even getting power, broken. Luckily, I saved the receipt so I can go back and exchange it for another one.

Right. So, after all this, especially the barfing, I should be really cranky. But, weirdly, I'm not. The sun is so bright that when we dropped Mason off at school we could see a "sun dog" around the sun. (For those of you who live in moderate/temperate zones, this is a rainbow caused by ice particles in the air that goes all around the sun like a giant halo.) It was cool.

It's my busy day too. I managed to miss recycling, but again, that's okay because we don't have that much this week. I have fish tanks to clean, but I've already done the dishes and got dinner cooking in the crock pot. Tonight: whiskey and maple glazed chicken drummies. Yum! Mason and I are going to try to hit the kid's class at kuk sool wan at 6:00 pm, and then I'm going to hurry home and head off to Wyrdsmiths tonight. So a dinner that's ready to put on the table as soon as we get home is a bonus. While I was at Whole Foods picking up my vitamins, I also bought fixings for a salad to go with the drummies. Now I just have to figure out another side -- I'm thinking maybe potatoes that I pre-boil so I can just fry them up as we're setting the table and making the salad.

Oh, and I can't forget to go volunteer today at Mason's school. He's off again soon. Another intersession. But this one is only for a couple of weeks. I really need to get more ahead of my word count, though, since it's often really difficult to get stuff done during the day when he's home. And it's getting to be crunch time.

Ah well. I should try to eat something for lunch. I'm pretty sure my stomach is all settled, but wish me luck
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I'm having a very hard time getting motivated (or, as Shawn's family sometimes jokingly says "motorvated") today. I kind of blame Wyrdsmiths for keeping me out late last night, but I'm also just in a weird space. I want to snack A LOT. I want to curl up in a ball on the couch and nap. I want to write pen and paper letters to my friends in far-away places while sipping tea with a cat on my knee.

Maybe winter is finally getting to me, I'm not sure.

I don't really feel like writing, especially since I read one of the WORST (as in harshest) reviews of ALMOST TO DIE FOR this morning on Red House Books. Check it out. I'm not saying it's unfair, it's just kind of brutal. It's never good, for instance, when the one thing the reviewer liked about the book is its cover.


I suppose it's better than saying they only liked the font... but wow. I think, too, one of the reasons that this review hit home for me is that, most of the time, I *know* when I've written a book that isn't my best. It's not something you're ever allowed to say out loud, and, you always kind of hope that no one else will notice. In fact, with ALMOST I've been quite taken aback by the fact that Publisher's Weekly liked this book enough to give it a starred review, when I personally believe EVERYTHING the reviewer at Red House had to say (before she said it.) I worked hard on the book, but I thought it was fairly deeply flawed from the beginning. And, you know, try as you might, not every book you write is going to be your best.

The Emperor, in case you wondered, has no clothes.

But, reading that kind of sucked the life out of my already fairly weak desire to work today. Alas.

Now don't feel compelled to tell me how awesome I am or run out and post "you're so wrong" over at Red House Books. Well, okay, you can tell me I'm awesome, but you know... don't harrass the reviewer. She's just expressing her honest opinion, which I actually respect. I post critical reviews of books by colleagues all the time. I think it's part of the deal I signed up for when I took on this writing gig.

But let's just say that this may have contributed to my desire to eat a lot of chocolate and nap.

And, tonight, Mason is super keen to go to the school's "Carnival." It's a funraising event, which I like as a concept in theory, but in reality it's expensive and chaotic in ways that totally appeal to kids, but repulse sane adults. ;-) I am steeling myself to go tonight and practicing saying, "We're only spending X amount. Only X!"

Sigh-ai, ai.
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I'm "homeless" for a while today, as Shawn has a meeting to which she really needed a ride (her sprained foot is still giving her a bit of trouble.) So I've been flitting from coffee shop to coffee shop, and not getting much done. Though I did, quite miraculously find a missing footnote from the RESURRECTION CODE manuscript for my publisher and e-mailed that off to him. So even if I get nothing else done today, I've accomplished one thing of merit.

