Jan. 21st, 2017

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THIS is what democracy looks like!

(Photo credit: Thaiphy Phan-Quang).  

The march today in Saint Paul officially hit 100,000. Somewhere in that crowd was me, my friend Naomi, and her sister Abi. 

Like a lot of people, we almost didn't make it.  Originally, the plan had been for Naomi to come by about a quarter to 10, so she could park in my neighborhood and we could take the light rail into downtown. That plan would have worked great if only a few thousand people were headed to the march.  As it was, the train platform was swathed in pink pussy hats.  Trains were passing by filled to the brim, unable to take on more passengers.  

We walked back to Naomi's minivan, picked up my neighbor James and a straggler named Adellle, and Naomi managed to find us parking just over a mile from the meet-up point of Saint Paul College.  We hoofed it to the march, managing to arrive just as the crowd surged forward with a cheer. We were on the move!

It was amazing.  I have never been a crowd, much less a protest, that big.  The signs I saw were funny and inspiring and heart-breaking.  So many women. So many men. So many children.  So many people! 

My only hope is that we all take this momentum and run with it!

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