Today is *supposed* to be my get-stuff-done-around-the-house day, but as I'm not going to be home until afternooon (and have to take off again for volunteering at Mason's school), I suspect I'll be lucky to get my dishes done before dinner.

Ah well.

At least tonight the only excitement I have going on is Wyrdsmiths.

Last night we had kuk sool wan, and I have decided that there is, in point of fact, exactly ONE thing I don't much like when we focus on it, and that is sparring. Mason spent much of the night grinning from ear-to-ear, so I promised that the next time they have a sparring workshop, we will sign him up. Me, I'll watch from the sidelines. I think, as a nerd, I have a deepseated desire not to get hit -- even in pretend or fun. It's not so much that I'm worried about being honestly hurt at class, because, you know, they're very careful and preach control and precision. It's just the situation, I think. My brain does not say "block". My brain says "run, screaming." :-)

But Mason was so good at it that jo kyo nim actually called out his skills in front of the whole class. We decided on the walk home that he should have a kuk sool wan nickname: "sidewinder."

Completly appropo of nothing, I have to say I can't believe that there are people who are seriously upset that spontaneous cheering errupted at the memorial service last night during Obama's speech. Especially when the news is honoring (calling someone a hero) or amazing (announcing for the first time anywhere that Giffords opened her eyes.) It's not like he made some inappropriate political dig and people hooted or cat called. Honestly, people reacted very naturally, I thought.

Frankly, I've done much more inappropriate things at a funeral. I found myself, in fact, smiling through a lot of my great-aunt Clara's funeral because I found it weirdly amusing how few of us family in the front row knew when to stand or sit during the Catholic Mass. I'm sure the priest looked out, saw my grin, and was fairly horrified. Also, when he read the parable of the ten virgins (out of context, mind you -- see my earlier post), my dad and I made a face.

Finding out someone is recovering seems like the sort of thing that would make me cheer. Though, clearly, I'm not the best example of funerary/memorial service behavior.


Well, I should probably start packing up for my next taxi service. See y'all later.
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It's so incredibly awesome to have my life back. The driver's side break still squeaks a bit, but I've decided to let it try to work itself out for now. If it gets worse, I'll take it back to the shop on Monday. But, I just want to have my life back -- my morning routines! Coffee before 10 am! Sitting on my butt and writing to you or working on my various projects! Especially since I finally feel like writing...

...although not on the novel I'm contracted to write, of course.

Though, yesterday, when talking about what I WANT to write to [ profile] naomikritzer and Eleanor, I decided I should re-read the beginning of ALMOST #3 and it doesn't suck as much as I was feeling it did. But, man, the new project is shiney! And science fiction!

I think I may have to do the whole carrot and stick thing. Tell myself I must write a 1,000 words on ALMOST#3 before I open the fun project up. This might work. I've never successfully multi-tasked a creative project before, but there's always a first time, right?

Anyway, I didn't end up going to kuk sool wan last night. Mason and I were pretty pooped after two days in a row, so we decided we're going to go tonight. Even though my shins are sore from walking so much in the past few days, I'm looking forward to it.

In other critical news, I need stamps. I am behind on letters to my pen pals because I ran out of stamps and haven't been to the post office to pick up more! Bad me!
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The car is, once again, in the shop. I picked it up yesterday and got the new tire put on only to get about four miles before the breaks started squeaking. I decided I couldn't cope any more yesterday. So, after dropping everyone off where they needed to be today, I took it back. Today, I'm holed up at Shish Cafe on Grand, waiting for YET ANOTHER call from the [major swear word used as an adjective] mechanic!!!

I have to admit, too, that my patience is starting to wear thin. I was really VERY chipper yesterday. I think part of it has to do with expectations. I knew yesterday was shot. I expected to have to do a lot of walking and waiting and generally making do. Today, I was expecting to go back to my usual routines.

Or at least have a cup of [major swear word used as an adjective] coffee before 10 [ditto] a.m.!!!

However, it still could be worse. At least no one seems to mind me occupying a booth here at Shish, and the mechanic is supposed to get to my car first thing. Even if they don't call soon, I think I'll walk down there in a couple minutes and harrass them. I would really, really like to NOT waste another whole day on this stupid thing if I don't have to.

I also want to tell you about my private lesson at kuk sool wan. It was cool. Probably the biggest thing that stuck with me is that jo kyo nim (that's a title, but I learned to call her that before I learned her name, so Nicki JKN will always just be just "jo kyo nim" to me) asked me to consider WHY I decided to take kuk sool wan. I told her I knew. I take it because it's fun. I take it because I want to be Kung-Fu Panda, or Jackie Chan, or Jet Li or me just-a-bit-cooler. I also take it because when I wake up in the morning my back doesn't ache and my knee feels stronger, but MOSTLY because it's fun. She seemed to think I might get frustrated at some point, but I don't know that I will. I don't really CARE if I can do a cartwheel or fall like a pro, I really, REALLY enjoy _trying_. My definition of "fun" is a LOT broader than most people's. I find it fun to walk there with Mason and look up at the stars and listen to him tell me what he thinks of the sunset or the cloud shapes. I find it fun to waddle around in my black uniform looking like a big, black ball. I find the excersices fun. I like to watch other people do the cool stuff. Pretty much fun is showing up.

I wanted to explain to her that I find writing fun, and it's actually a whole [swear word as noun]-load of hard work. It also requires discpline and self-motivation, but I would NEVER have made it as a professional writer if the fire wasn't in my belly, and the FIRE for me is that, even on its worst days, I find writing fun.

So, too kuk sool wan.

Well, I'm going to go check on my car. Wish me luck.
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I’m not used to living without a car.

A friend was able to pick up Mason and bring him home from school, but he didn’t get back to me to tell me he could until I was already on the city bus. I’m glad Jason called me back when he did, because even though I left an hour before I was supposed to pick Mason up, I wouldn’t have made it in time. I forgot how slow buses can be and how much time you need to build into arrival times.

Though, I have to say, city buses are much quieter than I expected/remembered. When I last rode the bus regularly, cell phones were just starting to be a common part of daily life. People used to spend a lot of time shouting into their phones. Now, people seem to text more, and it was much less noisy. But, I was just as happy to bail at Lexington and hoof my way back home down University.

We went off to kuk sol wan afterward, and I was really, really tired by bedtime, what with all the walking and running around.

Today, we got up early and I ordered a taxi. Let me recommend City Wide Taxi to you. The cabs are clean, the drivers are friendly, and there always seems to be someone available. (Oh, AND they take credit cards!) We dropped Mama off at the History Center and then Mason and I got off at Crossroads. I got him to class, and I started walking to University down Dale. At University I caught the 16, and then realized that it was almost 10 am and I hadn’t had any coffee yet. I decided to bail at the Border’s on University.

I forgot that they don’t open until 10 am, so I ended up having to stand around outside for a while. I took the opportunity to check on the car, which the shop said would be going for a test drive and then be done. That made me incredibly pleased. They ended up having to do a lot, so I knew the bill was going to be steep, but I’ve needed new front breaks for a while. I had them do the breaks, struts and the springy-thing that came loose and started all this trauma.

As I was waiting to get in to Borders for my coffee, a guy struck up a conversation with me. We’ll call him Orange Wolverine, because he was one of those guys who kind of over shares but is really quite harmless. He and I talked about places to buy cheap shoes and what we liked about Borders, and out of the blue he pointed to the purple tinsel Christmas tree in the window and told me he thought that purple matched my personality. Skeptically, I asked, “Is that a good thing?” Then he went on at great length about how awesome I was. Seriously. It was weirdly flattering to have a stranger tell me that I was confident and smart and personality-plus, without being arrogant. Then, he told me that he was “orange.” I said I thought that was a good, solid, strong color, but he said that he thought of it as changeable – strong, but also laid back. I could see it. Then, the door opened and he followed me like an attachment upstairs to the café. I ordered a mocha and he bought me a piece of coffee cake, which I let him do, because even though he had the vibe of being a lost puppy that had just attached himself to me for life, I decided that kindness was kindness even if it was a bit un-Minnesotan.

When the Border’s barista asked if he had a Border’s membership he said his email account was wolverine-something at yahoo. So, I asked him he chose it for the superhero or a sports team. He said, “Neither, for the animal,” and then began to wax on about wolverines and grizzly bears, engaging another woman in the queue in our conversation. I shook hands goodbye and began the long trek to Sinclair on Wheeler and Grand.

As I headed to Summit, I passed a much crazier African-American lady, who had the classic luggage/shopping carts, paced the sidewalk, shouting loudly to no one in particular. She ACTUALLY said, “You need to hop on to the satellite and turn off the police frequency!” I just nodded and said, “Yes, ma’am, right away.”

I had to smile, though. I mean: what a classic “city” experience! If there had been more than just me on the street, it could have been New York instead of St. Paul.

A half hour later, I walked into the repair shop and paid a zillion dollars to retrieve my car. Now I’m sitting ONCE AGAIN at the Discount Tire place waiting for the guys to put on a new – FREE - tire. Actually, I had to pay 16 bucks because they had to special order it, or its mounting, but that’s still a good deal.

And, man, am I happy not to be walking everywhere any more. Although, I have to say that I really enjoy a good, long walk, even in these temperatures. The sun was really bright and shiny today and I used the time to talk to myself and daydream and tell myself the sorts of stories I used to tell myself when I walked around all the time.

Speaking of stories, I had Shawn Netflix “Spartacus: Sand and Blood” for me. I have a completely unhealthy interest in gladiators, and it sounded like this cable show was exactly the kind of soft porn trash I was looking for. I have to say, I was disappointed. Shawn and I made it through the first three episodes. But, the third episode, “Legends” promises to be something it isn’t quite. What I want from my gladiator porn is awesome arena battles where the underdog rises up and flips off the establishment by winning over the sympathy of the crowd. This episode started down that road. Spartacus (not, it turns out, the real one) starts using his brains to get ahead in the gladiator school. He starts tricking the other gladiators into injuring themselves so he can move up in rank. He even does a clever ploy to earn crowd favor at a party intended to get patrons for the big battle. Thus, I got hopeful that he would use this sort of clever thinking to his advantage in the arena.

Let’s just say, it _so_ didn’t happen. In fact, despite his awesome name, Spartacus was a total DUD in the arena. My fantasies are better, alas. Plus, I’d have better sex scenes. What’s the point of being in Rome without any boy on boy action?

“Spartacus” will return to Netflix unfinished. Sads.

One thing I’m really looking forward to tonight is a private lesson at kuk sul wan. They have a deal where if you walk (or ride the bus/bike) six times to lessons, you can get one free personal training session. Mason and I live so close that it’s a crime to drive. So we’ve already earned our free private lesson. I have no idea what they’ll do with us, but it’s sure to be fun. Best birthday present EVA!

My battery is running down and they’re sure to be done with my car soon, so I’ll sign off for now. Hope you’re all having a wonderful day full of crazy people like I am!
lydamorehouse: (Default) the tire guy calls very apologetically and explains that actually that CAN'T put a new tire on. Why? Because the car is actually BROKEN. Apparently, the reason I got a flat is because something called something like "a tire spring" broke and poked my tire. So the tire guys had to put the spare back on and I drove (very carefully) to my mechanic.

I used to love my mechanic. I go to a place on Grand called Sinclair (on Wheeler, there are two). It's a great place. I don't ever feel like they rip me off. HOWEVER, it used be owned by this guy named Ben. He was great. Always a bit surly like you kind of expect a mechanic who perfers cars to people to be, but young and sarcastic in a way I could relate to -- as much as I'm going to when we have nothing else in common outside of my car. He had a family and may still own the place, but he doesn't manage it any more. He left the place to his much surlier companions, who are much less young and sarcastic so it's a little less fun trying to communicate with them. They still do great work, but the experience has gone down a notch, you know?

Anyway, they probably won't get to the car until tomorrow. Now I get the added joy of taking the bus to pick up Mason and probably calling a taxi to take us home in time to get off to karate tonight.

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The day after your birthday is such a rip-off. I mean, yesterday, it was AWESOME that I was turning another year older. Now I'm just old.

But, one of the fun things we did to celebrate yesterday was go to HPB. Shawn and I often argue a bit about my book buying habits. Thing is, I have a tendency to want more books than I read. I know that we all do that to some extent, but, for me, some books that I buy NEVER get read. I've been trying to be better about only buying things that I'll actually read (and trying out books that I might not get into from the library.) But, Shawn will often remind me of this when I have a pile of books in my hand, and I end up very glummly putting them back. (*Especially* glum, because I know she's right.) At any rate, I got to get what I wanted for my birthday. I didn't end up buying any books, though. I bought a bunch of comic books.

In fact, I still had a list of comic books I should try to find in my pocket from a visit with another writers' group several weeks ago, and I managed to find a few. I picked up JMS's Thor (1-8) and Secret Warriors (Hickman) collection, and while I was thumbing through the comic books for other titles I almost lost my lunch because I saw an artist with the last name Braithwaite working for Marvel. I actually had to surrepticiously open up the mylar to see if this Braithwaite was my cousin, Laun. My cousin was the one who first introduced me to his (and his father's) comic book collection and the two of us used to draw and write our own comics ever since we were knee high to a grasshopper. Laun, in point of fact, drew in a more than passable Jack Kirby style and so it wasn't completely impossible that Laun could have gotten a gig as an illustrator/artist. He was also the sort (and probably still is, though we haven't spoken for decades) who could name a comic book's writer, artist, illustrator, and letterer. However, last I'd heard, Laun was busy being a dad and a rock star in LaCrosse. Alas, this Braithwaite was some dude named Doug Braithwaite, a Brit. But, man, what are the odds?

Today my big plans are to go home and take care of all the various animal needs. I have fish tanks to change, gerbils who need fresh bedding, and cats who could stand to have fresh litter (srsly!).

The glamorous life of a published author, I'm telling you!

And, I'm going to try to avoid reading too many Harry Potter Part 1 reviews. I seriously considered dragging my family to a midnight showing last night, but Mason is still awfully young for a film like that. It's a funny thing, but books are different. You can close them. You can take a breath and talk to people about how you feel about the scary or sad stuff as it happens. In a film, everything happens so fast. It looks SO real. It's so BIG. Mason has had trouble with this in the past, when he went to a double feature as part of a school field trip. At any rate, I didn't want to see the film without him, so Shawn and I have decided to wait until it comes out on DVD. I can hardly wait, though. Last night at Wyrdsmiths we talked a lot about our opinions of DEATHLY HALLOW, and... well, now I think I may have some fanfic to read. [ profile] naomikritzer said that someone's done Neville Longbottom's year at Hogwarts and I think that might have made a more compelling first part of DEATHLY HALLOWS.

At any rate, I hope you all are well.


Nov. 9th, 2010 09:58 am
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I was able to write yesterday! Whoot! In fact, I wrote about five or so pages (in courier, double space) -- somewhere over 1,000 words on Tate's Ana #3. However, I didn't excercise. I made the decision not to go to the gym thinking that we MIGHT make it out to karate later after Mason's after school class called "Safe at Home." But, everyone was too pooped. Plus, it was PITCH dark outside. Damn.

Alas, I'm paying the price today. I've got low-grade back pain which is adding to my general sense of ennui. :-)

Today the big thing I need to do is get my driver's license renewed. I just realized that my birthday is coming up in nine days, and that's the deadline, isn't it? Thus, after I finish this stuff, I plan to go to the gym, bathe (so I can fix my very crazy hair), and go get my picture taken and pray I still pass the eye test.

Wow, the glamorous life of a published author, eh?

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